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  1. The Mozambique is actually better than the p2020
  2. Good question I can't speak to lyle and ricks games but I played into Spanish nationals and the mynock open winning list and thought they'd be tough games but the list handled them both pretty well. Aces are the real challenge obviously but it's gonna take a lot of shots to wear those guys down.
  3. The tournament was two days ago you already think you won a game that you lost how whacked out were you?
  4. I want a girl who looks at me the way Andrew looks at Duncan.
  5. You don't need to be good to write a blog look at oli
  6. Based on the minimal amounts of feedback I always got I didn't think hardly anyone read mine. I never really felt like there was much special there anyway tbh but if someone had something specific they wanted I'd think about doing a write up on it.
  7. Alright so let's take this list, which you're calling the Rebel benchmark list, and put it up against what most people are calling the Imperial benchmark list the Iden/Howl/5 AP swarm. Let's just assume Howl and Iden are 40 apiece so the squad naked is 200 as well. Two players of equal skill gets us an opening engagement where all ships are range 2 of each other. With focuses for the 5x they get 11.25 hits on average. The Imperial player is pulling 5.625 and we'll just add 1 evade to that for the focus that is likely spent which leaves us with approximately 4.625 damage getting through. On top of that, the Imperial player also has Iden which completely negates an attack so at the bare minimum that's at least one hit which takes us to roughly 3.625 hits that the Rebel player is punching through on the opening. So we'll go ahead and assume a tie is popped. If the X-wing howl and iden shoots keeps focus for offense they're pushing through 1.88 into it damage if Howl keeps focus as well. No matter who the Rebel player shoots be it Howl or an AP the Imperial player is still getting at least 4.45 hits through from his AP shots so the Imperial player is still getting at least 6.33 damage through on average provided the Blue that's getting shot keeps his focus for offense which he would need to do to help spike through enough damage to get the tie on average. Lot of hypothetical stuff there but that's the best head sim I could do and in summation it looks like both sides are losing a 40 point ship in the opening and from there it's anyone's game as the Rebel player has mostly higher ps but the Imperial player can get the blocks the following round. I guarantee this was a match up that was played more than once in play testing people. I understand the concern people have for 2.0 but these posts would draw a lot more respect if there was any data or testing backed behind it. I think if people played this match up they'd find the two lists are pretty **** close.
  8. No one still uses bombs unless it's Miranda or Nym. Missiles and torps still are useless outside of harpoons. The 2nd most used missile is cruise and it's 75th in popularity out of all upgrades. Out of the top 17 lists on meta wing the only pilots to field harpoons are again Miranda and nym. All harpoons and bomblets/trajectory have served to do thus far is make those two pilots, who were already at the top of the food chain, even better. Watch this game and tell me if it looks like these guys are playing checkers I know a lot of people don't think joust-offs are sexy, I do but I can understand where they're coming from. But there's no way you can tell me the turret wing meta we're under now is any more interesting than this.
  9. Yeah screw that guy for devoting countless hours into learning how to fly a swarm wtf did he think this is a dog fighting game? Thank god we finally got Dash so we could just auto win against swarms and not have to try.
  10. TLT has been skimmed over the last two major rounds of nerfs cause other stuff was more pressing but it seems pretty unlikely given the data that it's not hit the next time round. Only questions will be how, what else gets hit (please reinforce and AEO effects) and whether its before Worlds or after.
  11. Posting this here as I couldn't find 4 of the registered players e-mails here are the round 1 pairings and player lists https://tabletop.to/scum-and-villainy-open/rounds/ https://docs.google.com/document/d/1z6HwAA9mjFyqh-N1p4iwJcp7GiriW4GTMvSGvbJA-po/edit?usp=sharing
  12. 2 lists of the same faction are fine.
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