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  1. FFG sent me all the mini cards for free because I lost them.
  2. BGG link: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1363500/incidents-raov-v-10 Hello lads! I'm a fan of the RedJak's Variant and I recommend it everywhere. It makes the game really nice. The only thing that bothers me, is at it tries (and does very well) to automate the Overlord (OL from now on) and sometimes the mechanics are not the best, as those OL and Plot cards are designed to be played from a hidden hand. That's why I created Incidents, a variant for a variant (or might even be played without RAOV but that's not why this one was designed for). What's Incidents? Incidents is a new deck with a new small mechanic to make things simpler. Initially I wanted to create a new deck called Event deck but realized that the DelvenDeep expansion already has a deck called Events, so I decided to call it Incident Deck. This Deck replaces the OL and the Plot deck and is used to add new effects and harmful effects to the players. There is a small percentage of cards that are good for the players, but those are there to represent the critical success that was really famous in a lot of RPG games. What changes from RAOV? The changes are pretty simple bear (grrr) with me: - Blitz cards doesn't draw Plot or OL cards. Instead they draw an Incident card. A new version of the BLitz cards is included for you to print. - 2 levels of difficulty - 16 new AO (Automated Overlord) cards, 4 for each hero token, 2 for each difficulty. Those AO cards doesn't have a priority system, they just draw an Incident card and harm the players for 1 health (1 health and 1 fatigue the highest difficulty cards) and draw an AO card. - An Incident deck with more than 80 new cards. Well, actually the number of new cards is less than 80, as some of them appear more than once and some of them have different versions, but the deck contains more than 80 Incident cards. - A new small mechanic, Incident Check, roll 1d6 (2d6 in II difficulty). If there is at least one 6 in the results, there is an Incident!! - Experience points to scale difficulty. Whenever the OL gains experience, new Incident cards can be bought to have a bigger deck. - Discard pile interaction. Some of the cards, when resolved, go to the bottom of the Incident deck while others go to the discard pile. Some cards will interact with this pile. - The Plot deck disappears, except for the Summon Agent cards, those will go together in a deck called Agent Deck. - Threat and Fortune tokens will be more presented. Some cards can be canceled with Fortune tokens. Some cards will benefit from the amount of Threat tokens the OL has. What's next? - I will order a copy of the cards soon enough and will post a playtesting session. - Additional cards can be created (post your ideas) to create new interactions and more harmful effects to the players! - Rules to be used from a DM that doesn't want to win! Cards!! Example of a card: The cards are prety simple, at the top right we see the difficulty (1 or 2 depending on the difficulty we wanted to play with) and at the bottom right we see the XP level (not cost) of that card (0, 1, 2 or 3). Cards are bought differently, instead of paying 1 XP to get 1 card, if the OL has 1 XP buys as many 1 XP cards as the result of a dice (explained in the rules). New Blitz cards: The Blitz cards are exactly the same but now instead of drawing an OL and Plot card only draw an Incident card. You don't need to print them if you just remember the changes. New AO cards (4 per priority): The card will harm the priority hero, draw an Incident card and draw another AO card. If you need to draw an AO card to test for a random number and draw this instead, jus follow the text, as you have to draw an AO and that AO will contain the random number. Number at the bottom (I) or (II) shows the difficulty. (II) cards deal also 1 damage to fatigue. Links - All the cards (with the bleeding needed for PS or DriveThruCards): http://wallack.es/archivos/IncidentCards.zip - Rules (will be updated): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eOSxi4bCch7O08Idr2uqf2NB... - New Automated Overlord cards (with the bleeding needed for PS or DriveThruCards): http://wallack.es/archivos/NewAOIncidents.zip Questions? Post any question you have! Cards in imgur: http://imgur.com/d97ijPR,ePipINi,2ZnNvDX,VLP83iB,re4OuVL,GE9cHoB,P9ZRYZT,oz6Yppu,2lyVY7T,1F5dJ3W,rQUR11J,kzKF9nw,YUHwBh2,Hd6sEZ3,ShehOH4,sAgcn73,vSIJzne,6PysgrP,WUFF3Vn,bR2pIJv,DGcXWaq,hkc0ecs,d3t97FI,e4JOpft,w0GEJnZ,CkB6zuP,5dUDpIP,sUyiejg,uZmeUyH,pj4J8dQ,z8ijyzp,LmYKdd1,n0J7Wdg,PuP2jyg,u3mX5lH,gLJR8Vg,fMb4c21,EAb3GTP,QD7jP2a,hHn7FVp,QTrdKDn,kBH6RAn,ZbBUx3d,wTk3TEf,57Ow4Pq,aDYe7Mt,gvzt1Kc,GpJKEEI,nzTuwtD,EM0HeID,5u9OkeG,sMVuWty,9kyP07x,voPk7oL,3ve8RA6,05fDPh1,0FAa9WY,IinUI30,wE47tES,CGyaM7T,ykxuIqU,CAWHQTD,DZrVbm9,qCUc2K7,84CwXq1,XhReFoq,pLxj34o,ydXOOwy,EDDRxSH,tMXIa5P,QUHkJeo,h94R3BT,Zp6uMi0,GNBO7AQ,a1H7v86,qVsMyZq,zDTYuEW,qZDbzfE,IGppegC,CVv7qUW,u8KB572,VjWg7kT,jQOK2kI,TAYDyPI
  3. By the way, two questions to Atom4geVampire: 1 - Do you have plans to make a blueprint? I would love to have that as a project. 2 - Do the cards fit sleeved?
