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  1. I use the cardboard tokens not because of basing issues with the miniatures but because I think it makes the board less messy. I have little wooden stands that I found on etsy that hold them upright so they don't get overlooked on the board.
  2. Oh snap. Reading IS fundamental. I apparently stopped reading too soon. I have Agnes and Zoey built right now. Probably deconstructing them and maybe trying a Jim build finally.
  3. Yeah that's my plan if there's no other info. I'm also probably going to bring 2-3 decks so I can change if everybody's playing the same thing
  4. I won't be surprised either way. They have stuff airdropped in limited quantities for gencon sometimes. Like the L5R pre-release
  5. I just looked at the event listing again and I see no investigator build rules. Are people planning on bringing stock beginner decks with upgrade options in mind? Are we all bringing Agnes?
  6. And as a software test engineer I have a...unique...relationship with the programmers. Ya'll are crazy
  7. People are not always smart or industry savvy. They see small quantities of the core at their local shop disappear quickly and then not get restocked because FFG didn't print enough and they declare the game dead because no one can buy it. It's happening with Destiny right now. There are people including store owners who can't get product so they've decided the game is dead out of the gate. Despite the fact that there are articles for the 3rd set starting to show up on FFG's website, despite every spare booster pack getting hoovered up in most areas, and despite the fact that the value of single cards is high and stable.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised either way if it's available for sale at GenConor not.
  9. I realize it wasn't spaced out well initially but I'm not sure why people think a game that's been out less than a year and has 3 expansions + DLC counts as abandoned. People were already yelling dead game a week or two after the Arkham LCG hit shelves. I understand that people want stuff for their favorite games to come out more often but FFG has a lot of irons in the fire. And Star Wars Destiny has been a much bigger resource sink than they even came close to expecting.
  10. I can't speak to the LotR events but If I'm remembering correctly this one is a 4 hour event. Other than the name and the 12 player part I don't think we know much else. I don't know who else got in but I'll be in the Sunday 9am slot.
  11. And they are both very good and a cheaper way to add a couple new investigations without committing to an entire cycle.
  12. I'm the nutjob that bought 4 core sets because I play solo a lot and wanted to be able to do any combination of investigators. You'll know if that's the path for you
  13. You're safe from me. I got into a Sunday 9am spot already.
  14. Also keep in mind that it never hurts to keep generic tickets on you and just walk up a bit before events start. There's always folks who don't show up for whatever reason. I've gotten into LCG tournaments in past years doing this. EDIT: also remember that you can sell back generic tickets that you don't use so it's pretty risk free.
  15. That is exactly what I meant. Thanks for the clarification. It definitely seemed weird the way I was reading it.
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