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  1. The 38 point Kihraxz is legit - I swear a lot of people dismiss Kihraxzs off-hand based on 1.0 experiences, but it was a decent ship in 2.0 at 40 and now it can fit into some surprising builds. They barely cost more than a Barrage Scimitar now and it's sooo dumb.
  2. Vultures with open struts clear stress no matter what they do
  3. In my experience, the dial issues went out the window when struts got cut to 1 point - the dial shortcomings don't super matter when rocks are your friend.
  4. I don't think the core idea here is beyond an average player - even two block formations working together gives you more flexibility than one block formation. This is my usual approach to a basic setup when running ships that deploy first - two elements set up with enough spacing to give flexibility and board control but close enough that the two elements are able to support each-other: If my opponent deploys across from me, I can opt into a joust with a pincer effect that blocks the two main escape routes for my opponent the following turn: If they deploy in the far corner I can move to control the center of the board and dictate the location of the engagement:
  5. Thank you for writing this. This is the polite version of the rant I have in my head every time I see players using box formations when they don't have a strong reason to.
  6. Existing Ordnance/Cannons that will probably be dramatically better in Epic: Plasma Torpedoes Diamond Boron Missiles Ion Torpedoes (depending on how Ion interacts with Epic ships now) Concussion Missiles (especially with the Wing mechanics spreading damage around) All Bombs, particularly paired with Trajectory Simulator Heavy Laser Cannon
  7. That seems likely - you can see two separate bold "Bonus Attack" lines on the "Ordnance Tubes" upgrade in this spread as well as text on the card mentioning "bonus attacks" (emphasis on the plural).
  8. Yeah I expect that, but I'm glad that it looks like you don't have to manage energy pools like you did before - the timing on energy gain/assignment/spending made it really clunky to manage upgrade interactions in 1.0.
  9. It doesn't look like there are energy tokens in the spreads - perhaps this is a sign that the energy rules have been streamlined so you don't have to pre-allocate energy? In the exposed hardpoint upgrade for the CR-90 spread there doesn't seem to be an energy capacity either - looks like just attack power/arc/range info and what appears to be a rotate action.
  10. I think it's safe to assume these can attack at least twice when properly outfitted. Access to (double) Calculate also lets you do Focus + (double) Calculate for even more dice mods.
  11. The offical app is more fair than the physical dice based on intensive investigations into both.
  12. the 2 Shields from R2 Astro seems to be enough and the points are better spent elsewhere?
  13. The structure of these packs should make it pretty easy for players that only play a subset of the factions to split the contents with a friend or two.
  14. Most useful: 4 > 5 - this puts you in clear "ace" territory and matches/beats 90% of the field. At this point you only have a handful of potential problem ships you have to worry about. Least useful: 3 > 4 - I3 already beats/matches most generics/utility uniques so going to 4 is mostly incidental to pilot selection and not something you do intentionally. Honorable mention goes to 2 > 3 since paying for I3 usually means you're paying for an overpriced elite slot as well as a mostly useless jump in Initiative.
  15. There are times where "playing the game" is pointless, un-fun or less desirable than alternatives for both parties involved and having a way out that doesn't label both players as cheaters is important. I think it's possible to disentangle those situations where other tournament participants would be affected by a mutual decision of two players not to play and those where it wouldn't. Ideally, the tournament structure itself would be designed to avoid these "pointless" situations as much as possible in the first place though.
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