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  1. I think maybe FF should answer/show us the answer to this question...because the product we will actually be buying is the unassembled/unpainted figures. Would like to know exactly what I would be purchasing.
  2. Has anyone seen one of the models unpainted yet? Can we get some pics?
  3. I bought this game and no on in my friend group wants to play....so I was wondering if there is a AI system for the Imperials so my wife and I can play as a team?
  4. Would buy, even if they had to increase price for quality pre-painted.
  5. I will tell you this...I was the first in the trenches with star wars Imperial assault in my area and no one played...so I will wait on this. I learned my lesson and I live on a very limited budget...money and time.
  6. Yup..will be watching that. Can't add another non-prepainted game. Got enough with Tanks, AOS, Malifuax, Guildball, and Warmachine.
  7. Agreed..as someone with limited time and loves the FF games and rules...please make this a pre-painted game...if not I will have to pass.
  8. This mak I suppose it depends on your area, we have not had the same problem. $100 is a bit steep, but the game/models sell it easily.Our group is over 12 people already, with new people being added every week. Also as many have mentioned, you can get it online cheaper if that is the biggest blockage. This makes me sad...I invested the $100, brought it to stores in the area..they carry it... no one is biting.
  9. So in the MA area no one is willing to drop $100 to start playing the skirmish game. Does FFG plan to sell skirmish starters for less? If not, I am afraid this game is destined for storage.
  10. Can models draw LOS through other models?
  11. Yes...please tell us how you painted the AT-ST. What brand paints and steps please?
  12. So it is either a mission with defined ships or who destroys the most? No scenarios where you choose your own group of ships? And thanks for defining this from tournament play...I meant to ask for that in the original post.
  13. Are there any victory conditions besides blow up the opponent?
  14. Based on the conversations that I've seen on this forum, I'm 62% sure that this isn't true. I think we get a lot more than 5 rebels and 5 imperials. But I don't know the exact number. But I could be wrong. Specifically there's a 38% chance that I could be wrong. 5 rebel models...much more imperial modes....
  15. Do we even have an idea of how the skirmish game will work? The starter box is only coming with 5 rebel models and a lot more imperial models...I just want a glimpse on how the skirmish game will be implemented and supported. Please bring the balanced, supported tournament scene.
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