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  1. Anybody have a pucture of an AT-TE that is battle damaged? Hasbro toy is very close to being in scale. Thx
  2. How do you determine if an enemy can hit the side arc? Is it just which ever arc of the tank the enemy is currently in? Or do they use line of sight?
  3. You have imperial guards and the emperor with esteemed leader. The guards would have guardian 3 with esteemed leader from the emperor but who's defence dice and surges do they roll if the emperor get 3 hits against him. Which one is correct? #1 All 3 hit use the guards red dice or #2 2 hit use guards red dice and 1 hit uses emperors red die with his surge Thank you in advance Funny Defcon
  4. Funny Defcon


    Can hunter be used on a trooper unit that has minis that have only one life? If hit and after being removed no wounded mini exist in the unit. thx in advance Funny Defcon
  5. Hello, When moving a unit, which is not a compulsator move, can I use a slower movement tool? Thanks FD
  6. If my minis are walking single file and and enemy is straight in front of me and shoots, I will have cover. Cool suppession benefit without retrictions. In this case the minis block each other.
  7. Hello, I would like to check on a rule with two commnders. Does a unit within range of a non-selected commander for the turn still get the non-selected commander's courage value while checking for panic? Thanks
  8. Do you need line of sight for Maximum Fire Power and Coordinated Bombardment?
  9. Thanks, that was my read but it seems strange.
  10. Do you need line of sight to use force push?
  11. feedback on this logic.... They fly/repulse at height 2, which is further than range 1 of a grenade. Thus, the airspeeder is out of range.
  12. If your undamaged Speeder Bike unit is hit for 4 damage, can I place 2 damage on each Speeder Bike keeping both alive? Thx FD
  13. All good questions....your fleet will be destroyed.
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