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  1. Love this! 2 questions 1. It looks like there is a way to make a custom talent to make career skills but I do not see the career option after selecting Modifier > Attribute > modified value (no career option) 2. I cannot seem to find how "enable" or see tier 2 talents even though I have 2 or more tier 1's. Maybe it it is something simple. Also, if you purchase a talent then clear it, the stub (the box that showed the talent) seems to remain as inactive. For instance if you chose parry and it appears, the box next to it appears as well as the potential rank 2 of parry. When you clear it, it does not remove itself but stays as a ranked talent. This is minor but thought I would mention it.
  2. You could always just create an armor piercing missile. Like Damage 15, Breach 3, etc.
  3. I like the fact I now have stats for a Gladiator class Star Destroyer.
  4. Or group them up, say 3 or 4 per roll, could be a good compromise.
  5. I think it would be up to the GM really. But I do not see why not, it is tied to a characteristic. I remember reading in the legends that Grievous learned lightsaber forms to a degree, though I forgot which book it was.
  6. In theory, this also lets you recycle lightsaber crystals into other lightsaber crystals. Interesting point. Allowing it would alleviate some of the stress/concern/worry about a PC failing those higher difficulty checks to squeeze out those last couple mods on those crystals with 4 or more modification options given that most 'saber-monkeys tend not to overly favor Intellect (Soresu Defenders being a big exception). Of course, it then becomes a matter of if the FaD PC hands the crystal off to a PC with the Modder spec to be recycled, does it still constitute a "personal weapon" for the FaD character and thus have the appropriate perks still apply, like adding their Force Rating to checks to add mods? I'd say no, but that's something a GM will have to decide for themselves. It would still be subject to rarity though. But I agree it would a GM call and I would lean toward no as well.
  7. OK, so I was looking at it right. Just not thinking big enough.
  8. OK, so on page 33 is the Modder talent tree. I keep reading the resourceful refit and I am not getting this 15pt talent. I get that it lets you recover some cost but what, like a few hundred creds at most? Am I missing something? Does it let you replace failed mods?? Edit: Should be talent, not skill.
  9. I am not sure if this was mentioned before but I think shooting an inanimate object is more a "skill" check and not really a combat check. That is how I would handle any shenanigans about shooting the floor and the BBEG. I do think though that if you work your way up to that 25 xp skill then it should do something a little more than a limited version of autofire. I would allow the aim at minions and then hit the BBEG. You can do other things that can mitigate this talent. High soak maybe have a talent that allows him to "redirect" damage to a minion in engaged range Reflect
  10. The new book Lead by Example has a sidebar about Flak guns for ships.
  11. Lightsaber chucks? Pffft - beginner. Soooo, Army of Darkness meets Star Wars?
  12. I really liked how they explained the reasoning behind combining force powers, it made a lot of sense after I thought about it. Really looking forward to this, which is a switch because I was not interested in being a Jedi or force user at one time. Link never mind, did not realize there was another post
  13. This picture confuses me. The bodies are all stretching away from the Jedi. So what has actually happened here? Does his lightsabre extend and let him take down an entire bridge-length of stormtroopers? Has he slowly retreated along the length of the bridge with new stormtroopers hopping over the bodies of their predecessors? Has he got a really effective Move power and has just blown over all the stormtrooopers on the bridge in front of him at once? If he's not retreating, then come the stormtroopers so far away from him are dead? If he is retreating then why is each successive storm trooper climbing over the dead bodies of his predecessors to get close to him when they're armed with blaster rifles and he's armed with a close combat weapon? This picture makes no sense to me! Reflected blaster bolts. The Jedi is adding enough black and red dice to their shots that the stormtroopers are killing themselves with strain. Maybe he slowly backed up as the troopers were charging or maybe just admire the art and do not look to closely at what it means
  14. I agree with you but not sure they will be grey, they should leave that choice to the player.
  15. They did mention a War Leader as a specialization. I would think (without being snarky) that would include leadership talents.
  16. I raise you a Darth Vader, ya it's big but it's VADER
  17. I was thinking it's a reek, like the one in AotC arena. I remember them being on/from Saleucami.EDIT: Although if I'm right that's one !%^%&$!! huge specimen. Could be, good call, but is one mother of a reek.
  18. What is that creature in the picture? Too big for a kath hound, not a traditional look for a Krayt, anybody know?
  19. Isn't artisan more general though, armorer sounds very focused.
  20. If I took armorer, bodyguard, and gadgeteer. He would be a force with a saber or a blaster.
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