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  1. That depends of how you define "ghosty". Remember poltergeist? They can also manipulate the real world. And if you also remember on Dagobah, yeah was the dark side cave as nexus/vergence but on Endor? And there we had three Force Ghosts. Think about it, they don't use the Force to manipulate the real world doesn't mean they couldn't. In the new Canon everything seems possible But to be fair if they could do everything "forcy" everywhere, why Ben hasn't blown up the Death Star after he was killed just by manipulating the Reactor by himself
  2. How about to have the Gatekeeper from Mountaintop Rescue as Template. The Charakter has no stats for Brawn and Agility and no skills regarding to that two attributes to simulate that he can not act in the real world. But like Yoda in Episode VIII he would be able to use the force to manipulate the real world.
  3. How about this: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Tapani_calendar This one is Quoted at the Galactic Standard Calendar Legends Page on Wookieepedia under "See also". A really good already existing Calendar is this one: http://starwarsrp.net/topic/63474-resourse-galactic-standard-calendar/ It is not perfect, but for me it is good enough to use it for my game.
  4. As all the other links are unreachable, I found that one, which should contain all stuff: http://smallshinyobjects.ca/star-wars-rpga-living-force-adventures/
  5. The one thing that annoy me most of that story is, how Disney deal with there own "promises". It was the same Pablo Hidalgo, who told us in 2014 officially on Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, that only Bioware with the Old Republic and FFG with there product lines is allowed to continue the old Canon under restriction from Lucasfilm. That was in April 2014. The AoR CRB was released in July 2014, three month later. So must have aproved that at this time or before by the story group. And now the Germans are the first, who got stolen that from Disney as they decided to hadle it like "What interests us our chatter from yesterday." even it is not canon but got aproved for printing. Shame on them! For those German Fans who want the cut Content (which was not only the Species infromation but also the Information about Bothawui at the "Galaxy" part and the Bothan Spy profile from the adversaries), I translated it from the original english CRB to German and made a short "Age of the Bothans" PDF file out of that. Can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B64IYy1v12BdOXROVHRYVVk0RGM
  6. I'm so Happy that I saved it in time. Here you go: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B64IYy1v12Bda0w1S21CbVkwWW8
  7. Hi! You did make a great map. What a shame that nobody helped you to make some more maps. Maybe I would help you but I have no idea how to make one of those maps. I've read the explanation that Maveritchell postet here: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/90148-maps-modules-and-map-creation-materials/?p=862480 and I'm sure I can make some maps but where did I get the items to place at the maps? I have downloaded all Map assets from here http://thompsonpeters.com/eote/misc/ but as I can see at your picture that you use also other typs of items. Where can I get some of these? MTFBWY SWFan
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