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  1. Its just really really fun I finally decided to bite the bullet and dole out the cash for it got a couple guys at my lfgs to play now we're already going ahead with a campaign,im getting a copy of every add-on and pack, and helpin my lfgs organise a tournament
  2. Iv had problems gettin to grips with the corvette as well only advice i can give is a bit generic but its what im applying to my own games. 1) Get more games in to get comfortable with how the ships move and build up the level of instinct to have a rough idea where when & how your ships will get their. 2) Iv found it better to think of the corvette as more a strategic asset than a ship of the line either effecting the other players movement through ur corvettes positioning. Or grabbing/achieving objectives. Hope this helps.
  3. Helped define my childhood with hammer movies as well god speed good sir, god speed.
  4. 1 of each but intend to get another of each pack. Dont think i'll get any more squadrons unless like others think they release an aces pack. The only reason im gonna buy the second set of fighter expansions is so i can field the A's,B's,Tie varients etc as a full wing if the fancy takes me rather than just 1or2 squadrons
  5. 1 of each then prob another ISD when they get round to the SSD so they look like its escorts. Only gonna get 1 mon cal because in my head i picture it being the rebel big dog with all the smaller rebels forming up around it
  6. So the jist is theres a forum mod who... mods. FFGEvan thank you
  7. Stop reminding me of other sexy space ship mini's i can only afford so many i miss the days i had no responsibility and could buy anything that caught my eye
  8. I like the asthetics of FSA & if ur looking for something thats about full scale fleet actions then yes i think its the game for u. However iv personally found the rule books poorly structured and like others have already hinted at there isnt any rhyme or reason behind how the handle new releases. Always sad that GW stopped supporting BFG.
  9. With all the star wars mini games u can recreate anything from a commando raid to well most of the pacific campaign if u really wanted
  10. I play most games with my bro only thing close to a regular game i get these days. We play 150pts most often 100pts well thought out ish and 50pts just for the hell of it choices and now s&v's out he's really lovin just comin up with new list. Squadron builders really help with those 15min breaks at work
  11. Not completely sold on the k-wings look and the x-83 looks a bit to crimson skys for me. Not insulting crimson skys but it doesnt say star wars to me
  12. Check out 'Weapons that made britain' on youtube he does a bit about the development of each and tries to teach people how to use them as well. Interesting for history nerds and for legit ideas for using diff types of lightsaber based weapons. Imagine wrist or punching sabers or maces or...
  13. Fair enough royal, gws just not for me. Its like I'm not a fan of magic the gathering but to each there own, its not like I get mana cards sliped through the post with sinister messages
  14. I can link my falling out with gw to,not just because of, the time Paul Sawyer(aka FatBloke) left the white dwarf team. Everything just started turning sideways. 3rd edition 40k for me was a huge step backwards,codexs became nothing but armylists. Fiction the thing that helped hold models and gaming together as a hobbey for me were gone. I had to relie more on white dwarf now I just personaly hate the new format. Don't get me wrong the monthly 1s not that bad but the weekly sales picth makes me wonder what happend to my first proper hobby magazine.
  15. It does feel good to b excited bout upcoming releases rather than dreading them. Honestly haven't felt this in years, I feel like a gamer again
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