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  1. Have been looking into this recently. Thought about Magva over PerCo and juke over trick shot on hwk. Gives 12 point bid or 8pts if you throw on cargo chute for good measure (or mebbe 6 pts bid with proc mines on the hwk?)
  2. Flew a similar list tonight but had swarm on the red vet as well. All 4 fired at 6. Had a good win against an elite swarm. Biggs saved Thane twice from his final hull shot but Thane had been rolling like a demon on his evades in the initial engages.
  3. I flew wedge and thane both with r2 and swarm tactics with a pair of blues flying 1 ace 1 blue giving me 2 shots at 5 and 2 at 6. R2 was useless - would swap those for shield upgrade next time. They took a TIE swarm pretty handily.
  4. So I'm looking at something like this: Cassian w/ Debris Gambit, Perceptive copilot, pivot wing (59) Ten Numb w/ Trick shot, HLC, adv. Sensors (63) Braylen w/ trick shot, HLC, adv. Sensors (63) The idea is for cassian to destress to open up a b-wings moves but it comes in at 185pts and I don't know where I should spend. Thought about Leia on the U-wing to allow for reds while stressed on the bs. Thoughts?
  5. I5/6 FUN TIMES! Wedge w/ swarm tactics, shield upgrade and s-foils (61) Thane w/ swarm tactics, shield upgrade and s-foils (57) Blue Sq. Escort (41) x2 Could also drop shields to upgrade to reds w/ swarm tactics and everyone fires at 6. Could give Thane something else then like trick shot (196) or elusive (198)
  6. I like the Arvel Idea but I'm keen to try Jyn out. She seems awesome and would work well with Perceptive CoP. Don't have AP-5 ship wise to try that option out. I could do the Tala Z-95 idea in my first post with Perceptive Copilot over Baze - that would take me to 199. not sure how much of a target the Tala would be. I'd hope that I could pop off a few clusters before it goes boom.
  7. So i'm looking to see if I can get a Lando Falcon build going and was looking at Jan as an option. Now I'm no squad build expert so go easy on me. I was looking at something like this: Lando w/ Trick Shot, Baze Malbus and Nien Numb (106) Jan w/ Jyn Erso, Engine and Title (59) That leaves me with 35 points. Now I could load one of these 2 up with something else (e.g Hotshot gunner on Lando) and throw in a basic Z-95 with Cluster missiles or I could run a basic A-Wing with cluster missiles without the gunner. Both of these would be 200 pts. An alternative without the gunner would be a Tala Z-95 with expert handling and cluster missiles bringing me in at 197 leaving me with init bid or like seismic charges on Jan. After some thoughts and feedback.
  8. I see what you're saying there. I was going with the logic of keeping the 3x blues alive for longer to dish out the damage. What about: Thane Kyrell w/ Swarm Tactics, S-foils, Shield Upgrade (57) Wedge w/ Swarm Tactics, S-foils, Shield Upgrade (61) 2x Blue Squad Escorts (82) 200/200 Swarm both blues so all shots at I5 or I6. Everyone shoots before Thane who then flips a crit. Would require a lot of formation flying to be effective. Alternatively: Thane Kyrell w/ Swarm Tactics, S-foils (51) Wedge w/ Pred, S-foils (54) Garven w/ Crack Shot (48) (Could argue for Composure here?) Red Vet w/ Swarm Tactics, S-foils (46) 199/200 Having not played yet I don't know how good Biggs is. Is he really that good in 2.0?
  9. Veteran of 1.0 from wave 1. Haven't played in a long time and haven't bought into 2nd ed. just yet. Been playing around with rebel lists that are viable with just Core and Conversion kit using only wave 1 and came up with this: Thane Kyrell w/ Swarm Tactics, Hull Upgrade and S-foils (56) 3x Blue Squadron Escort w/ Shield Upgrade and S-foils (47) The idea being that Thane can boost a Blue to init 5 and get some damage through which he can then flip to crit. With 3 Xs in support I'd be hoping to put a few damage cards out there for him. I'd probably fly him in behind them. I think I'd be short 1 S-foils to make this work though. Comes in at 197/200. If I had another shield upgrade I'd throw that on Thane to make 198. Having not flown anything in 2nd ed. yet I've no idea if it would be viable. Any thoughts? Cheers!
  10. Wow.. destroyed weapon sounds like a right bastard to have happen...
  11. Surely... SURELY you can't have a game like this and NOT go into Clone Wars era. I mean, what a waste of an opportunity! Think of all of the units available on both sides! The droids would be absolutely badass to play as an army.
  12. Disclaimer: In no way am I saying that I can take a Heaver list and make it better! That man does things with X-wing that I can't even dream. I love the idea of Caster + 2x TLT but I wanted to see if I could throw Palob into the mix and still be competitive because I love that HWK . Here's what I came up with: Asajj w/ Title + Ketsu Onyo + PTL (44) Thug w/ Unhinged + TLT (25) Palob w/ Predator + TLT + Latts Razzi (31) I figure, Ketsu on the caster improves the effectiveness of the Tractor beam from the title. Moving Latts over to Palob theortically increases the HWKs survivability. Being able to dish out a bit more stress would be nice though not sure how I can achieve that. Palob can work as a TLT platform but should he get into a range 2 situation then his ability is a nice addition to have. Would love some thoughts
  13. So I had a thought. Instead of Palob, why not: Drea Renthal w/ Plasma torps + extra munitions + guidance chips + autoblaster turret + unhinged astro. She's meatier than Palob, mobile as all hell with the astromech and the autoblaster will sneak through a bit of damage. Also her ability is great with the torps. I'm thinking:She hits with plasma and drops shields, Scout hits with Protons and wrecks face. If i change intel agent to Boba - even more hijinks. With dampeners on the slaver that comes out to 99pts. I could increase to 100pts if I go the Dorsal Turret. Don't own a ghost though!
  14. Ok so I ran another game today with the following: Slaver w/ Zuckuss, 4-LOM and Dengar Palob w/ Title + Blaster Turret + Calculation + Rec Spec Contracted Scout w/ overclocked + Deadeye + Proton Torps + Extra munitions + Guidance chips + intel agent. it worked better than the last list but I think i'm going to give palob the TLT + Pred build. That leaves me with 3 pts. I'm going to put intertial dampeners on the slaver to give me an extra stop when I'm stressed to hell from Zuckuss leaving 2 pts. I either stay at 98 for the bid but it's kind of useless with my pilots' PS so I'm thinking a saboteur on slave with 4-lom moving to Palob for 100pts or Boba Fett on the Contracted scout for 99pts.
  15. So i ran the list last night on VASSAL and there are multiple problems. First: Bumpmaster can go to hell - I think the torp boat is the way to go. I'll give it one more try but it burned so fast in my game that I barely got to do anything with it. Second: Palob's ability didn't come into play once. I'm thinking a downgrade to Mux could be good because it'll give me an opportunity to hit a ship really hard before they get to fire. I get the TLT argument but Blaster Turret hits so much harder and this is a slow moving list giving the HWK time to build up a *good* supply of focus tokens. To the point where I'd almost be tempted to run a 34pt Torp Boat and keep Palob to give him calculation. Lots to think about and play test.
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