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  1. We might see future cards that synergize with the Enhanced X cards. For example, here’s an idea for Dr. Strange. What if his magic were represented by spell upgrade cards with Uses X. Then his Hero card power could be “Sorcerer Supreme - Action: Add a counter to an upgrade card. (Limit once per turn)”. That way, he can recharge either a spell or an Enhanced X card. I phrased it as upgrade, so that it can’t charge Med/Tac/Surveillance Teams. That is just one example of how future designs could interact with tokens, making the Enhanced X cards more useful.
  2. Wow, that sure makes this card less useful! I don’t know why the designers thought that it would have to be a Hero resource—mechanically or thematically.
  3. I may have undervalued this card’s usefulness to She-Hulk. One extra resource on a Hero form turn is pretty huge for her. I can envision a She-Hulk Aggression deck with the Hulk that could use Enhanced Awareness. You would try to include mostly physical resources in the deck, in order to maximize the Hulk. However, you want some mental resources for Superhuman Law Division, but not so many that you undermine the Hulk. A couple of Enhanced Awareness could provide a steady stream of mental resources while also improving your 4 card turns. It could be a thing. Edit: Nevermind, it does not work. See below.
  4. The following two cards have been spoiled from the upcoming Captain America and Ms. Marvel expansions: Enhanced Awareness 2 cost Upgrade Condition Uses (3 mental counters) Hero Resource: Exhaust Enhanced Awareness and remove 1 mental counter from it --> generate a [mental] resource. [mental] Enhanced Reflexes 2 cost Upgrade Condition Uses (3 energy counters) Hero Resource: Exhaust Enhanced Reflexes and remove 1 energy counter from it --> generate a [energy] resource. [energy] We can only assume that a third card in the set will come out in the Thor expansion, dealing with physical resources (Enhanced Strength?). So what is the point of these cards? You are using three resources (2 to play plus one on the card itself) to receive three resources, making it resource-neutral. On top of that, you are paying now for something later without receiving any interest, which is usually a bad investment. I have wracked my brain, and here are some reasons to play these cards: · Resource smoothing: After planning out your turn, sometimes you are one resource short of what you really want to do. At other times, you have one extra card that is of no use to you, and you discard it. These "Enhanced X" cards help to smooth out your turns, so that these little inefficiencies happen less often. · Mega-turn: Sometimes it is more valuable to save up for one big mega-turn. This can come with expensive cards (such as Gamma Slam, Nick Fury, Webbed Up) or synergy between multiple cards (such as wanting to use Lead from the Front, Avengers Assemble, Get Ready, etc. all in a single turn). It may be worth punting on a couple of earlier turns in order to set up a perfect mega-turn. · All-in on one resource type: Some heroes benefit from committing to a single resource type. In the short term, Iron Man and Captain Marvel may benefit from replacing Tenacity and/or Emergency with Enhanced Reflexes. Eventually, however, there will be more options for energy resources, and that will make Enhanced Reflexes less and less appealing. · All-in on one printed resource type, but may need a little of another: This is a very specific case, and it still might not be worth it. Imagine that you are trying to build an Iron Man deck with nothing but energy resources, in order to maximize Repulsor Blast. The problem is that Iron Man needs mental resources to power his Rocket Boots. Yes, you can do the trick where you spend your second Rocket Boots as a mental resource and then recover it with Stark Tower, but that has the weakness that you have to go to Alter Ego mode to do it. Here's another solution: all non-signature cards in your deck have printed energy icons, except for 1 or 2 Enhanced Awareness. On the one hand, you will not dilute your deck with mental resources too much. On the other hand, you can play one of these Enhanced Awareness cards to fuel your Rocket Boots for three turns (while removing a non-energy resource from your deck). · Buffer against upgrade hate: If you are facing a Villain with lots of upgrade hate, you can use these cards to protect your more valuable upgrades. Install "Enhanced X," and use it twice. Then leave it out with one token, so that you can discard it the next time you hit a nasty card that discards an upgrade. · Deck -thinning: Install one or more of these "Enhanced X" cards, use each one twice, and leave them on the table indefinitely. This will give you a thinner deck, in case that might be important to you. That is all that I could come up with. So, the question remains: are these benefits worth the opportunity cost? After all, deck slots can get tight, and there are other cards that could be more valuable. In particular, this card does not compete very well with many of the available economy options. I would be hard-pressed to replace Avengers Mansion, Helicarrier, or the double resource cards with "Enhanced X" in most decks. And at some point, you can have too many economy cards and not enough cards that actually do stuff. I remain skeptical. Maybe it will enable some interesting jank... So, what do you think?
  5. Yes, the allies are unique for the whole table (i.e. only one Hawkeye at a time for everyone at the table). We don’t know whether they will release characters as allies and as heroes. However, if they handle it like Lord of the Rings LCG, we can expect hero versions of the allies eventually. In that game, they expect each gaming group to work it out among themselves, so that there are no duplicates. I wonder whether they might have a better solution for this game.
  6. My Pathfinders are ready to go. I went with a mostly-canonical paint scheme with a few small variations to taste. I had to mix lots of colors to get decent matches. Here is what I used (all paints Vallejo): 3:1 mix of Iraqi Sand and German Medium Camo Brown (mostly undershirts, gloves, top of helmets) 3:1 mix of German Medium Camo Brown and Iraqi Sand (mostly pants, coat of bearded guy) German Medium Camo Brown (brown on Bistan, beards) 1:1 mix of German Medium Camo Brown and Black (boots, sergeant's jacket) 1:1:1 mix of Andrea Blue, Blue Gray, and Dark Gray (jackets, rims on helmets, blue on Bistan, various details) Various mixes of Gunmetal Gray and Silver (weapons) Everything was washed in Agrax Earthshade, except for the weapons, which were washed in Nuln Oil.
