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    DariusAPB reacted to SirWillibald in 2.0 - possible campaign expansions?   
    while reading through the announcements, I stumbled over this:
    Could this even mean we'll see some sort of campaign expansion in the future? 
    I mean, you may have mixed feelings about the need to spend more money just to convert your collection or about the mandatory app, but FFG seems to have listened to some thoughts of the community and I can't believe they didn't notice the popularity of the Heroes of the Aturi Cluster and the bold part above makes me think that they intend to do something like that on their own. The possibilities seem to be vast...
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    DariusAPB reacted to Alpha17 in Well I’m not sure...   
    I've seen all of like 2 things about 2.0 I'm not sure I care for, but otherwise, I'm loving everything I see.  It's like the developers actually listened to what people were asking for. 
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    DariusAPB reacted to emmjay in 2E - My one pressing question   
    Looking at the video and release images I see new debris and asteroid markers.  For official events, will the 1E stuff be compatible with the new 2E system?
    (Its the little things that I want to know)
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    DariusAPB reacted to ForceSensitive in A New Case for Second Edition   
    I'm not vindictive about this... What are you talking about?
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    DariusAPB reacted to TheHumanHydra in X-wing 2.0: Only if you bought an Ace or a Veterans box you lost money.   
    A big reason I enjoy those is for the alternate paint schemes. They seemed to indicate they don't have plans to re-release those. I'd say that's reason enough to own them.
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    DariusAPB reacted to Sir Orrin in X-Wing 2nd edition announced   
    I would imagine the manuever templates and rage rulers are the same size, at least I hope so so I can use the ones I won at tournaments. 
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    DariusAPB reacted to redxavier in X-Wing 2nd edition announced   
    I'm of two minds about this. Some of the changes sound good, but I don't think they've gone far enough for a 2.0, considering the huge cost of buying in. Getting the conversion kits will net me (possibly many others too) a whole heap of useless stuff while not providing enough for the ships we do have. Two X-wings only. That's not even a full point squad, and indeed it doesn't look like they provide enough for any full squad of the same ship. And that's just talking about the dials and bases. What upgrade cards will be provided and more importantly how many? Unique cards are easy to replace, but what about if you have 4 Rookie Pilots, is the pack going to come with 4 Rookie Pilot cards to match that?
    I actually don't mind spending $100 to get into 2.0, but that's not going to be the reality. It's going to be more (I'll need at least 2 of each Rebel and Imperial packs) or a matter of finding required items on the secondary market (hey, looking on the bright side, the secondary market is going to flourish with this). It's more affordable to just buy the new stuff, especially if the new models are articulated.
    Anyhow, I don't much like the new card design either, sorry to say. There's so much empty space. I adore the artwork, and wished they moved more towards the direction of the alt cards with more art, not less.
    On a positive note, that the ST stuff is split from the OT stuff is the best bit of news for me. {please do this for Armada FFG!}
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    DariusAPB reacted to digitalbusker in X-Wing 2nd edition announced   
    It's impossible to be sure, but it looks like the templates are the same except for the addition of the central line for easier overlap resolution.
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    DariusAPB reacted to pyoinator in X-Wing 2nd edition announced   
    Nope! confirmed that the conversion kits have all the new 2.0 content in them
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    DariusAPB reacted to SpikeSpiegel in X-Wing 2nd edition announced   
    Ugh, I have a lot of 6+ of ships. This conversion's gonna hurt.
    I could admit that it's my own fault, but I don't want to.
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    DariusAPB reacted to Sithborg in X-Wing 2nd edition announced   
    And everyone rejoice, Horton has an EPT now. 
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    DariusAPB reacted to dadocollin in X-Wing 2nd edition announced   
    Three things:
    1. I admit I'm surprised they did this, but it's just another sign they're really listening to all the meta complaints.  They're changing a LOT, however, about the game.  How balanced can 2.0 really be out of the gate?
    2. I'm not thrilled at having to have an app to play the game.  One thing I like about board/miniatures games is being able to put down my phone.  It does solve some issues and gives a sanctioned squad builder, I get that, but I work with technology all day.  I want to play with plastic minis and cards.
    3. As I read through all the changes, I'm sure I'll come around.  I generally like change in the game.  But it's going to cost $190 just to buy in to 2.0, which stinks.  I know there's no way around this - they can't give the conversion kits away and it's nice they're making them. But it still stinks.
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    DariusAPB reacted to Jadotch in X-Wing 2nd edition announced   
    I will most likely need 2 for each faction .... Sigh ... 
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    DariusAPB reacted to Phoenix5454 in X-Wing 2nd edition announced   
    oh god... I have so many ships.... im going to go broke buying conversion kits...
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    DariusAPB got a reaction from Cade Bulkin in X-Wing 2nd Edition Leaked?   
    So um...
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    DariusAPB reacted to RunnerAZ in X-Wing 2nd edition announced   
    How many am I going to have to buy. 
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    DariusAPB reacted to FTS Gecko in Age of Turret Wing....what's a poor fighter pilot to do?   
    You think that's bad?  What about a zero agility ship routinely shrugging off 3 dice attacks?
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    DariusAPB reacted to GrimmyV in Don't nerf tlt.   
    Y-wings never sucked, you take that back!  Ion turrets were the first turrets and Y-wings were the first control ships!  Then Stress bot and BTL-A4 dropped and STRESS HOGG was born!  TLT just made a good thing even better for just one point.  And don’t forget Horton, TLT is tailor made for him but his alpha strike builds with Chimps were nothing to sneeze at.  But then I’m THE Horton fanboy.  
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    DariusAPB reacted to Hobojebus in Don't nerf tlt.   
    Empire has only just got a platform that can use it, so of course it'll get nerfed.
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    DariusAPB reacted to GrimmyV in Let’s think of ways to hurt the Rebels.   
    This sounds similar to my proposal of an Imperial Acclamaitor in the outer rim fighting scum and keeping the peace in the most lawless parts of the galaxy using outdated fighters and such like V-19s.  As the rebellion starts up they finally get resupplied with TIEs, a turning point in their story.  But I sure wouldn’t have the crew split between being loyal to the Empire or not.  It’s more fun if they believed in the good and justice of their side.
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    DariusAPB reacted to impspy in Let’s think of ways to hurt the Rebels.   
    A pity EA didn't have the guts to keep its BF II protagonists Imperials.
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    DariusAPB reacted to Celestial Lizards in Let’s think of ways to hurt the Rebels.   
    Make the T-65 fix "Imperial Only."
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    DariusAPB reacted to kris40k in WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY SHIP!   
    After Elan Sleazebaggano, I am completely unflappable when it comes to Star Wars character names.
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    DariusAPB reacted to LagJanson in WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY SHIP!   
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    DariusAPB reacted to Captain Lackwit in N-1 Naboo Starfighter for X-Wing   
    If anything, that DLC proved just how durable ships are past their "prime". Loved that to pieces. What's cooler is that you were taking these things on in a T-65 while your daughter flew a T-70.

    Jinta Security was ridiculously well armed, but absolutely every single thing they used was outdated either moderately, or severely.
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