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  1. I'm getting an issue where TIE Fighters (and only TIE Fighters) are using a "WIP" placeholder graphic on the ship base. I deleted everything, re-installed everything, ran content checker and it's still doing this. This seems to happen regardless of pilot and seems to be confined to just TIE Fighters (I didn't check all ships for all factions but this is the only ship in the Imperial faction with this issue).
  2. I own 3 gunboats and would be the person to run them all if I could but even I don't think it's a good idea for them to be good.
  3. I mean what else needs to use a cannon and is actually in-stock? Gunboats are the main platform being punished at the moment, but it seems like a mistake to make them competitive when 1.0 stock is wiped out and there is no reprint pending.
  4. I innocently thought you guys were talking about the TLT nostalgia discussion above that at first...and then I kept scrolling...
  5. They could mess with the slots on the multi dot Vultures - maybe take away their access to missiles and then cost them the same as their unlimited equivalent?
  6. Basing is: Vallejo Model Color Khaki base with VMC Buff dry brush, Citadel Agrax Earthshade (thinned 1:1 with water). Then Gale Force 9 “Winter/Dead” static grass glued on top. Base rim is VMC US Dark Green.
  7. https://i.imgur.com/E3zOHyF.mp4 Quick video of the full army ^ (can't figure out a way to embed :|)
  8. I think fixing Saturation Salvo requires errataing the card text to reroll "up to 2 dice" instead of being fixed at 2. It's entirely too situational otherwise (unless they want to cost it at 0 points and consider the cost the use of the ordnance charge and taking up the Talent slot). Either way, it's not like it's a card that needs to be playable, and, hot take, neither is Juke.
  9. It looks like last year the "Summer" points change went into effect July 10th, so it's probably going to be at least another month.
  10. I've been keeping up the pace - Rebel Pathfinders and Leia finished up. Just one more unit to go and this is a legal 800 point army (!)
  11. It's worth noting that those Vallejo paints aren't specially mixed to rip off Star Wars paint schemes - they just put the paints that already exist in their paint line that are useful for Star Wars scale models into a single box. You can buy the individual paints separately if you're just looking for a particular color. Similarly, you can probably find equivalent color matches in other scale model-oriented paint lines (say Tamiya) if you search for a painting guide/conversion chart. Beware that this can lead you down a rabbit hole if you're trying to match colors for a specific model used in a specific movie etc.
  12. Vallejo has a DEFINITELY NOT X-WING themed set that covers Rebel/Imperial starfighter colors - these are formulated for air brush but you could still brush paint with them too: https://acrylicosvallejo.com/en/producto/hobby/sets/sets-sci-fi-en/star-fighters-colors-71615-en/
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