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  1. Here is a post-Father's Day update. I worked side-by-side with my 8-year-old daughter on these two. I painted Krennic, and she did Jyn (I did touch-ups and highlights for her). I am very proud of both of the results.
  2. Thank you for the kind words. As promised, here is Palpatine and the Imperial Royal Guards. As you can see, I went for a slightly alternate color scheme, making the Guards' body suits black instead of dark red/purple-ish. I think that it works well--makes the robes look bolder. I really like how the Guards came out. I am not sure that I can exactly replicate my technique, because I did it is a round-about way with some improvising. In short, I primed in pure black. Then, I painted the robes in Vallejo Heavy Red with three thin coats. At this point, it was still pretty dark. Then, I washed it in Nuln Oil (which made it really dark). Then, I highlighted it with increasing mixtures of Heavy Red and pure white, for four total layers. This left the figures looking rather pink-ish. Then, I created a glaze out of the Heavy Red and Glaze Medium, which I painted thinly over the whole model. This was the vital step, because it made the red really pop, but you could still see highlights and shadows through the glaze. Then, I did some touch-ups with the base tone. I probably could simplify the process--I just kept trying things until it worked.
  3. I painted up the humanoid portion of my Specialist packs. Here are my Rebel Officers. As you can see, I modded one to be a Cerean. I shaved down the head and sculpted the features out of Green Stuff (see earlier post). I painted it up, but I didn't like how it turned out, so I added more Green Stuff. This made him look fat and jowly, so I shaved it down with a hobby knife and sanded it. Then I painted the face again, and this time it looked decent, in my opinion. Here are my Rebel Comm Techs. I painted them to match my Rebel Veterans (when they come out), since I feel that there will be great synergy with those squads. I made one of them a Chiss to add some variety to my army. The Imperial Officers were pretty fun to paint, except for their faces. Goodness, that is a weird sculpt! I finally just put their eyes in heavy shadow, since they are wearing a cap. I can't decide if I am satisfied, but I really don't want to spend any more time tinkering with it. Finally, the Imperial Comm Techs were super easy to paint, and I think that they came out alright. Next up: Palpatine and the Imperial Royal Guards.
  4. Here is my 1.4 FD. I tried to add a few cool details--an orange glow from the generator and panels, some rocks made of left-over foam, and a single red wire running to the generator. The uniform color scheme, which I plan to use for Rebel Veterans eventually, included the following colors (Vallejo paints): hat and gloves are 3:1 Iraqi Sand and Camo Medium Brown; jacket and goggle rims are 1:1 Andrea Blue and Dark Grey; pants, bandannas, and goggles are Blue Grey; boots, backpacks, and belts are Camo Mediuim Brown; washed with Agrax Earthshade.
  5. My next project is the Specialists. I have been doing some conversions again, and so here is my Cerean Rebel officer.
  6. I painted a pair of E-Webs. The gunners are the same colors as my previous Snowtroopers. I tried to add a green glow to the little dome on the generator. Here are some updated photos of my complete painted armies:
  7. So the Shoretroopers are identical to the Mk I Clones, except for different keywords (and a Training slot). That seems pretty nice.
  8. I got my Scout Troopers painted up. There's nothing too unusual here--maybe when I get a second unit, I will try an alternate paint scheme. Also, on a side note, my 2nd grade daughter has been my constant helper throughout this process. She has probably had some contribution to about half of my figures. She is making a diorama about Ben Franklin for school, and so she decided that she wanted to put her miniature painting skills to use. I found a Ben Franklin look-a-like from Perry Miniatures, and she went to work. This is entirely her doing. I am so proud. He's a little small, but maybe we could squeeze him in as a Rebel Commander.
  9. If that’s the case, then the Venator is confirmed as well. It’s right there on the box!
  10. I want to know why the Smoke Grenades seen in the Clones pack are not in the Upgrade Card pack. We Original Trilogy players want Smoke Grenades, too.
  11. That speeder can get really expensive if you deck it out as a Christmas tree. I imagine that it will do better with one or two key upgrades. This means that you have to specialize—it can be a commander transport, tank-hunter, or mobile infantry killer, but not all of those.
  12. I have two new units ready to go. First of all, here are the Snowtroopers. I always see the color of the cloth of the Snowtroopers' armor as light grey rather than khaki or tan, so I went with that. The armor was painted with ivory, and the cloth with a 1:1 mix of ivory and deck tan. Then I shaded everything with highly diluted Nuln Oil, and I highlighted the armor with ivory and pure white. I am mostly happy with the results. I also painted my Commandos. I decided to go with a camo scheme inspired by WWII autumn splinter camouflage. The cloaks have a base of deck tan with splotches of flat earth and a dark green (mixed from US uniform green and dark grey) and some dashes of dark grey. I think that they are quite striking.
  13. With that awesome save (red + surge) and high price-per-wound, the Death Troopers seem ideal for healing with a medbot. I could see running each DT unit paired with a healer corp. The DTs would benefit from the healing, and if you took the DT leader, the corp would benefit from Compel.
  14. So, the heavy weapon for the Death Troopers is a supercharged DLT. You are paying 10 extra points over the standard Stormtrooper DLT for an extra white dice and a more durable body. That seems strong. With the Focused Fire config, a unit of these can toss 2 red, 4 black, and a white (with suppressive, impact 1, and surge-to-hit) at range 4! That is an incredible long-range unit.
  15. This was changed in the latest rule update. Now droids can repair any vehicle.
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