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  1. for you viewing pleasure, Tagge in action...
  2. I feel your pain @JKShulenburg. Early this year, i wrote the issues we where having in AUS. The good news is that we are slowly getting stock in but some stuff is still hard to find as well. My best advise if your trying to test out different fleets, see if your community has ships to borrow. For tournaments we post on the event page if people needs ship, squadrons or cards and most of the time someone replies. A lot of stuff, we proxy for casual games. One of the guys has even 3D printed a SDD and we have been testing the ship for last 3 months. All the best, have faith.
  3. Don't stress, no one here is judging you. I starred reading it and thought to myself, i have seen this somewhere... The Spanish version does give the right hand side of the card.
  4. We will be streaming shorty Tezza's Games Armada July Tournament in a hour and an half time. Join us at 10am AEST for all the action. Join the fray on YouTube or on Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/flycasualraw PS: if you don't like converting time zones, subscribe to us and hit the bell icon and you will be notified when we go live. Enjoy and Fly Casual! 
  5. personally i hope we get Rebellion in the rim Kits, like we did for CC.
  6. We are on live right now! Join us!
  7. Yeah they did leave the door open but still not good for game that wants support.
  8. Sorry to bearer of bad news. Disappointing.
  9. Hey @MidWestScrub Just an FYI, we are still around streaming 2.0 matches... https://www.youtube.com/user/FlyCasualxwing
  10. Contested Outpost and Salvage Run are my go to with my Grav shift Interdictor. bring the station close to you and wait for them to come to you with contested outpost. With Salvage run, it keeps the obstacles close and the grav shift token will work overtime. Brunson and the Grav shift works really well together.
  11. Join us for Star wars day with this casual 400 point Tournament!
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