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  1. I’d be concerned about only having 9 activations. I’ve been reticent about going less than 10. Deathtroopers are going to force it I think. The meta around me doesn’t have a lot of difficult terrain so all those Environmental Gear cards look very superfluous to me. Ditto for the Emergency Stims. Those points could be better spent.
  2. About to use Vader for the first time (been using Veers). With Force Choke it seems I can target a heavy weapon trooper in a unit and kill him directly. That how people play it? “Choose an enemy trooper mini at range 1 that is not a commander. It suffers one wound.”
  3. Since I haven’t seen much of it... Thanks for all your work. The busy, lazy, technically-challenged among us appreciate your time and efforts.
  4. I missed these at first, but all of the Adversary decks are great. I use OggDude's tools to create all my encounters, including the various npcs, critters, important adversaries, etc. I use the Adversary cards when my PCs INEVITABLY go so far off track I have no material in my notes.
  5. First, give yourself an inward cheer that your players are acting smart and running when they should be. MY players would stand their ground and "hope for some good rolls" if faced with a battalion of elite storm troopers, AT-ST support, TIE air cover, rancor cavalry and a squad of Darth Vaders. If you're concerned it might be too easy to run, give the enemy a chance to cut them off from their preferred escape route. Don't make it impossible to escape, unless a capture is necessary to the story. Consider the detention block scene in A New Hope: The reinforcements cut off their only escape route so they improvised and went down the garbage chute. As for what range to start the chase, pick the range where there's a majority of the enemies or players. If most of the players are at medium, and one is engaged, then the enemy around that one guy are caught unprepared and he gets to his friends before everyone else gives chase. If the majority of enemy are at range, while only a couple are close, begin at range again, and let the close guys wait for their friends before giving pursuit. Alternatively, you can have your players give covering fire or some such to let the engaged guy escape, THEN begin the chase as a group.
  6. All the pilots after Howlrunner and Youngster were chosen for somewhat useful abilities. Backstabber gets an extra attack die if he's outside the Defender's arc. But you're right about coordinating their movement with such a mix of pilot skills. I hadn't considered that.
  7. Opinions on this all-TIE build? Ways to improve (but still keeping with all TIEs)? 100 Points 21 - Howlrunner, Hull Upgrade 16 - Backstabber 16 - Dark Curse 21 - Youngster, Marksmanship, Hull Upgrade 14 - Wampa 12 - Academy Pilot
  8. Thanks for all the replies. Looks like I'll pick up the TFA Core Set next instead of 3 TIE/fo expansions (I already have 1). With a little luck, maybe I can trade the T-70 and Rebel cards for a 4th TIE/fo, or at least a discount on one.
  9. Do I need to buy the TFA Core Set for the TIE/fo stuff or can I get it all just by buying TIE/fo expansions? I don't run Rebels so the T-70 would just be given away. I suppose new obstacles would be fun, and I've heard the new damage deck is more kind. But I don't know if it's worthwhile to get the new Core Set over using the same money for expansions.
  10. The Imperial-class Star Destroyer is arguably the most iconic ship in Star Wars, certainly from the Imperial side. It's definitely a powerful ship in Wave 2, with lots of great options. Is it essential? Of course not. But... is it good enough that you won't see competitive lists without one? I've seen people running Rebel lists without an MC80 post-Wave 2, but pretty much everyone Imperial is running at least one ISD, and many running two. 400pts leaves a lot of room for fun. 2 Vics, 2 Glads and a Raider, or 3 Vics and 2 Glads, or VGGRR, some with squadrons, some without. With an ISD we're almost always looking at 3-4-ship lists, mostly 3. Do these seem viable or are the ISDs a superior replacement in almost all cases?
