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  1. Indeed, it's a Guerilla / Close Quarters Battle regiment from a Post-Apocalyptic World with a Sanguine commander and the Iconoclast drawback. My biggest concern with the Sergeant now is that, while he might be a force multiplyer, he does not have all that many forces to multiply, if you understand me. Not to mention we are entirely without medical support, though at least with the Sanguine commander we get the Die Hard trait.
  2. I've got a bit of a conundrum regarding an Only War game I'm in - it's a very small group, three players and a GM, and the other two players are a Weapons Specialist with a Melta Gun and a Tech Priest who wants to grow up to be a literal tank one day, and there's a silent Storm Trooper NPC to add extra punch if needed. The question is - what sort of character should I be making? We obviously are lacking a commanding officer type, but I'm not all that certain as to whether I want to be making a Sergeant - I have heard things about them being kind of garbage. Could a leadership role be taken with another splat, like a Medic or a Heavy Gunner taking Command? (Comedy Option - Ogryn with Command. Sergeant Grumbles knows the score.) If not, what would you advise? There's not any limits on what can be picked in terms of Specialties, so at the moment I'm kind of spoiled for choice and concerned I will be running over a pitfall or something. Advice will be greatly appreciated.
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