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  1. Just switched back to iOS after almost a year. Glad to see how far Aurora has come and how polished it is now. Great work
  2. Black Sun Ace x 2 Attanni, BMST, Pulse Ray Shield, Guidance Chips, Ion Pulse Missiles, Munitions Failsafe Black Sun Ace x 2 Attanni, BMST, Pulse Ray Shield, Guidance Chips, Tracers, Munitions Failsafe
  3. I look at netlists to try and identify a meta-counter. I also tend to get the most satisfaction out of a win when it's a list I can call my own.
  4. Looking for Wedge and Vader (movie still) AA's. Have regional dice (white, marble, sparkles), Ketsu , Ello Atsy , Red Ace, Corran AA's, Inquisitor.
  5. The Scyk had been so bad for so long, so I don't blame people for holding onto that perception. The other factor is that Attanni in general is underappreciated. It's basically PTL for one point unless you run into Tactician, R3A2,and now Asajj.. I always try to encourage people to use Attanni because it's borderline broken in my mind.
  6. Right, it would appear that you have no idea what kind of utter **** Imperials had to put up with during the reign of Fat Han/Dash. That is, pure ****, throughout 6 waves & 2 Expansion packs. From February 28, 2013 to October 1st, 2015. So yeah- no, I really don't feel sorry for Rebel players right now; though I would vastly prefer better balance in the game overall. The TIE/sf included, obviously. Yea... I feel for Rebel players who had to fight through armies of Trip Scouts, Dengaroos, and Imperial Aces; but Rebels were an equally bad headache for a long time. Fat Han, Super Dash, double Regen lists, Miranda, Chewie/Leebo, Stresshog. I mean... Trip Scouts suck to play against but they're the only thing that quelled the Stresshog. Dash is about to make a very big comeback with BSMT, and the dwindling number of Scout players means the Stresshog will make its way back. The Ghost (Lothal Rebel in particular) is very very good. And HotR is going to make Rebels very good. Black One alone will neuter Omega Ace, FCS, non-deadeye Ordnance, Inquisitor, Vessery, etc etc. You're right that the traditional Y-wings (and HWKs and A-wings to a degree) are lacking, but there really are a lot of good Rebel ships right now. The aforementioned Dash with BSMT is going to be a serious pain.
  7. All this hate for the Scyk is just unwarranted. Attanni Mindlink might not be the buff that brought Scyks to the top-tier level, but it's still a very significant buff. Give them HLCs and run them with Manaroo. Tansarii Vet [HLC, title, Attanni, Hull Upgrade] Tansarii Vet [HLC, title, Attanni, Hull Upgrade] Manaroo [K4 Security Droid, Proton Torps, Guidance, Attanni, R5P8] It just crushes. You can blow a Contracted Scout off the board before it gets to fire. And a 4-hull, 3-agi, HLC Scyk with evade, focus, TL every turn is no joke. They used to explode when hit; but with Manaroo and Attanni, that 1-hull Scyk can now stack evade, focus, focus. These are not the same Scyks as those that were released dead on arrival. edit: I've won a tournament and placed 3rd twice with that build or something similar.
  8. Fearlessness is really really bad on the PS3 generics. You should celebrate if you get it to trigger even once a game per ship unless you're up against swarm. You're much better off with Attanni in my opinion.
  9. I think it starts with the environment that you create. If the climate is competitive to begin with, your players will find ways to circumvent those rules no matter how good they are. At PTL, we just encourage innovative or silly builds. It shows that having fun is the priority over winning. In the GTA at least, there are tournaments every weekend so we try to present PTL as your chance to let loose with casual games. I would suggest convincing your league vets and top players first. If you can get them to get on board with this mentality, then it should spread without much maintenance (we've only had to talk to people once or twice who were powergaming). Our league has been having a ton of fun with Random Squad Challenges too (using Fab's squad generator) which I highly recommend. In the previous Season 4 recap article, I briefly summarized what I think makes our league work so well. But it's also the small stuff. We do ship giveaway raffles instead of giving them to the top players. Donations are optional but will give you more raffle tickets. We're also lucky enough to have some really talented members that make acrylic rulers, alt art cards, and design t-shirts for us... those all help, too!
  10. Stress is a huge problem for Defenders. The only loss I had at Nationals was at the end of swiss against Danny Laberge's RAC with Rebel Captive.
  11. To be fair, the list I used at Canadian Nationals was inspired by MajorJuggler.
  12. Hey everyone, I wrote up another season recap on the Prototype Toronto League - this time we did a roundtable discussion (http://dockingbay416.com/prototype-toronto-league-season-5-recap/) PTL is a fairly casual league with over 120 members. The main rule is that you can't use a unique pilot more than once per season, and you can't use a list with the same number of generics (e.g. 3 Contracted Scouts) more than once per season. We've also been using Fab's Squad Generator a lot for random squad challenges - those have been particularly entertaining. Any comments and feedback would be appreciated. I'm thinking of using this format again for the next few seasons since the article pretty much writes itself Thanks,
  13. Have: 2016 regional white dice (looking to trade for 2015 regional dice only) AA Corran Horn AA IG88-C AA Predator AA Hera Syndulla AA Luke/Vader Father's Day promo 3rd party acrylic stress tokens 3rd party acrylic TL tokens 3rd party acrylic focus tokens a bunch of other upgrade cards Looking for: Han Solo crew (from Tantive) R2D2 crew (from Tantive)
  14. For me it's usually: 1. Is this efficient? 2. What are some bad matchups - how likely am I to encounter them?
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