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  1. I think as long as you go in with a good mind-set ("I'm here to play a guaranteed 4-6 games against players that brought a serious list and are trying to win") you're going to have a good time regardless of how much prep work you do. I'd say the best thing you could do would be simply to get games in with your list so you are familiar with all of your abilities and triggers. If you're still deciding on a list, I would gravitate towards a 4 ship build with only an upgrade or two per ship max so you don't have a lot of abilities to remember. 4 Ship lists tend to be the sweet spot between having enough ships on the board so you can afford to lose one to a mistake and having too many ships so they start to get in each-other's way. example Rebel lists: Luke Skywalker w/ Servomotor S-Foils Wedge Antilles w/ Servomotor S-Foils Blue Squadron Escort w/ Servomotor S-Foils Blue Squadron Escort w/ Servomotor S-Foils 199 points Luke Skywalker (X-Wing) w/ Servomotor S-Foils Norra Wexley (Y-Wing) w/ Ion Turret, Veteran Turret Gunner Blue Squadron Scout (U-Wing) w/ Pivot Wing Blue Squadron Pilot (B-Wing) 200 points
  2. Mag Pulse Warheads (from the Wave VI preview) seem like the ideal way to clear out reinforce tokens - a 3 dice attack that ignores range bonuses means you just need to roll 1 natural hit to land the effect on an Epic ship and then you plink a (critical) damage and strip the reinforce. Depending on how deplete tokens interact with Epic ships, you're either reducing their offense or energy stores (there was talk on the stream about Epic ships using energy to ignore the effect of negative tokens, not sure on the specifics). I imagine these will be *very* expensive ordnance given the functionality, but even one or two copies in a list could provide enormous value if you're landing the shot at high initiative, clearing the way for the rest of your list to land damage unimpeded.
  3. Yeah given the pricing on a naked Gozanti, there isn't much of a reason to run a Decimator in Epic. The only thing that's better for the Decimator is the maneuver dial and you're trading a lot of durability and action economy for it.
  4. Turbolaser Battery burns 3 energy to fire a single shot, which is more Energy than any ship we have seen so far generates in one turn. It also is shooting at targets that are rolling 1-2 additional green dice. If it's shooting another Epic ship, that ship likely has reinforce + focus/calculate. So while it is an attack that is likely to get through, it's most likely doing 4 damage, not 6. This is a really strong ability but it also is a a big resource commitment with a large opportunity cost.
  5. Blogs require actually thinking about what you are going to say before you say it and then having to look at your words on the page and perhaps reflect on how well-developed your ideas are before you hit "post". I really miss the Team Covenant blog community from early 1.0 where there was a good mix of authors and an active commenting community in one place. There are some great standalone blogs now that are some of the best X-Wing content out there, but there is less of a fixed community around them and so they seem to get less discussion/attention than they deserve. Reddit is a pretty awful format for pretty much anything other than "hey look at this new thing" and these forums have a pretty bad signal to noise ratio.
  6. It turns out Jedi who are using reposition actions don't care about jamming themselves
  7. Woodchipper was too wholesome for late-stage 1.0 😢
  8. Hahahaha 😆 I meant more that it's probably a lot easier to develop pilots for ships that have seen actual use in the wild for a year or more rather than try to come up with good pilot abilities based on just initial playtesting.
  9. I imagine the margin on card packs are probably pretty good since they don't require sculpting/manufacturing/painting a new model or all that much development work since the ship chassis has been designed and well tested at that point. I'd be happy to pay $15-20 every 3-6 months to have a steady drip of low-effort new content for the legacy factions.
  10. Soontir Fel has been a clone of a mysterious 'Sontir Fel' this whole time!
  11. Part of the recent AMA was a discussion of how card packs can be a way to add new content without scraping the bottom of the EU barrel. I'd really love to have some more TIE Interceptor pilots...
