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  1. How can I have forgotten the Jawas. Will love to play an Jawa Armorer/ Soresu Def. slaying Conf droids! Utini for the win!!!!
  2. Lightsaber ClawSkill: LightsaberDamage: 5Crit: 2Range: EngagedEncumbrance: 2HP: 4Price: ( R ) 18,600Rarity: 10Special: Breach 1, Defensive 1, Linked 1, Sunder, Unwieldy 4 Treat it like the Temple Guard Lightsaber Pike in Keeping the Peace. When purchasing attachments for this weapon (including crystals)), each attachments costs double the listed price. This represents the fact that the double-bladed lightsaber generally requires two of each attachment (one for each blade). However, when installing and modding these attachments follow all normal rules. I would change the Unweildy to 4 as is the Guard Shoto. Like it!
  3. Updated my version, see first post.
  4. Side note from Wookieepedia: Owen Lars was a Human moisture farmer living on Tatooine. The son of Cliegg Lars, he became the step-brother of the Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker after his father married Shmi Skywalker. After Anakin became the Sith Lord Darth Vader, Owen and his wife Beru were given custody of his son Luke by Anakin's Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.
  5. Yeah, I guess you are right. I thought that since one of his talents called for Knowledge (Education) it made sense to have it as a class skill. Thanks guys.
  6. Shouldn't the Armorer additional class skill be Knowledge (Education) instead of Knowledge (Outer Rim)?
  7. Agreed. For me, it really captured the essence of episodes iv-vi. It was a worthy addition to the saga. Now I really want to play in that era!!!
  8. Well this is the kind of feedback I wanted to hear. I was toying with the idea of Iktotchi Ataru Striker/ Seer and wanted to see how useful was this talent. Thank you very much guys!
  9. Definitely different, but has a few similar talents. They share Mental Tools, Comprehend Technology, Imbue Item and Inventor, but the Armorer gets a lot of the armor related talents we've seen from other books (Armor Master and Improved Armor Master) as well as a new one (Supreme Armor Master, which lets you take strain to lower a received crit roll), and the ability to reinforce a weapon or armor with the Cortosis quality by committing force dice. It also has Lightsaber as a career skill along with Falling Avalanche and Saber Throw, which is very nice. Wow. That one sounds pretty freaking epic. When we tested it, I fell in love with this Spec. It's like they looked at the Jedi Knight class from The Old Republic and went "That; let's make that.". It has everything an aspiring SWTOR Jedi Knight could ask for. (Except maybe ranks in Parry and Reflect...) Looks like it would make a good Imperial Knight class as well... And Jensaarai!
  10. Based on the clarification, I would like to ask to all the players that had taken this talent, it is worth it?
  11. Quick question regarding the Quick Strike talent, the bonus that it provides, will only apply to the first round of combat, since it says: "against any target that has not yet acted in the encounter."
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