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  1. ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HOTAS
  2. Nope, I'm asking how! Hmmmmm. Maybe real world fighters should switch to gamepads! In reality gamepads are so horribly *imprecise* that game developers need to add heavy assistance and auto-aim to make them remotely playable. Do not confuse this with the input device being precise itself... joysticks are *far* more precise than gamepads (simple physics on that one... longer lever and all). Mouse is another story... it's quite precise but it's not really appropriate for 1:1 flying where you're looking for relative rather than absolute motion. Games like Battlefront 2 also make concessions to mice by adding some amount of gimbaling on weapons to make it playable as well. If you mapped your mouse axis 1:1 to relative pitch/yaw/roll it would similarly be unplayable. Where the developers land in terms of how much assistance to apply to the different methods is yet to be determined, but it seems clear they are gonna hit further towards "sim" than Battlefront 2 did. Obviously gamepad is going to be the primary target since it is the mass market, but it's certainly not impossible to have both gamepads and joysticks competitively viable. If you're not interested in a HOTAS though just use a gamepad and don't worry about it.
  3. You forgot the quotes around "puzzle". I personally resent the implication that there's anything non-obvious about what people are describing here For those of us who don't do it it's not because we didn't think of it; it's because we choose to play the game in the spirit in which it was intended. If the only goal is to win there's a lot of ways to do that that aren't within the spirit of the game's design and while there's certainly some grey area around "stalling", I personally think the floor rules makes the spirit of what they are intending clear, even without iron-clad objective criteria. Certainly opinions differ here and for people who think winning in X-Wing is super-important I'm probably not going to change anyone's minds. Thus my request is just that people stop thinking they are so clever for exploiting the win conditions in this way, and never try to convince anyone else that it's required to have fun and do well at X-Wing... it certainly isn't.
  4. Not to get too testy but I just want to point out for the audience that some of us do fine with both aces and swarms without planning and list building towards final salvo (or whatever other tie-breaker). If your goal is to win by any means necessary you can have that discussion with the judges of your events but there's a large space in which to play where both players go in with the intention of actually killing significantly more stuff - **** even *all* the stuff (crazy, I know) - where you can consistently make cuts and do just fine. I'm not going to go so far as "blame the players" here since clearly in an ideal world the game should not incentivize this sort of behavior on either side of the ace/swarm matchup, but I do feel it necessary to point out that you can do pretty well and have a lot of fun without meta-gaming the fun out of it for both you and your opponent entirely
  5. What? It doesn't give you an unimplemented strain token that doesn't show up anywhere in the UI? I'm truly shocked I do like you pointing out the line number where you want it to say strain + 1 though. If you feel like pointing out all the other places where it should do things if you have strain and what it should do in the form of a pull request, that would be appreciated too (Note that this should not be construed as an attempt to solicit help or anything from you :P).
  6. IIRC there's some edge cases that @Brunas just decided to ignore With reinforce the logic of how many and what tokens to spend actually gets a lot more complicated because there are sometimes/often two defense die results that both give you equivalent damage (i.e. 1 remaining hit after canceling or 2). With more reinforce tokens the number of cases that need to be searched gets even higher although there may be some opportunities for optimization. With crack shot it all goes to **** even more I believe at launch in 2.0 there was no way to get two reinforce tokens on the same ship so it seemed wisest to just dodge this whole issue. If it becomes something commonly seen we can of course reconsider...
  7. Oh no, is this the birth of Chris MAH THEME Allen?
  8. Good! But we're not done until the empty set is the most common *set* of upgrades for the majority of ships!
  9. Correct. In the case of the dice calculator they are probably going to just do a worse job anyways on paper or something. For ATC there's some additional argument to be made for saving them from data that is just going to lead them astray? Obviously there's metawing though so that's not entirely justified either. Also I've been told that the dice calculator is cheating so I can only conclude that meta stats are too.