  12. One thing that is frustrating to me is that regen effectively alters the half point threshold so it's no longer half health. Delta 7b's without regen give up half points after 3/6 damage, but with R2 Astro they have to take 5/8 damage instead of 4/8. On such an elusive (and potentially expensive ship) that sort of edge has a lot of value. This also has me wondering to what degree gas clouds are helping to create this meta where points preservation is such an important factor in list building and play. How essential are gas clouds to these archetypes? And if they are the straw breaking the camel's back, what tweaks would you like to see?
  13. Their reasoning was that they will probably need to tweak points again in a year and some of the cards they just changed could need an adjustment again as time has gone by and the meta has shifted. If they kept reprinting cards with the latest versioning, it quickly becomes pretty hard to maintain version control. Here they are saying "the printed cards can't be relied upon to be up-to-date, but they do have points that are close enough to be playable out of the box" It's not a perfect solution (something more like a quick build level of granularity on the cards and then an online PDF would be more "elegant") but there is a logic to doing it this way.
  14. Do you consider the Inquisitor lists wholesome? Asking for a friend.
  15. Andrew Novaro spoke about the X-Wing app and FFG's lessons learned in his AMA
  16. I didn't get to see the whole stream but here are a few other screen grabs Gozanti and CR-90 dials: damage deck spread: Atmospheric Entry scenario rules: note: the scenario was designed for 300 vs 300 but the builds they were using were 400 vs 400
  17. The "Docking Clamps" ship ability just specifies small ships, no restriction on which small ships or having all of the same type
  18. For Imperials, you're probably just going to want to pick up a Conversion kit and then you can pick up whichever ships you want in most reasonable quantities and you'll be fine - the catalog of Imperial ships is pretty large at this point and some of the more popular options haven't gotten 2.0 releases yet (most notably the TIE Interceptor). If you're planning on doing Imperials as your main faction, it doesn't take long for the discounted cost of 1.0 packs over 2.0 packs to add up (particularly if you are buying used/discounted). For Rebels, most of the good/popular ships have already gotten re-releases so if you're only looking to have enough to field a few loaner lists then I'd probably stick to 2.0 releases unless you're into some of the more obscure ships that are unlikely to get a re-release anytime soon (E-Wing, K-Wing, Auzituk). Again though, if you are planning on getting a lot of ships, the conversion kits start making sense pretty fast. It's also worth keeping in mind that 2.0 releases have often involved re-sculpts/redone paint jobs which are a noticeable step up in quality - X-Wings and B-Wings now have moving S-Foils, Y-Wings have much better defined turret details, etc. For the Gozanti specifically, we haven't gotten a release schedule for the 2.0 re-release but judging by the Raider/CR-90/C-ROC, you can expect it to probably involve a considerable price increase and no longer have any small ships included. The Epic conversion kit MSRP is $25 and covers 1x of all epic ships released in 1.0 so all indications are that it's a good bargain. In terms of "what should I buy?" I would say pick up stuff you think looks cool, try it out, see what you like about it and let your collection grow from there. There is a huge back catalog so you can get by with being pretty choosy or go crazy depending on your budget/interest level.
  19. Can't tell if the JumpMaster themed stuff for Scum is meant to signal an incoming fix or just rub salt in Scum player's wounds?
  20. Iceland https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rogue_One Hjörleifshöfði seems to be where the most distinctive scenes were filmed
  21. Most of my free time for gaming is in the evenings and stores around here aren't open that late, so most of the time I play at my house/friends' houses. I do try to make it out to the local stores when I can though to help maintain the community.
  22. It's the planet the Ersos are living on at the beginning of Rogue One
  23. You can always mix colors I used a 1:1 mix of Vallejo Game Color Heavy Charcoal and Vallejo Model Color German Camo Dark Brown as the base coat. Then a drybrush with Vallejo Game Color Cold Grey And finally Nuln Oil straight from the pot to shade it. The base rim is Heavy Charcoal
  24. I painted up my Rebel Veterans in a Lah'mu scheme
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