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  1. 2nd best podcast is back baby! Although there are rumors that the naming rights to Mynock Squadron Podcast is up for grabs..... may be another rebranding coming down the pipeline
  2. So got to demo the game for the first time last night and I loved it! Both as a player and a store owner this product is fantastic. It combines everything I love about card games without the hassle of deck building/ gambling for the rare(mythics). I love the chain system, I love the price cost, I love the art. That being said, please please please don't get in over you head with Keyforge. Let this mature into a great game with good Organized Play and tournament rules set. Please don't turn this game into Dicemasters, or even L5R. Keep it simple. New set every 3-4 months. Keep prices consistent, get a good tournament and organized play base going. Can't wait to play more. Have a great day - Coach
  3. atkrull

    X Wing Famous

    easy White Castle Taco Bell
  4. atkrull

    X Wing Famous

    HAHHAHA, oh wow, almost forgot about this post..... oh what 2 years has done. If I knew there was this much work and stress involved in being x wing famous (obviously not for my playing skill) I might have reconsidered. But then again I wouldn't have met all the crazy awesome people I have met in the last 2 years, which has made it all worth it! I will state that Jack in the Box < Taco Bell which is < White Castle!!!! Yub Nub everybody!
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    Break my format!

    I'm liking all of these suggestions, thanks guys
  6. atkrull

    Break my format!

    Gooooood Morning X Wing, Coach here. I am half *** planning the OCX Organized National Tournament for Open Play This will be a Friday afternoon - Sunday afternoon event located (probably) in Cedar Falls, IA. Why Cedar Falls you ask. It's 4 hours away from almost every major Midwest city. But more importantly I wanted to do something different than a traditional swiss cut to top. I want to try out the pod system FFG did at Worlds last year to determine the final cut. The idea is to run pods of 6 people for 3 rounds (round robin) to determine the top player from each pod. That player earns a seat in the final day of competition. Each player can participate in 2 pods to try to get a seat at the final day. Players who have won a seat from their 1st pod and win a second pass their seat to the 2nd ranked player. Prizes will be distributed for each round you participate in, to lessen the chances of players dropping from pods, as well as a pod winner prize. Every player who has won a pod will play in a single elimination tournament on Sunday until a winner is crowned. Again there will be prizes for everyone who advances to the next round. But wait there's more you say! With the pod system there is no need for a set start time on Saturday allowing for players to make their way to the tournament on their own time. Once there are 6 people that are signed up, a pod will start. Also there will be tons of other events such as hunger games, mario kart, epic, and drafts that can help pass the time if your 2 pods are completed early. Hopefully this will take place this winter, (January -March) Please comment below on possible snags, or things that could go wrong with this format, thanks! Yub Nub
  7. Nothing but bad lists tonight boyz and girls. Join the party and mock some poor schmuck's attempts and list building! (jk they know they are bad as well) Show starts at 8:30 pm cst!
  8. Just becasue I want OCX to be on top of the Kryats for a little bit.... just till I get tired, then they can be back on top. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMUdmX8iWEs
  9. Yay it's back, now to try to get it taken down again, I shall leave this here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMUdmX8iWEs
  10. I figured all that free beer that OCX gave out at World's would have bought more votes
  11. Just wanted to announce that everyone's favorite #2 podcast is turning 1 this Wednesday! Also wanted to say hi to @Boom Owl, finally got to meet the legend in person!
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    article up!

    looks legit to me
  13. atkrull

    article up!

    can't equip autothrusters because in the list building phase the ship doesn't have a native boost action.
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