  10. I agree that the thing to complain about here is amplifying how good moving last is even further TBH, not specifically Sun Fac (or B+ reflexes). That said, I think it's fair to complain that on the whole Wave 5 is moving in the wrong direction on that front. I also think if Sun Fac were just an "ace hunter", I wouldn't have nearly as much of an issue with him. If his ability was "instead of attacking, deal 1 damage to a tractored ship in your arc" or something, that's an actual "ace hunter". I'm sure some people would complain still (AUTODAMAGE IS THE ENEMY), but there's at least clearly ships that are way less worried about it than others. As it stands Sun Fac is basically a small base hunter. He destroys swarms just as effectively as he makes aces sad. He's somewhat less effective vs. medium and large bases especially with the rules changes, but I think most of us would like the game to continue to be primarily about small bases, with a few larger bases sprinkled in occasionally.
  11. Guys I made a thread with actual content and work, something which is perhaps rare in these parts... may I respectfully "request" that we keep the dice sharing rules discussion to another thread at this point since there's nothing more useful to be said that hasn't already been discussed?
  12. Yep, just 3d printed! I had to chop it into a zillion pieces because my 3d printer is small, but a larger 3d printer could do an entire compartment at a time. Happy to share the files as they are all pretty simple and just on TinkerCad: Full compartment: https://www.tinkercad.com/things/cMLOShcDIi1-dice-roller-compartment Compartment split into 3 parts: https://www.tinkercad.com/things/aWGpSsPeUCA-dice-roller-compartments-split Mounts for actobotics clamping hub (modify as appropriate for whatever mechanism desired): https://www.tinkercad.com/things/3652wpWv3xb-dice-roller-mounts Magnet bars for attaching the acrylic sheets (again, use whatever mechanism desired): https://www.tinkercad.com/things/6rYYpzPqxTr-dice-roller-magnet-bars There's a picture in the updated document that shows the completed roller box; should be pretty clear how it all goes together as it's not that complicated. Hope that helps!
  13. UPDATE TIME! I'll bet you guys never thought this thread was going to get necro'd, but a few minor updates to share. First, I redesigned the dice roller a bit to be more reliable (using a stepper motor primarily) and to do a better job keeping heavier dice tumbling nicely... the latter of which is so that I could test the new Gravity Dice X-Wing metal dice. Spoiler: they're fantastic and consistently fair! I also tested a pile more FFG core set dice (total of 20 of each color now). All of that is integrated into the document in various sections: FFG Red Dice Results FFG Green Dice Results Gravity Dice Results Dice Roller Version 2 stuff Slow motion video of new vs. old dice roller internal design with heavy dice I also made a graph of the official X-Wing red dice I've tested including the new Gravity Dice: Suffice it to say, I'm impressed! They're not cheap, but at least there's a high quality option now for X-Wing dice. Now we just need to get FFG to allow them in official tournaments... or better, official metal prize dice! That would actually be a *real* prize worth earning/paying for vs. the current palette-swapped-but-still-bad prize dice Anyways hope the update is interesting to folks. I'm done testing all the X-Wing stuff I can think of for now, but given that the v2 dice roller is working great I'm tempted to test some Chessex D6's now and see how the Warhammer crowd feels about whatever results
  14. For sure, but I'm not worried about margin, it's more a question of total potential profit. These card packs are something you can only sell to folks who already play/own the game rather than a way of expanding the player base significantly, so even if you have really high margins you can't sell them for a ton of money and thus the total amount you can make off of them is small. Put another way, your profit per item is likely still lower than a miniature, you only have a few different card packs and presumably there's no reason for people to buy multiples. Obviously it's FFG's business and they know best, just not sure it's the long term solution to variety that some think it is.
  15. My only worry with card packs is that they won't be able to make much money off of them. I guess we'll see what the pricing is like but sadly I can see the community getting upset if they cost much more than their impressions of how much printing cards costs, yet if we want to see this as a viable way to keep the game fresh it really needs to be reasonably profitable for them still.
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