  7. For the T-47, I wanted to give it a WWII vibe. After much thought (and consulting my kids), I settled on a color scheme inspired by the Spitfire in desert camo: Here is what we came up with. The camo pattern consists of German Beige Camo and a 3:1 mix of Flat Earth and Uniform Green. The under-side is Blue Grey and Deck Tan. My older daughter painted much of the top-side, and my younger daughter painted much of the under-side. I did lots of touch-ups, and then I shaded, highlighted, and weathered the snot out of it. I am very happy with how it came out. There is some room for improvement (for example, my windows are nothing special, and the stripe in front is crooked), but it should be a nice centerpiece of an army.
  8. I am in favor of reprints (assuming that they make up only 1-5 cards per pack). Beyond the improvement in accessibility, there is another benefit that is worth mentioning. I played a lot of Netrunner (RIP), and I liked to play a variety of different decks. However, it can be a pain to constantly tear down and rebuild those decks, so I tried to have about 3 different Runner decks and 3 different Corp decks built at any given time. However, I did not have enough of the staple cards to have that many decks built, even though I owned multiple core sets. So, I had to trade cards between those decks, which could be a headache to keep track of. I had to make little note cards that said which cards needed to be taken from another deck. If I could have bought more copies of the most common staple cards (e.g. Hedge Fund, Dirty Laundry, Daily Casts, etc.) for a reasonable price, I would have done so gladly. Some people bought the champion decks for just that purpose. For people who want to have multiple decks built and ready to go at a moment's notice, it is a boon to own more than a play-set of the staple cards. I would actually be willing to pay slightly more for packs with reprints than for packs without. Thank you, FFG. And please do not throw away your reprints--another gamer may want them.
  9. The rest of my droids are finished. First, the imperial med droids: My daughter did the green one while I did the orange one. Which is your favorite color scheme? And the evil ones, too. Now, we are working on painting my T-47, which I have owned since the game was first released but never painted. Part of it was that I wanted it to be really cool (and I wasn't confident in my skills), and part of it was that the T-47 was not very competitive (not that I play very competitively). But now the time has come, and I hope to have something to show off soon.
  10. After taking a break for a couple of months, I have returned to painting my Legion armies. Today, I have the Rebel medical droids. I think that these models are really pleasing to paint. They are textured in such a way that the details really pop with just a little bit of skill and effort.
  11. Here is a post-Father's Day update. I worked side-by-side with my 8-year-old daughter on these two. I painted Krennic, and she did Jyn (I did touch-ups and highlights for her). I am very proud of both of the results.
  12. Thank you for the kind words. As promised, here is Palpatine and the Imperial Royal Guards. As you can see, I went for a slightly alternate color scheme, making the Guards' body suits black instead of dark red/purple-ish. I think that it works well--makes the robes look bolder. I really like how the Guards came out. I am not sure that I can exactly replicate my technique, because I did it is a round-about way with some improvising. In short, I primed in pure black. Then, I painted the robes in Vallejo Heavy Red with three thin coats. At this point, it was still pretty dark. Then, I washed it in Nuln Oil (which made it really dark). Then, I highlighted it with increasing mixtures of Heavy Red and pure white, for four total layers. This left the figures looking rather pink-ish. Then, I created a glaze out of the Heavy Red and Glaze Medium, which I painted thinly over the whole model. This was the vital step, because it made the red really pop, but you could still see highlights and shadows through the glaze. Then, I did some touch-ups with the base tone. I probably could simplify the process--I just kept trying things until it worked.
  13. I painted up the humanoid portion of my Specialist packs. Here are my Rebel Officers. As you can see, I modded one to be a Cerean. I shaved down the head and sculpted the features out of Green Stuff (see earlier post). I painted it up, but I didn't like how it turned out, so I added more Green Stuff. This made him look fat and jowly, so I shaved it down with a hobby knife and sanded it. Then I painted the face again, and this time it looked decent, in my opinion. Here are my Rebel Comm Techs. I painted them to match my Rebel Veterans (when they come out), since I feel that there will be great synergy with those squads. I made one of them a Chiss to add some variety to my army. The Imperial Officers were pretty fun to paint, except for their faces. Goodness, that is a weird sculpt! I finally just put their eyes in heavy shadow, since they are wearing a cap. I can't decide if I am satisfied, but I really don't want to spend any more time tinkering with it. Finally, the Imperial Comm Techs were super easy to paint, and I think that they came out alright. Next up: Palpatine and the Imperial Royal Guards.
  14. Here is my 1.4 FD. I tried to add a few cool details--an orange glow from the generator and panels, some rocks made of left-over foam, and a single red wire running to the generator. The uniform color scheme, which I plan to use for Rebel Veterans eventually, included the following colors (Vallejo paints): hat and gloves are 3:1 Iraqi Sand and Camo Medium Brown; jacket and goggle rims are 1:1 Andrea Blue and Dark Grey; pants, bandannas, and goggles are Blue Grey; boots, backpacks, and belts are Camo Mediuim Brown; washed with Agrax Earthshade.
  15. My next project is the Specialists. I have been doing some conversions again, and so here is my Cerean Rebel officer.
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