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  1. One hour is more realistic en competitive play, but is 45 to 75 minutes in general with experimented players
  2. I do not understand why any Great Clan of Rokugan would have Goblin in his deckS. Thematically speaking is really weird to me, this bothers me deeply
  3. This release means that 4 months (approx), we will not have more packs right? I hope that is just to advance of the first cicle, but that doesn't means that the second cicle comes out early right! =S (Sorry my english)
  4. That symbol is the indicator that only can be one copy of that card in play at the same time (the limit in the deck is 3 copies like all other cards)
  5. Thanks but I have TTS and I know about mahois.fun xP, but is not the same, to the virtual experience I mean. Any way, is a great day for you, and rose a new game with this great setting!
  6. You are lucky, I live in Chile, and the game arrive early november u_u
  7. ban of Shadowlands in the LCG game! cross your fingers edited: Mantis is a clan that add a lot to the Lore of L5R, it makes sense in the story (not like another dark clan unnecessary ...)
  8. I have more concern about the force (power) count in the conflicts, with all the modifications in play. The counter in Tabletop Simulator is really great, I suppose that one D20 is a good aproach
  9. In base to this: "Custom dice mechanics enable players to contribute to the unfolding story and decide whether their character succeeds, by how much, and how much it will cost them." I think it's not GeneSys, but maybe they use other meanings for the same symbols (in the dice). Because this information is not available in the current GeneSys dice system
  10. Yes, Generic playmat with cards areas printed on it will be great!
  11. Please don't... In fact I'm out if that occur. Is a great game and lore with many histories between the clans, Shadowslands must be the common enemy, nothing more. Plus, the honor mecanism don't have sense with Shadowlands, this was a problem in the old L5R, when all the dishonored decks become useless (aka Scorpion).
  12. Spider is a nonsense, i hope never exist, was a terrible invention. "Look, I'm a great clan corrupt, muahahaha"
  13. Spider is a nonsense, i hope never exist, was a terrible invention. "Look, I'm a great clan corrupt, muahahaha"
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