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  1. Odd, that looks like a Neimoidian Shuttle. I do wonder what the story is going to be about that. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Sheathipede-class_transport_shuttle Well now that we know it is the "replacement" Phantom, do we think it will ever be released? I imagine it being less useful than the original with no turret and looking decidedly less maneuverable. I guess they could give it the astromech slot (which the original should sort of have as well, honestly) but thematically Chopper is the only one that should go in there really.
  2. I'm pretty sure the only episode where the Ghost has fired torpedoes at all didn't even air till way after the ship was announced. I think the torpedoes out the rear is solely so they can justify it as a "special" arc rather than an auxiliary arc that you can fire all the time.
  3. So the Ghost and the Phantom have been out for a while now and as a huge fan of the TV show I have come to feel that I'm pretty dissapointed with how the ships are represented in the game. I was skeptical when they were first announced but decided to reserve judgment until after actually playing with them. My two main complaints are that I feel the firing arcs are not very thematic, and I hate how the two titles are useless the second that the ships are not docked. So I am proposing these alternative rules for how I feel they should have been. I know it's kind of pointless now that the ships are already out, but I figure some people might have fun with them in casual play, and maybe they will be considered if the game ever gets a version 2.0. First, to address the firing arcs: in the show, the Ghost has a nose turret that can clearly swivel 180 degrees, so I feel it should obviously have a 180 auxiliary arc the same as the YV-666. Also, despite the fact that they do it frequently on the show, hitting anything out the rear with a docked Phantom seems pretty unlikely and would not be using the ghosts primary weapon either, so I feel that the rear "special" arc should be removed (I also see no evidence on the show to support it firing torpedoes out the back), although I do have another idea about that later. I also feel like the 4 dice primary is pretty generous so I would also understand just a three maybe since it is now half of a turret, but either way is fine so long as it's cost balanced. Secondly the other issue is the title cards. First the Ghost: I would include the Ghost title that we have for zero points with the added text at the end: "you may equip a second, alternate Ghost title to this ship." And then include another unique Ghost title that reads: "at the end of the combat phase if this ship has not performed a [turret] attack this round, you may perform an attack with an equipped [turret] upgrade card. You may not attack again this round". This second title would cost maybe 12 points. The idea here is that docking the phantom is just a natural ability of a VCX and the first title is just to explain how to do it, the "real" title that you can decide to take or not (options!) is the second one that functions wether you have a shuttle docked or not (because why would that effect this). I guess you could also add the stipulation "if you have at least one [crew] upgrade equipped" but I don't think it would often be an issue. Then for the Phantom I would scrap the current title for a double sided card (still with the -- point cost) with the following on side 1: "Title, docked Attack Shuttle only. While you are docked to a friendly ship with the Ghost Title, that ship may treat your equipped [crew] upgrades as its own. During the combat phase you may perform a primary weapon attack against ships "directly behind*" the Ghost at range 1-2. And then side 2: "Title, Deployed Attack Shuttle only. If you start the activation phase at range 1-3 of the Ghost, you may treat your pilot skill as equal to theirs during the activation phase." *Now the caveat here is that The new FAQ needs to clarify the term "directly behind" as "a ship is directly behind another ship when any portion of its base is in the space created between two parallel lines that would run along the side edges of the other ships base". They could also go ahead and define "behind" as "a ship is behind another ship when the entirety of its base is in the space created behind a straight line that runs along the rear edge of the other ship". They could of course also define similar terms for "in front", "left", and "right". Using a diagram should make this pretty clear and really open up the options for future upgrades instead of always being limited to "inside of arc" and "outside of arc". And if this is too confusing, you could also just scrap that part of the title card. A few final tweeks: The VCX-100 should have a third crew slot, the Decimator gets one and it's needed to fit all six Specters in a list with just these two ships (endlessly frustrating that I can't already do this). Maybe there should be no VCX-100 Generic? Just make Ezra the 4th pilot. Kanan and Chopper should also be available as Attack Shuttle pilots. Two more cards, one more small ship token? Really too much to ask? It would be a sweet bonus if the pack included some A-Wing only Pheonix Squadron titles. Not sure what they should do though. I also thought about significantly over costing the ships and making the titles negative costs to compensate and therefore discourage ever fielding more than one of each. There's probably not room on the title I already suggested, but an alternate Phantom title that you can equip only if you don't bring a VCX might be cool. Maybe just add a second crew slot to simulate an away mission. In conclusion, my main goal was to make the ships feel more thematic, and to make the titles useful wether or not the ships were docked, or even if you only brought the Ghost to the party. I hope you enjoyed hearing my ideas and if you try them out, let me know what you thought.
