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  1. reading the article and see this "The Chimaera Expansion Pack and Profundity Expansion Pack are scheduled to arrive in the middle of the Regional Championship season" I wouldn't hold my breath for that....
  2. Yeah i just saw. Its funny how they don't do much fanfare now like they used to. 'lest just sneak it in"....
  3. Wow, when did FFG update that page? finally caught up with the rest of the leaked info from Q2-Q4...
  4. No there wasn't . Not that i'm aware of. Imps are one behind. perfect time for one!
  5. I going on the assumption we got a ship card at store champs and we need more alt card imperial commanders. Also it might be a preference of mine ;-)
  6. my prediction: Alt card: Ozzel or Motti Top 16: Scatter tokens Top 8 : dice, duh Top 4: ruler
  7. No one has their kits yet for the May track. I was thinking that today was the day as first x-wing system Open was last weekend and they released the prizes on that Monday before.
  8. i was expecting some regionals prizes to be revealed today as the period starts this Saturday.
  9. Melbourne Australia
  10. this latest meme seems perfect for this time.. *Edited to be PG*
  11. Totally Agree, give FFG some time now that the Nov track has finished worlds. they got two weeks for them think of something to write up lol
  12. i wounder if FFG are going to do an article or we have scour the internet for leaks, like the kits.
  13. Works fine for me ;-) @X Wing Nut can verify
  14. Here it is!