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  1. It's also worth mentioning that SLC would have no effect in this scenario. SLC only prevents damage by an ATTACK. Area Effect is a card effect not an ATTACK. It's also why you can't indomitable AE damage.
  2. What did I miss?! Stupid need for sleep!
  3. Also if you're in the UK and you want to keep up to date with UK based events / news there's also the Warhammer 40K: Conquest Living Card Game UK/IRL group on Facebook!
  4. Out of interest where are you guys based?
  5. If you're on Facebook check out: https://www.facebook.com/groups/40klcgukirl/ There's a player map to help find local players
  6. Dark Sphere in London are holding a Star Wars games day on Monday May 4th, part of which is a Star Wars LCG tournament with prize support being the Spring Game Night Kit. It would be good to celebrate Star Wars days with some new decks and general gaming fun! https://www.facebook...02378063326959/
  7. Information on the regionals for the UK! If you've got information on a regional event or you're running one comment in the thread and I will keep this post updated! Guys that Game, Stoke-on-Trent, on 26th April. Start time: 11am. Tickets available here. Settlers, Hamilton, Scotland on Sunday 26th April, Start Time: 11:30am for 12pm start. More details here. Rayleigh, Essex on 2nd May @ The Sweyne School, Start Time: TBC (but not before 11am). Price £7.50 on the day. Harlequin's shop, 52 Manchester Road, Preston, Lancashire PR1 3YH on 2nd May at 10:30am for 11:30am Start. Price: £10. Details here. Comic Culture, Lincoln, on 16th May. Details here.
  8. This is the best looking squad I've flown against...I'm using that as the reason I beached (twice) and destroyed Echo! I think if the A-Wings had come in as a fighter screen I would have lost more TIEs earlier on as they would have blocked my formation and given the YT free reign with it's HLC on them. I'd love to give it a re-match sometime though once I have some more experience with the Phantom, and you've settled on this list?
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