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  1. I've just printed a Razor Crest but yours is fantastic i'd like to join the band wagon to get an STL file to print please thanks FBJ
  2. I've just bought 2 ships for x-wing 2.0 1 had misprinted parts and the other damage in Australia the ACCC Laws clearly state that it is the manufacturers responsibility to replace not the retailer I've sent them an email with photo proof of the issues I hope they can work out a solution FBJ
  3. i had a problem with them with the new ghost and the peg they did post the replacement but it took ages why not just print a replacement dial from this post from last november and be done with it
  4. i remember when you used to be able to ask a question in this forum and get answers rather than personal attacks Admins please delete this topic thanks FBJ
  5. Yet again FFG make players in Australia say FFS not only do you hike up the prices over here compared to the rest of the world you systematically leave us out i was hesitant about 2.0 and future releases anyway But this solidifies why you are not getting my money anymore
  6. So since the T65 has been upgraded with opening and closing s-foils would it be logical to think that the starviper could also benefit from this type of upgrade ? since the ship does have folding wings the u-wing has it, the new T65 has it what else could use this ? Just a thought FBJ ?
  7. Yeah you’re right it will cost me a lot to upgrade yes it’s my fault I own my failures Maybe i wanted to replace my Star Wars collection I had as a kid that was given away by my family But because I didn’t want to photocopy cards or print them out at home just to get enough of the specific cards I needed to be able to field the build I wanted I purchased heavily I ultimately realised this and for my local league fielded 4 blue b-wing and a z95 (bbbbz) No upgrades nothing and I won the league because I learnt to fly really well but if FFG offered an upgrade system to get replacement cards for your original purchases at a sensible cost I’d be happy what we’re all those purchase tokens for (either card or cut out) if not for this possible solution ? i collected them all What for ? Fun ? It just seems like the distribution of cards for each con kit could’ve softened the blow ok I have a crazy collection but I don’t have 2 ghosts or 2 of each rebel phantoms and yeah loads of T65 x-wings but only 2 sets in the con kit ? I just wish FFG had given more thought about what their loyal players would need rather than here’s the basic and buy as much as you need but I suppose that’s what they do that’s why I will buy the app, work out what I really need then buy the con kits as required, probably buy from eBay single items to get a “full” set without having loads of cards left over I will never need or use (like I already have) My original post was to encourage people to show how much they had invested This has obviously backfired and it’s broken down into the usual 2.0 moaning thread that is my mistake not buying loads of ships to play a game From something I love
  8. Well no I “clearly” can’t afford to buy the upgrade for what’s needed for my ships Yeah I agree I have a serious collection, and I won’t be able to buy into x-wing like this in future But, since when has my charitable contributions got anything to do with my hobby ? May i politely ask you what do you do for your local community? Do you help out in a soup kitchen ? Spend time with the homeless? Maybe you give your time to talk with the elderly personally I volunteer for an emergency service, I carry a pager and respond when required but what’s that got to do with x-wing ?
  9. I don’t have this amount of disposable income I’ve worked and saved hard to be able to get a good collection and I’m in Australia and this costs a fair few dollars over here, it’s not cheap to play I understand that people will think .. so you have the cash to get all of that then TS and stop moaning I’m not really moaning just highlighting why some of us aren’t that impressed with contents of the 2.0 con kits its an honest opinion, i’m Not trying to change anyone view point here
  10. I mix it up and fly either whole builds of one type or a mixture always wanted to field the lot in a massive epic game with maybe waves of ships but haven’t had a 7 days in a row free to play it ?
  11. Hi Ok I get that i’ll have some people moaning about ‘not another whinge about 2.0’ but i’m someone who has invested heavily into the game since the start i’m also someone who will have to upgrade here is my collection. I think the old adage “a picture paints a thousand words” is valid So why not show FFG what some of us not happy about feel free to add your photos of your collection to show them what we mean FBJ
  12. Ok here’s my view yes I like the idea and possibly some of the changes but being in Australia this is going to seriously cost me (just check the prices of what ships already cost us) I have all factions with a crazy number of each ship I also have 2 of each epic ship but only one Tantive IV in my case it’s going to cost me 2 con packs (good name)for each and 1 box set (I already bought 3 original and 3 updated) But I don’t know if this will be enough to field my ships I own so So.. I’ll wait for the app Work out how much I’m going to have to spend then fork out a F##king load of cash to just play again I knew some senior people at games workshop in the uk and this would be a bad idea even for them and they are monsters when it comes to cash grabs FFG need to release the app ASAP and then state exactly what will be in each box im not going to be happy to buy multiple con kits only to find I need to rebuy one of each ship to get the other pilots etc in summary a great idea but very badly managed FFG please get on the front foot and fix this
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