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  1. 1. Are action cards, specifically assignment action cards, only playable when paired with a pictured leader? In other words if assigning a leader to an action card must it be a leader on the card itself? 2. Who places units first when deploying? As well as building who places first on the queue? 3. If a card, in reference to a mission, says before dice roll will this effect not take place if the mission is not opposed. Specifically the rebels have an action card that auto fails an Imperial Spec Ops mission before dice are rolled. Does this mission have to be opposed to play this card? Or is it auto fail in general? 4. Can you relocate your base to a system with Imperial Space units but no ground units? 5. In the 3-4 player game if a mission has an admiral's leader and a general's leader assigned to a mission can the admiral pass and let the general activate that mission?
  2. My friends and during our game last night talked about how we should name the regions to make it easier when discussing the game. We only really had 3 ideas, so I figured I would post this here and find out what ideas others might have. No matter how much you know about Star Wars someone on the internet probably knows more. Our ideas so far were for these regions: Core/Core Worlds: Coruscant, Alderaan, Cato Neimoidia, Corellia Hutt Space: Kessel, Nal Hutta, Bothawui, Toydaria Outer Rim: Tatooine, Rodia, Geonosis, Ryloth Would love to hear some other ideas!
  3. Awesome thanks for the responses! What kinds/level of interacting and training can be done before getting the bonding talent?
  4. I am planning on playing a Seeker Pathfinder and although it's easy to find the creatures in the Force and Destiny book but does anyone have a list of the creatures from the other books and pages I can find them in? I have most of the books just having trouble finding the creatures...
  5. any suggestions that have 10 objectives and make use of some of the more interesting cards from later cycles?
  6. Does anyone have good advice on building some very simple decks that are good to teach new players? I have all the cards, and I want to introduce more people I know but I feel like the decks I build use too many tricks to teach the basics. I want two decks that can be good, consistent, and yet simple to use.
  7. Is there anyone who lives in the Lehigh Valley or close by that knows where the card game is played on a regular basis?
  8. I think we will get a campaign that takes place in a time period prior to the current one which would allow for characters like Obi Wan and Tarkin who I think are too iconic to keep out of the game altogether
  9. So I have just sucked at every skirmish I have used Han Solo if I win its by the skin of my teeth and I often get crushed. This is not the case for other Rebel builds only when I have Han as my center piece, instead of Luke or Chewie. Does anyone else have this problem? The only build I have seen Han used well is the Scum list where he is with Trandoshans, and Nexu. Are there any pure Rebel builds people have used that work well with Han? And any advice on how to use him? I feel he is lacking defensively serverly. All the others in his point range have either 2 defense die or auto blocks. Please help
  10. Both the guns on the AT-ST and the antenna on the trooper helmet were in the movies however both were smaller than what is represented in the models. I understand why the antenna is larger since the size of the antenna wouldn't be possible to scale to the correct size on the miniature. The guns on the AT-ST could have been smaller but if you look at stills from the movies they are on the AT-STs on both Hoth and Endor.
  11. That's how I understood you the first time and I don't think that is correct. Each space inside of a block of blue terrain is considered difficult terrain so each time you move into a space that is difficult terrain, even if the space you left is also difficult, you must spend an extra movement point.
  12. My guess is more Tatooine as well. I don't quite understand the relevance of "Habitat: Desert" or it's significance relative to Descent and how those types of mechanics work there... But having said that, if the Tuskens are somehow restricted to a particular tileset I can't imagine they would give you a completely different tileset with the next wave, lowering the viability of the last wave. My guess is Habitat will give some sort of advantage on those tile types. Like auto evade or something of the sort. Then when they aren't on those tiles they don't have the advantage
  13. Can you use Change of Plans and Strength in Numbers together to activate the same group twice in a row?
  14. I would definitely say he is worth it. He has good damage output only a little lower than the RGC (tables for dice percentages are here https://emeralddays.wordpress.com/2015/03/12/choosing-three-your-dice/ ). He is an incredible control piece that doesn't go away easy. Like Jonnyb815 mentioned he can handle Vader one on one which is great considering he is 3 points less. I think Slam is what makes Chewbacca shine. I've been practicing with him lately and Slam can really make all the difference in controlling objectives or positioning an enemy unit for another unit to get a better shot.
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