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  1. I have debated selling everything too many times recently to put any more money into it.
  2. I imagine it as they are flying over/under each other. Not much of a way to get shots doing that. And the sudden swerve to dodge high and low is the "action" that you would have otherwise taken.
  3. Thanks for the responses. The DUNGEON I am referring to is published by Wizards of the Coast (it was originally an old TSR boardgame) I have never played talisman, but I must admit that it sounds fun. What is the average play time with just the core game?
  4. For the past 2 years my nephew has enjoyed Dungeon and still does, but I have played more than enough of it. I am looking for another dungeon delving game to offer him. Does Talisman play well for this age, or is there something that would be more recommended. I am hoping for something that would be not longer than 2 hours at most. Thank you so much for your time.
  5. Excessive defense drags out a game that already struggles to be as quick to play as it wants to be. Trying to bring Offense and Defense in line with one another creates a more neutral state which is not fun for any player.
  6. I think that at 100 points we are already stretching every point, there is no wiggle room. Also, the game is about shooting down the most ships and this would no way be able to perform that goal. It would make it easy to know what to target last. In Epic the Rebel Transport is great fun, and I think there is a place for another non-attack ship in Epic.
  7. Perhaps take the opportunity to consider your rock placement a bit more if you only felt you had the advantage on half the board. A bit more spread out would have made your opponent not have a clear lane to wait in.
  8. TLT C3PO if you have the points
  9. So far I have been "boost happy" with Poe and I think that has been my short coming. I may switch to R5P9 to force myself to focus more, and getting tactician on Miranda would be a nice addition.
  10. I have been running this list for a while and just wanted opinions or possible tweaks. It has performed reasonably well, though I am not very talented at flying Poe. Poe Dameron Veteran Instinct R2-D2 Autothrusters Miranda Doni Twin Laser Turret Gold Squadron Pilot Twin Laser Turret R3-A2 BTL-A4 title Comes in at 99 points.
  11. I never see R2D2 crew on a Kwing, is it not enough damage mitigation?
  12. 1 Stress means take a green maneuver 2 Stress means you are denied an action and will need to take 2 greens The TITLE takes it from being a nuisance to being a threat An Ace missing actions is a fragile thing indeed.
  13. Consistency is far more important than punch.
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