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  1. If you use a "shatter" token, do you just immediately remove that unit from the board? Touche. Shatter hopes and dreams never Armada models Scatter was the word I was looking for
  2. Tagge seems to favor a extremely aggressive style of fighting. Flying in full speed right in the thick of it to be shooting and shot at by round 2. I feel like he might be a bit to risky to be beneficial. If he could return tokens to named fighters he would be pretty awesome anything with shatter be a nightmare to deal with
  3. I have a strange feeling it will be like Wave 2. It will be on display but that will be it. It would be awesome if I'm totally wrong and they uncover a huge pallet of Wave 3 for sell.
  4. The only disappointment I have is having to wait for wave 3 and wave 4. FFG please make wave 4 part of wave 3. Pretty please? Thanks
  5. Lyraeus the worst loss I have experienced so far happened at my local Regional tournament. Before even placing my first ship on any board or much less before my hand even touched the door handle to the local shop I had made 3 huge mistakes... 1. Scheduled time with friends to hang out after regionals. Little to my knowledge I didn't know the game was going to run late due to attendance and my mind was more focused on getting out of there to do other things with my buddies. 2. I have a bad habit of making changes to my list at the last minute. I have got to stop doing this! 3. Went in assuming I was going do well. I went in with to much Overconfidence I hung around and talked to a few of the guys that took byes. I found out about some mistakes I made in my game. I don't think I came off as a sore loser I wasn't angry or overly upset but my will to play anymore was just gone. Never been a tuck your tail kind of guy and leave after a loss but lately my games have just been loss after loss and my confidence in my playing skill has just been getting lower and lower. What I feel helped me the most was choosing to take a break from the "Bigger" tournament scene. It was tough turning down an invite to play at another local Regional game but it's been refreshing not pressuring myself to "Win". For now I'll stick to the smaller local store events since they are more casual paced and I don't pressure myself nearly as much to do well. Which overall allows me to relax, play and enjoy the game. For me it was knowing a reasonable limit and stepping back for a break.I can't say this is the best thing for everyone but for me its working.
  6. Any ship can be effective in the right hands and given the right situation. The MC80 is by no means an auto include. B/c as you stated with the opening post it suffers from all those problems. However, even with it's issues it fills a support roll like Butter on warm toast. Another advantage of the 80 is being able to deny space with that large side arc. Where the AF has the advantage with speed, and the option to take gunnery teams it fills the role of being more aggressive and getting there to put out the pain. The MC80 is the opposite in it's role (lack of speed, lack of gunnery team) it naturally wants or should support. So sure the enemy will know where that MC80 is going to be but as player controlling the MC80 "I dare you to step on my yard" so to speak. Tie the MC80 with a good support of fighters B-wings, Y-wings and did I mention B-wings, it's a deterrent for most ships trying to rush in to it to ram or block. But I think one thing we have to realize is that no matter what fleet or ship you have it comes down to the dice. This game is like chess. Ships need to be positioned to take advantage of openings and opportunities. However, unlike chess the dice determine if your piece will actually remove another piece from the game or not. I have seen ISD's whiff at Med/Close range I have seen an MC80 roll perfectly with double damage and crits all over the place. Just as I have seen a lone X-wing take down a ISD on round six.
  7. You mean the ship that I won a tournament with? Oh sure there were only 5 of them but I still had stiff competition yet it did its job. This is a game of skill. I have seen VSD's do good things, I have seen MC80's do good things. It is skill not just stats that matter. Skill and a bit of luck with those red dice...those darn red dice.
  8. If a Hwk/Jumpmaster applies heavy to say a named pilot and a escort ship both at range 1. Lets say heavy is applied to Dash and a Xwing Can the Hwk/Jumpmaster or any other squadron ignore escort if they are in range of the squadrons or does escort still apply and if an attack is made it must still be made against the escort unit?
  9. Great write up. You finally opponent what Commander did he end up using or did he let it ride?
  10. Mike McMann again sir thank you for taking the time to set this up. I am really glad you were able to spread the word and get such a big showing of players. This was truly an experience and having taken part was awesome. I had a great time and I have to say your FLGS is HUGE! I'm glad to have met all the players that I did, especially the guys that kicked my can. I hope everyone that traveled made it back home safe. I am definitely looking forward to our next game!
  11. Hello everyone. I have been looking around my local area to find a DM but no luck so far. I was wondering if anyone needs a player or possibly two. I have seen games played in the Roll20 manner (Skype) and could play this way too. Please message me if you have room for 1 or 2 more players. Thanks!
  12. Mikemcmann what was your fleet build total? I am assuming your running 400 pts. If so where people opting to go first and playing your objectives?
  13. Wow still no answer on this question hmmmmm.
  14. Thanks for the quiet reply. That's what I thought it was but when I looked at the icons on the card I thought maybe it was changing a token for a token.
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