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  1. I've always been curious about the time scale/pressure on designing, play testing, iterating, etc. and how much time/data/pure guess work is involved before you have to call it done and move on. I'm curious what that experience is like as a professional developer vs. as an amateur. What is it like to go into work and have to do creative work under time pressure? How do you deal with that and maintain focus/enthusiasm etc. in a sustainable way?
  2. This is probably going to be the last project I post here - thanks for everybody who has stopped by, I'm sure we'll see each-other on the various Facebook groups! Wrapping things up on a high note with a special mini. A friend of mine was gracious enough to pick up one of the limited edition Luke Skywalkers from our not-so-local-to-me store and mail it to me. I had zero expectation of ever getting my hands on one (I'd guess there are less than 10 in the entire state?) so this was a very pleasant surprise. I was tempted to match my Lah'mu scheme and go with the blaster + no helmet option to make him fit in with my army as well as possible (and also to save myself from having to free-hand the helmet markings...), but knowing how special the model was, I decided to go with the classic Hoth look and to try and match the scene from the film - meaning lightsaber + helmet with the visor up (i.e. hard mode). I'd estimate I put about 15 hours into the overall paint job. note: my hand is in the frame to force my phone to get the colors right. my primary reference:
  3. I still don't understand how they made it through 9 revisions of the rules and still have stuff like referencing strength vs. toughness tables or one player getting to move, shoot and attack with all of their guys before their opponent gets to do much of anything other than roll saves. I understand that people like 40k for the theme/models/fluff - I own a Space Marine army from back in high school, I get it - but it's nuts what they will put up with in the name of that. It's also weird to me how little love Legion gets for being an actual modern design that respects you as a player and a person. I follow a lot of games peripherally and I can't think of anything comparable in terms of the focus on good graphic design, intuitive keywords, avoiding useless complexity, etc.
  4. The comics definitely had that sort of vibe - here's some of the pictures I was using as inspiration
  5. I'm back! @ZealuxMyr was kind enough to run me a Dash Rendar print for a competition so this was a nice push to get out of my slump and back to painting. I wanted to give Dash the full 90's treatment and match the comic art style where he's perpetually lit from below with orange light. This was the most effort I've put into lighting effects/glazing to-date I'm happy with how he came out. I think I spent more time fighting with my phone camera than I did with the face 😐
  6. Yeah that came off a bit more glib than I meant. I really hope they didn't gut the team but it's hard to tell through the upbeat corporate non-information that has come out officially how much this is an on-paper change vs. a real reconfiguration of who is doing what (and who is looking for a new job ).
  7. This seems like a good time to get some people in front of a camera to calm people's anxieties and wild speculation. Maybe get the dev team out there with a current newspaper so we know that they still work there?
  8. Yeah that was a bit of a conflation of the concept of "generic" with "cheap/efficient platform that can be spammed". RZ2s are in a weird spot with pricing where a lot of them have pilot abilities that don't cost them much and they have a ton of pilots to choose from so you can get an efficient swam but with unique names. Regardless, I was watching the top cut from Coruscant and it struck me that the entire Top 4 was basically turret swarms of some iteration.
  9. As a generic lover I can't complain about swarms getting their moment in the sun, but it does raise an eyebrow when the platforms that are performing best are those with special arcs (Nantex turrets, TIE Aggressor turrets, RZ2 turrets, Auzituk definitely-not-a-turrets).
  10. For WSO, my question is: how often are you going to be able to get it to trigger and benefit the game? FCS as it exists now is a hard sell for me at 2 points and this is a much more restrictive version of the same idea but with a slightly better effect. Most ordnance carriers only get 1-2 uses out of their special weapons per game. I think something like 1-2 points is the correct price for this, but I really doubt that's where it's going to land.
  11. Speed, initiative, the ability to shoot out the sides/back and access to double mods. The YT-1300s that see play are i5+ and have access to double mods. They can arc dodge effectively to prolong their lives and when they get low on health they can run to bait a chase/serve as a points fortress.
  12. She's a bargain but exists in a faction without crazy stuff so that puts a damper on things. She's really durable and her pilot ability is quite strong for maximizing value out of some of the clunkier rebel ships. At worst she's a durable boosting turret with a passive mod.
  13. I think 27 is about right for a generic with a config. These are a lot like Rebel A-wings but with an emphasis on offense over defense. i1 A-Wings at 29 aren't played, i3 TIE v1s at 28 are relevant, so 27 for i2 V-Wing with config seems about right - *maybe* 28, but I can't see paying more.
  14. I'm interested to see how the pricing on V-Wings comes out. I hate the aesthetic of the ship, but it's cool that they are exploring the design space of a 3 Agility ship that is rewarded for not using focus.
  15. Squadrons just makes me feel sad - it's a game I've wanted to exist since I was like 9 y/o playing X-Wing on DOS but I don't have the hardware/money/time to play at this point in my life.
  16. I painted up my Rebel Veterans in a Lah'mu scheme
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