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  1. The store I TO for is running its first Store Championship in January and we were curious what is normally expected that these events. Like what is a standard entry fee, common prize support outside of the FFG kit, is pre-reg allowed/encourage? Any common information would be great. Thanks.
  2. Has anyone seen anything on a product called (Rebel/Imperial/Scum and Villainy) Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit? One of the distributors that my FLGS goes through has them listed in the catalog but I can't seem to find any information on them. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. What was the Palpatine and Jerjerrod combo mentioned at 30:30 by Alex?
  4. So my FLGS is considering applying to host/run a Store Championship for this year but they are concerned about space. Anyone have some good estimates on the number of people we could expect for a Store Championship?
  5. I have done something like that before and it seemed to work ok. It does result in the turbolaser hardpoint being more valuable because you are guaranteed a good target for it until the opposing epic ship is destroyed.
  6. This is why the Daredevil EPT was changed to give a stress instead of being a red maneuver as was originally on the card.
  7. Ok, thanks a lot. Trying to get better at the game and I am pretty certain that good jousting ships are were I should be flying because of my natural play style.
  8. Ok, next question related question. The quote here is from the MathWing thread. I want to make sure that I am reading the information correctly. It is saying that the higher the value in JV column, based on stat line, in theory the better at jousting the ship should be. The std column is how efficiently a ship can use its stat line in a joust, how well they can apply the stats. The req eff column is how many points a ship must make back based on its actual value to 'earn its keep.' Are these interpretations correct?
  9. What makes a ship a jousting ship vs an arc dodging ship vs a turret ship? Yeah, I know some of them are kind of obvious but I am trying to figure out how to assess new ships as they release and find my own play still and want to make sure I have a thorough understanding of the different 'classes' of ships.
  10. Ah, I see. I missed the part under Sections where it defined explicitly what counts as the ship. That answers the question then, thanks.
  11. The Epic ships with two pilot cards (CR-90 and Raider currently) can you equip a Limited Upgrade (Gunnery Team for example) to both halves or only to one? For example, is this list legal so far? CR90 Corvette (Fore) (50) Raymus Antilles (6) Ion Cannon Battery (6) Quad Laser Cannons (6) Sensor Team (4) Gunnery Team (4) Backup Shield Generator (3) Jaina's Light (2) CR90 Corvette (Aft) (40) WED-15 Repair Droid (2) Quad Laser Cannons (6) Gunnery Team (4) EM Emitter (3) Total: 136 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  12. Now I have only played like three epic games but I just not feeling that the Navigator would be all that powerful on an epic ship. I can now at least see where the concern comes from but I am not sure that it is needed.
  13. Can someone explain to me why Navigator is so overpowered on Epic ships? I am not following. The Navigator says "When you reveal a maneuver, you may rotate your dial to another maneuver with the same bearing. You cannot rotate to a red maneuver if you have any stress tokens." which doesn't seem overpowered to me.
  14. Never mind, it is loading fine now. Must have been a cache issue. Again thanks for all your hard work.
  15. Ok, I remember reading that on these forums before but I couldn't remember how that worked and Ten Numb's card only states defense dice. The real kicker isn't even the Autoblaster ruling (which applies to C-3P0 and would apply here), it is remembering that spending an evade token adds one evade result to the defense roll and therefore would count as dice results and thereby not be able to cancel one of Ten Numb's kaboom results. PS: **** it, I knew this but I couldn't find/remember the chain of logic for a tournament I was running on Sunday. I owe some apologizes.
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