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  1. I will let my jedi build himself a simple force imbued "simple" weapon. It feels more fluffwise for me. I will use the rules of Special Modifications and aim for a walking stick (because there are some known jedis without a lightsaber but with a walking stick or staff instead). If my player really wants, he also can built a sword, but in the end it doesnt matter The idea of an ancient sword out of an museum, which is almost worthless for nonforcesensetives will be used for another plot
  2. Ok, thanks. Got the point and a hook for the next session.
  3. I was reading through wookieepedia and didnt get a clue. What is the origin of the 350 credits rarity 8 sword in the melee section? Every jedi and sith sword i found was faaaar to old, rare and powerful. Do i miss something obvious?
  4. I know there is an endless discussion, if it is allowed to move people with "move" I still miss the "Force Push" which has knock down and does strain damage, to be "effective" in combat. Are there anywhere rules for this kind of the beloved force power?
  5. Droids always get strain damage, no matter if the have build in equipment or "cybernetics". So you only shut down the droid as a whole and not parts of it. Never seen anything in the movies of "only partially ionisized" droids or starfighters...
  6. Me and my Co-GM like to use destiny points for patrolling stormtroopers and other encounters, in the case of "there is a chance to meet"
  7. Greyxi

    OP PCs

    We had the same kind of player in our group. Dont try to "beat" him with rule mechanics. Try to talk out of game alone with him and try to explain the problem. If this doesnt work sent him to another group which is more efficient oriented.
  8. If a close combat character and a gun wielding character start a fight, its always the same: engage, disengage, engage, disengage Our group wants to spice it up with the well known "attack of opportunity", so if you want to disengage, your opponent may take 2 stress and gets an extra attack with with a difficulty of 3. What do you think about this?
  9. I know it is fun to quote princess bride, but the spec should be also fun to play. Another spec with scathing tirade seems no fun in long term character advancement, especially that a second or third tree is not so difficult to obtain. Creating stress when you disarm someone, seems a nice idea to overcome rivals and minions. Prepare to die! If you disarm an enemy with Triumph you may do stress instead of damage and add your ranks in Coercion (ignoring Soak)
  10. so here is my second thought with slightly better graphics (my gimp fu isnt that great)
  11. I see there is something missing. I think the fighting style will work (difficult to hit, enhanced crits) but it misses the "flashiness". I will look through my books to find some movement skills for some chandelier swinging , but i also like the idea of social buffs. Did someone fell in love with the idea? Because i could need some help of a native speaker with the fluff text. Edit: This specialisation could be used for some Tapani Expanse add-on
  12. A friend of mine wants to play an elegant nonforce using Fencer. The existing specialisations doesnt match, so i made this up, using Force and Destiny: Swashbuckler Cool, Charm, Coercion, Melee Grit X Quick Draw X Parry X Rapid Reaction X . | . | . X Parry - Defensive Training X Fencer* - Lethal Blows X . | . X . | Dodge - Rapid Reaction - Parry X Feint X . | . | . | Grit - Feint X Improved Parry X Lethal Blows | . | . | . | Dedication X Dodge X Feint X Deadly Accuracy *Fencer = When making checks using the Melee skill, the character may use Agility instead of Brawn.
  13. I apologize for my bad english in the begining: There was an old chart in the D6 WEG Star Wars for "Dark Side Costs" It gave you the possibility to add some more flavour to the fallen characters. Dark Side Users where not really indended as player characters. I looked through the results and thought some would perfectly fit into Force and Destiny. So if a character falls to the dark side, you roll a d100 and get one side effect of the dark side. Maybe something minor like grey skin or yellow eyes or maybe something drastic like beeing possesed by force sensetive parasites or sith ghosts. Here is my modified list. Its not enough for twenty results, but maybe someone has further ideas or want to use it any way: Dark Side Costs 1-10 Advanced age: The character starts to age rapidly 11-20 Pale Flesh: The characters skin starts to turn pale/greyish/unhealthy. 21-30 Memory loss: The character suddenly forgets many things. 31-40 Tremors: the character develops nasty, pain full tremors on the face, and small twitches. making it seem that the character is on the verge of breaking at any moment. 41-50 Mute: corruption of the dark side makes the character no longer able to speak. 51-60 Dead Eyes: The eyes of the charakter gain an unhealthy colour (ig yellow for humans) and is an unpleasend encounter. Increase the difficulty of every charm the test by one, but decrease the difficulty of any coercion test by one. 61-70 Destabilizing Aura: Every character (enemy or ally) which is engaged to the dark side user feels uncomfortable and adds one threat to any roll. 71-85 Blood thirsty: The character gains one rank in „Frenzy“. The GM may spend any time one destiny point to drive the charakter in blood rage. He spills blood as much as possible until he suceeds at a difficult discipline test. 86-90 Possession: Influenced by the dark side, the character is forced to have his body periodical possessed by the dark side spirits that make him do their bidding. The GM may spend any time one destiny point to take over the charakter for one round 91-95 Parasites: The character picks up some nasty forcesensetive parasites. They live within the characters body, and cannot be removed. Any attempts at removal causes death. The parasites make the character hungry, or tired but help him using the dark side of the Force. The character loses permanently one point in Brawn, but gains one point in Force as long he has the parasites. 96-100 Third eye: Soon after going to the dark side, he/she is able to “see” apparitions of dark side ghosts, or other phantasmic forces. They haunt/tease the character. The GM may spent one destiny point to „call“ such a „ghost“
  14. just found this https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/108101-ffg-developer-answered-questions/
  15. A regular bathtub takes up to 180 litres of water, but only about 120 litres with a person inside
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