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  1. KMitchell

    The app?

    Starter decks don't have a QR code, probably can't be scanned / entered
  2. Check the FFGOP Twitter feed - they were posting links there
  3. Any official FFG Product is legal in a tournament setting - At any event where FFG/Asmodee are present, they tend to use the English language cards for any rulings (you sometimes find a translation error in the foreign language cards). The Damage Deck is the biggest challenge, but we had a translation breakdown for the European System Opens and I'm working on one for 2nd edition
  4. @Mrmrsd - Store Championship kits are part of an official Tournament Track, and need to be run in a specific manner. You could definitely do what you've suggested with the Seasonal / Quarterly kits though
  5. From what I've heard, each "Day 1" is around 100 people. anyone with at least 4 wins moves on to day 2
  6. After 6 rounds, any player with 5 or more wins progresses to Stage 3 - I believe we had 55 players with at least 5 wins at the end of day 1. To get to a top 32, an initial elimination round was played (don't remember how many), with some buys for those with a larger MoV.
  7. Surface Pro 3 - i5/8mb/256gb Touch controls don't appear to be working on my Surface Pro 3 - have tried it with "Tablet mode" both on and off, with keyboard attached / detached and mouse connected / disconnected (and the variety of combinations therein)
  8. Thank you for the detailed reply
  9. I curious, how does it lead to uneven fields?
  10. Nordic Nationals 2017: 108 Players (Working on getting the lists together at the moment) Winner: Tobias Vallin - Dash and Miranda - 100ptsDash - HLC, Outrider Title, Lone Wolf and Rey.Miranda - Adv. Slam, TLT, Bomlet generator, Cluster Mines, Sabine Wren and Extra Munitions. Runner Up: Maciej Rzepinske - Magic Carpet Ride (4x auzitucks, Wookiee Commandos) Top 4: Tommy Byø - OP3? Top 4: Jan-Joel Salo - FSR OG Top 8: Kris Mitchell - Dash and Miranda - 100pts (only player to go 6-0 in Swiss) Dash - HLC, Outrider Title, Lone Wolf and Rey, snuggling compartment and Rigged Cardgo Chute.Miranda - Adv. Slam, TLT, Ion bombs, Cluster Mines, Sabine Wren and Extra Munitions. Top 8: Guido Kessels - OP3 Top 8: Kasper Scharling - Paratanni? Top 8: Krzysztot Trojanowski - Rey/Miranda Looking at top 16 as well Top 16: Johan Nilsson - FSR 2.0 Top 16: Lasse Kiilerich - Cruise N'Dru, Cruise Nym, Fenn Rau Top 16: Paul Bridge - Lohrick w/Rey, 2x Auzitucks w/ tactician, predator, barrel roll Top 16: Marko Tammelin - Jess w/bb8 +tarn w/m9g8 +rookie w/r3a2 +2x bandit Top 16: Andreas Olson - TLT Kanan / Biggs
  11. Just trying to collate a top 16 list from Nordics
  12. KMitchell

    X-Wing is dead

    Just came back from the Nordic Nationals 2017 - It was their busiest year yet. So yep. definitely dying.
  13. Wasn't able to watch much of day one as I was travelling to Nordics, but day two was much better.
  14. The stream is a little choppy at the moment, but they're looking into it
  15. Livestream is up for day 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VrRYajKUzo
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