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  1. Here it is!
  2. At Australian nationals, close to the end my opponent's Demo gets a shot on my ISD at the rear. I had two hull and two shields left on the rear . He rolls his four dice has gets 3 hit/crtis and one 1 hit, 7 in total. I activate Targeting scramblers and make him re-roll the doubles. He rolls all blanks. So from 7 hits down to 1. Lucky for me my opponent was a great sport and we just couldn't believed what happen and we both started to laugh....
  3. there is a store that has the details of whats inside
  4. At least give us some info with the Q4 kits...
  5. Thanks @Sharego, I really enjoy flying it. I goes well with my overload pulse/ Avenger build. That extra click on one and its ability to hit the OP from any arch is why i switched it form the VSD. Also targeting scrambler is great against any black dice attack.
  6. Boarding Troopers. They could of gone with stormtrooper art but good to see they went with the imperial navy trooper to tie in with what a ship would have.
  7. Ian came first with 25 points mars (myself) came second with 22 points Clint came third with 10 Tim came fourth with 9
  8. This is why FFG has to nerf Rieekan!
  9. Yeah, it was Sean's First 400 point game, as you can tell. Have to start somewhere!
  10. Darn, i want an Alt Screed card, hopefully a regional/Nationals prize...
  11. @Card Knight Yeah i have seen that, Just waiting for the armada one!
  12. Yeah i have been scrolling everywhere to see if there is a leak somewhere!
  13. Hey guys, For those people who don't use Facebook, we are running a Armada Tournament with the new Q2 kits. Anyone is welcomed to join us . Fun and Friendly atmosphere, great for any new player to get their feet wet! Details Where: Tezza's Games 60 Palmerston St, Melton Melbourne Australia Ph: 9743-4805 Date: Saturday 13 May.Time: 10amEntry fee: $10.400 point fleets.Three Swiss rounds.
  14. We are back on tonight with edited times. Enjoy!
  15. We are back for x-wing tonight, please check edited post as we just finished daylight Savings. Thanks