  4. If you just give 1 extra action to each hero in the current co-op adventures, would be easier with 2 heroes than with 3. Maybe the next coop expansion has a reworked rule for just 2 players.
  5. Atom4geVampire you did a great job!! Initially I made the foam plans for the base game. Then I made a similar foam insert for the Lair of the Wyrm and now that I got Labyrinth of Ruin would need more space so I removed all the tiles and put them in a binder with numbers so I can easily find them, 4 by 4 (1-4, 5-8 ...) and it fits perfectly for now I have also all the plot decks for the base game plus the two expansions I have so I need also space for them and for now, everything works just fine
  6. Only played FS twice (lost both) but got DE today. I have 3 expansions now but I still need to have all the figures painted before continuing !!
  7. I think is this one: http://wallack.es/archivos/IAMsFantasyCardEditorSetup.exe
  8. They even replaced some cards that I lost after changing apartment. +10 to them.
  9. What do you mind with discarding stamina? to recover stamina heroes must use one action to rest.
  10. Some of them are, some of them aren't. Some are buffed, some nerfed, some stay the same: Trenloe the strong CK: From H&M Some of them are exactly the same, just with a wording change: Corbin CK: H&M:
  11. Sometimes I like to use descent as a simple ruleset for a PnP rpg. Using the tiles figures and rules to play some old style DnD. That is great!
  12. Also keep in mind one thing. There are custom cooperative expansions made by users. Some of them follow the same rules as the offcial co-op expansions (Forgotten Souls, Nature's Ire and Dark Elements) which are more than a one night play (although it can be long). And some others are based on automating the Overlords. Is good to have that in mind because for example, I only play with my wife and we like to play together, so we used one of those expansions. To be exact we use RAOV (RedJak's Automated Overlord Variant) which add a deck of cards to activate the monsters and to make decisions (basically automate the overlord). Good thing is that you can buy those cards professionally printed. This guy also created the DelvenDeep expansion which is a multi-level ever-changing dungeon! Then some other guys (as me) have created custom classes to add more variety to the game. But that's just more of the possibilities with descent. Buy just the base game. Then follow the order with the expansion that you believe is the best for your group. I myself prefer to follow the publication order. And feel free to ask more!
  13. Can anyone put the exact wording and the page the new 2 players rule appears? Thanks!
  14. The picture is not mine! I play with the minis I have. I don't have the need to match the picture of the hero sheet with the miniature. So I might use one hero sheet and then the miniature I like the most that has some resemblance or none at all. At the end that doesn't really matter. Also I have miniatures from other games (Warhammer for example) and miniatures I buy from the internet just to match some chars. For example, from the lieutenants I only bought one, Liza Farrow because I liked the miniature. The rest ... bought miniatures that fit the theme but are much nicer. About knowing stuff. That really depends on the players, I mean, I as a player like to try different things, so if I play the same quest as yesterday I might try a different hero combination. Having a big pool to choose from is always good. The difference between knowing the objectives and not knowing is like reading a book. IA rules are based around surprise and you might lose that if you play the quest more than once and remember about it. What I mean here is that one of the perks of IA dissapear over time. One thing you can do with your group is offer them for example, to draw a number amount of heroes and then choose one from there. Then choose the class they want for that hero for example. Don't allow repeating if you want ... that repetitiveness is what kills games. The thing that you say about players attitude, that's true, but that's something that has NOTHING to do with the game while hidden rules that once known are not hidden anymore does. I would play IA and a full campaign if a friend hosts one but I wouldn't buy it. I'm more fantasy oriented (that should be the main thing to look when choosing) and the thing that the game offers classes and roles really different one from each other is always great.
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