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  1. A slightly blurry version of Mbweha (Ben) talks about two important elements of turn 0 planning in Star Wars Legion.
  2. Mbweha (Ben) teaches a strange but effective opening strategy in Star Wars Legion. https://youtu.be/FtbI24VZFrk
  3. I'm glad you liked it! I do hope to do an FD Cannon at some point, yes. And I agree about the Mk2. Having only range 3 and 3 health is a hard thing to balance, I think. I'll have to figure it out a bit more myself before I give anyone advice about it.
  4. "That one's GARBAGE!" -Rey, TFA New episode of The Playbook up, featuring the iconic T-47 Airspeeder. Come check it out! https://youtu.be/OQopwExm24Y
  5. Hello Legion Lovers, My name is Mbweha (Ben), and I'm one fifth of Team Relentless, which is a collection of Star Wars: Legion players who are dedicated to success at high levels of competitive play through growth, innovation, and sportsmanship. We've recently launched our first YouTube series: The Playbook. Each episode of The Playbook is less than ten minutes, and focuses on doing just one thing in Legion very well. The first three videos (74-Z Speeder Bikes, Winning the Sniper War, and Death Troopers) are up now. I hope you'll check them out and learn something new! Thanks, Mbweha (Ben)
  6. Same question. We've been playing that if a hideout with a power card clears, the power card is returned to Dracula. However, I think that it would be more balanced if power cards were never cleared, and they had to naturally slide off the sixth space in order to be returned to Dracula. The most over-powered example of this is I've seen is if Dracula uses Wolf Form to move to a location adjacent to a hunter, then the hunter moves to Dracula's location, then Dracula uses Escape as Bat, we've been playing that when you clear Dracula's current location that he gets Wolf Form back into his hand. This allows him to use Wolf Form two turns in a row, in addition to Bat Form (6 movement in two turns). Seems like this is very unbalanced, but I can't find anything in the rules to disallow it.
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