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  1. It's highly probable that, if you are playing X-Wing, you'll be rolling dice at some point.
  2. Puddy Tat

    Swarm deployment

    It can theoretically be done but realistically it would be considered a bump as you couldn't maintain the accuracy with movement templates to pull it off. Given: Length of base = 1 Length of base after a bank = diagonal base length = 1.414 bases Width of deployment zone = 2.5 bases So when you deploy you have 0.5 of a base between your ships vertically and horizontally. When you bank the ship corners of two opposing ships go into that space leaving you with (1.414-1)/2=0.207 base overlapping from either base into the 0.5 base spacing between the ships. This leaves you with 0.5-2*0.207=0.086 base of total margin of error to make this work between two bases. Assuming a 40mm base, dimensionally the total placement error between your front and rear ships can't be more than 3.44mm for this to work in a perfectly aligned situation. Given the template nibs can't overhang the front of the deployment zone or the rear of the map this is probably more like 1.44mm of total placement error between the two ships on initial deployment. So theoretically you could do this. Realistically you are probably going to bump after moving into a bank just due to accumulated error from deployment and template placement.
  3. Unless you want to potentially turn someone off the game, zero.
  4. Based on a similar topic in another thread. Perhaps if they finished earlier there would be more people around?
  5. Actually it's an EPT - Elite Pilot Talent.
  6. I commented before but your repaints are amazing. It's the battle damage and weathering that really takes these to the next level for me. Your ships "look" like they've been flying around and in some cases the pilots have only made it home by the skin of their teeth. They are so well done I forget about the model and start wondering about what kind reentry, ion storm, or furball the ship went through that left it so battlescarred.
  7. I don't know about that. Thematically the table looks so much better with the 3D Asteroids that I now find playing with cardboard kind of flat (no pun intended). I'm using the Space Rocks asteroids.
  8. I ride alpine (carving) snowboards. Between boots (2 pairs), bindings (3 sets), a plate, and 3 snowboards I've got about $6,500 tied up in that over the past 3 or four years. That doesn't include lift tickets and travel... Expensive but fun.
  9. With you on this. ☺. Honestly it's about the fun I have interacting with other people and seeing how they see the situations in the game.
  10. Crazy detail on the pics on your blog. Wow.
  11. JJ Abrams crew card. Lens Flare All crits inflicted by this ship are considered to be blinded pilot. 2 points.
  12. Moved 7 out of 8 Tie's in my Swarm last week, and then brought my hand down on Dark Curse while waiting for my opponent to move last week. I snapped the piece off of the Tie model that the peg goes into. A bit of Testor's model glue fixed him right up.
  13. The rebel upgrade dial is completely OP and the lack of counters to it is going to break the meta again...
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