  11. Only faced Ackbar once so far, and was extremely leery of those side arcs on Home One and the pair of MC30s. Admiral Screed definitely had to fudge some of his repair budget reports, but he DID survive the battle. I didn't have an ISD (because I DON'T fudge my budget reports) so I took a pair of Victory Is, Gladiator IIs, Dengar, Howlrunner, Interceptors and a TIE. Ackbar's squadrons self-destructed (COUNTER 4 made my opponent's eyes about as big and round as Ackbar's). My Vic's went down one side, which just about slagged the lead Vic. Squadrons hit it on the nose and the Gladiators went after the MC30s (didn't go particularly well, ACMs helped but it's not as fair a fight as the points might suggest). We were playing Contested Outpost, so keeping my ships in the center, soaking fire, with Engineering dials almost every turn gave me a lot of extra VP. When Home One finally went boom, my surviving Vic and Gladiator grabbed the last turn's worth of points. My squadrons really ripped up the MC30s, which was a surprise to all including spectators.
  12. Date: 30 November, 2015 Location: Pontiac/Detroit, Michigan, USA Have (all ships include everything from the blister): 2x A-Wing 2x Y-Wing 3x X-Wing (T-65, one from original Core set) Millennium Falcon Rebel Transport HWK-290 (unopened) Want (complete package please, though an occasional missing token is ok): Imperial Aces Set TIE Punisher Force Awakens Core Set (minus the T-70 is fine)
  13. I'm looking to sell off my Rebels (to buy more Imperials of course). They're all older waves, A-Wings, Y-Wings, X-Wings (T-65), the Freighter, and the Falcon (maybe, it's a nice model for the cabinet). What is a good asking price for the model, cards, upgrades, and all tokens? 50% retail? Less? Depends on model? Do models sell better separate from cards, then sell the cards?
  14. Thought I'd necro this thread seeing as the main thread is at 260 pages (and counting). Oggdude's work on the Character generator is amazing. Super high-quality, wonderfully useful, feature rich, tuned to users, etc. And even after 260 pages he is STILL answering questions and bug reports promptly, courteously and completely, fixing and changing things as quick as he can. Really, he doesn't get enough praise. Seriously, take Oggdude's Character Generator and GM Tools out of the mental picture for a moment: what would your campaign be like? I bet your answer had the words "not as..." in there somewhere.
  15. So, basically, your rule number two is "No newbies?" This seems like a less than workable rule, as someone who hosts local tournaments. On at least two occasions we've increased our total number of players by roping in Armada players who just happened to be at the store that day and didn't know about the tournament. Afterward in nearly every case they've become more active players in the community who speak very highly of being included in a tournament right off the bat. Locally, we simply set up early and provide easy to fill out fleet lists for players to turn in before pairings are assigned. As a player, I would be PISSED if I showed up to a tournament ready to play and the TO turned me away because I didn't meet some arbitrary personal rule that isn't included in the official FFG tournament rules. In fact, I'd take it straight to FFG to see what they thought about the TO telling players they couldn't even compete despite meeting ALL of the official requirements. EDIT: I understand the temptation to take steps against list "scouting" but honestly... this speaks more to the shallowness of local meta than anything else. Scouting lists in this game is pointless unless everyone brought the same exact type of build. So long as the person is playing the same list all day, what do I care if he tried to tailor his list to beat some particular person? In my experience, the person who wins a game of Armada is the player with more experience and a better plan, not someone who tried to min-max. In fact, we had this happen at one local tourney. A player specialized his list to beat mine. Sure, he beat me. He then lost to EVERYONE else. Self correcting problem. If the rule about the lists was clearly posted in any advertisement about the tourney, it would be reasonable to expect that. You said you'd be pissed if you showed up "ready to play" and got turned away. But "ready to play" means complying with the tournament rules, some of which may be established by the local TO. So long as those rules don't conflict with FFGs rules, that should be fine. In other games, I've seen people show up at a tournament without a list. They were definitely list-scouting or unprepared. In one personal case, their list wasn't legal by the tournament rules, but nobody verified it (more the fault of the TO/store running the tourney). One thing that hasn't been mentioned is casual versus competitive play levels. At a casual tourney (locally scheduled for a seasonal kit for example), I wouldn't expect much out of the players besides showing up with the ability to play a legal list (even if they make it up on the spot, borrow ships or cards, etc.). At competitive level events, like Massing at Sullust and Store Championships, I think expecting more from the players in preparation is reasonable. I don't know how FFG would feel about the list rule, but I think that as long as it is clear to any potential players well in advance, no one should complain.
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