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  1. Yeah I mean, I want to be negative about it as i don't want to spend so much on conversion kits, but it looks like they are fixing the key problems with the game so....
  2. This is also my biggest query.
  3. To me it looks like a sharper remake. I am VERY interested.
  4. That looks like a new re-done TIE Advanced too? or am I imagining it. My big question is can I use my old templates. I mean I get that damage decks are obsolete, but i liked having 4+ sets of templates.
  5. Yeah even I'm skeptical of the Solo movie, and compared to hobo I'm a regular reservoir of optimism.
  6. Speaking if which... Motion to name Crimson Leader "Caboose" or "Teamkilling fucktard". He earned it.
  7. Interdictors are canon now. Mass/gravity causing hyperdrives to shut down would work. Unless the hyperdrive has been modified to have the safeties removed of course. OH look, see a way around it. Why not both indeed. Regarding the old EU. There was a lot of great stuff in there, but there was a lot of ****. Indestructable stormtrooper armour, ridiculous planet killers, the vong... It needed to be restarted.
  8. Regarding TLJ the biggest issue I have is the scene with the kamikaze attack, and all sound goes. Star Wars is a space fantasy that has made a point to get exactly nothing about space correct, why start now???? The hyperspace attack is easily handwaved by most fleets being near enough a planet to shut down hyperdrives with mass fields (a'la interdickeries). Don't care about Leia surviving vacuum, she was in the shield bubble, and I've ejected from an X-wing before... (and a TIE, and... just about everything). Just incase someone ******* about x-wing not being canon "PORKINS, EJECT" "I CAN HOLD IT...: Yeah, see that was in the first film too, in space, within explody proximity to a big *** battlestation. Fine with a bomber literally dropping bombs, the above TIE Bomber did just that. Plus, star wars CLEARLY has artificial gravity fields. ****, look at Red 1 crashing because his engines dieded in the first film. Fine With Vice Admiral Holdo not telling Poe the plan, he was demoted and most militaries don't just tell everyone the god damned plan. Bottom line: Star was was never, not even for the barest second about realism in any way. It's about pew pew pew, fwoosh, buzzzzz. And historically the EU was always bending over backwards to keep it's... idiosyncrasies aligned. The EU Novels (and some games) filled in the plot holes, and fleshed out all the universe The new EU will likely do it again. It just needs a decade or two.
  9. I also want to add that I felt more for 3 characters in this campaign than many, many in so many other games. And if 2 of these characters appear in TLJ if they die I riot.
  10. Well so I finished Ressurection/ First off Kudos for the game creators for a free DLC like that, it's a couple hours content, nothing mindblowing, and some will probably argue that it should have been in the game from the get go. Fair enough. Still, i'd happily pay for DLC story chapters like that. I won't give away any spoilers. Not even my feelings.
  11. Got it, enjoyed campaign, like that there will be free DLC chapters, love the new characters. Wish there were more Imperial content. Enjoy playing Arcade with my kids. I hope they port the other game modes over to arcade. I've played a lot of starfighter assault, generally wrecking face. I massively prefer the light side heroes todark side, I think the 2 Falcons suck ***, darth maul is terrible, Kylo Ren is barely passable and Fett is only good due to his AOE. On the other hand Luke, Yoda, Vader and especially Poe are AMAZING. Basically as a modern star wars game it's amazing, but hate the perpetual multiplayer focus. Want more coop modes.
  12. Given that my mind immediately went to the mission "missile boat diplomacy" from TIE Fighter... kinda is.
  13. I'd like some ability called shunt laser energy to shield, can't fire that turn, gain 1 shield token (up to maximum). But I can see why that wasn't done... The reason I want it of course is due to the original x-wing series.
  14. You know, this thread made me think. What if the X-W and T-F were super-points efficient, more so than any other ship (i mean the TF was there for a long while) But were very plain, didn't have the special stuff. (Again, TF) So then the X and TIE were the bread and butter of the two main factions, but special ships added their spin. Then we would see more of these "bread and butter" ships. The T/F was there, for the longest time. How many <somethingnasty>+miniswarms did we see? I myself made dozens! Bottom line I suppose is points reduce the x-wing! Basically, what if the X-wing was correctly balanced against the T/F in wave 1, and they kept that balance up till this very day?
  15. DariusAPB

    Jokes on you

    Honestly, I think random INBEFORE GUNBOAT's were the best. My favourite was when people were throwing shade at someones ARC170 forum thread, posting things like "they'll never release an ARC" And they did. I really enjoyed that. Other than that, the entire Gunboat thread. Hon. Mention at all times go to FTS Gecko and JBR7 Those, and about a dozen others to me constitute the heart and soul of this forum.
  16. Yeah they were added. As was atmospheric combat. I regret missing that.
  17. DariusAPB

    Force Friday

    You! Yes, You! Stop it, Stop being reasonable at once!
  18. You know, that would have been a funny joke last year...
  19. I'd agree that we kind of need the sentinel, and also agree that the original 90's DX-9 should have just been a sentinel, but here we are and the DX-9 is canon post legends (star wars comic anthem) So I really would like an official one. Until then, my unofficial one proxies as a shuttle.
  20. Captain Agrax... clearly. Personally I love the fractalsponge/steel grey gunboat. I know the red is the classic but paint will easily solve that.
  21. I dunno though, the ability to slam away and reload gives it a very different playstyle, at least potentially.
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