  4. I think the most likely options are a tie between the XG-1 Starwing (missile boat) because it is so popular, and the V-Wing because it is cannon (I'm not sure if the fact that it should have a new imperial only astromech slot helps or hurts it). There is also an outside chance we might get Vader in his black ACTIS-II interceptor because it is cannon and would look SOOO bad-ass, but the fact that Vader is the only believable pilot makes it difficult. I guess they could stretch things and put some more inquisitors in there, but definitely no generics.
  5. Another Rebel only defensive upgrade we could use would be an Obi-Wan crew for 4 points: when an enemy ship declares a friendly ship at range 1-3 as the target of an attack, you may discard this card to cancel the attack. The enemy ship may declare another target if possible. This would be thematic for Old Ben (sacrificing himself so others can escape) and would be powerful when used correctly but also a challenge to do so. Ideally you want to use it when your enemy only has the one option, but they can mitigate it by flying smart and always keeping multiple options in arc.
  6. Any upgrade that gives the evade action would be 3-4 points, defensive upgrades always cost much more. But it's not a defensive upgrade that would benifit any ships that are already really defensive (it doesn't threaten to over power them like stealth device) all it dose is help out the ships wth really poor defense at the expense of their mod slot. I think 2 points for a small ship only would not be too bad. They still have to actually use the action in the game which is another cost.
  7. I don't know about cost, but I agree the prevalence of 1 agility ships with poor maneuvering options is the most annoying aspect of playing rebels (I cried when I saw the ARC-170 didn't have 2 agility). I think that Vectored Thrusters will make a huge difference for the rebels in this regard. But it got me thinking, when will we see a 1 or 2 point small ship modification that adds the evade action to your action bar? The imperials got their TL mod in wave 2, along with hull and shield upgrades that help them significantly more than the rebels. I find it odd that it has taken this long to disperse out the other base actions. While we're at it a few more rebel specific mods that can give out evades would help too. Maybe a generic astromech that gives you one after you do a green, or a unique that gives you one after focusing or something.
  8. Michael Sweat


    I will be shocked if they don't show up in Rebels season 3. As for other prequel era ships I am excited for some more, but not all of them. I have compiled the following list: N1 Starfighter - virtually guaranteed to come to X-Wing as it was flown in official cannon by Leia and Shara and would fill a needed role for rebels as a tweaked A-Wing V-wing Starfighter - good chance for an imperial fighter that's not a TIE. Possible imperial astromech slot. Used in cannon by the Empire until at least the sixth year of the Empire, presumably in lower and lower numbers up until the end. LAAT - I think this has a reasonable chance of being the next large ship for the rebels under similar pretense as the ARC-170. It could be an interesting front/rear arc ordinance carrier. V-19 Torrent - I also feel there is an ok chance of this happening for rebels or scum, but personally I strongly dislike this ship. Actis II - aethersprite Jedi starfighter - slim chance on this one. Vader used an all black one through at least the sixth year of the empire in cannon. It would be awesome to see but Vader is honestly the only conceivable pilot for it. Any other Jedi fighters - basically impossible unless the actually move the game into the prequel time period. I hope that doesn't happen. Any droid fighter- nope. Same reason.
  9. I just wish FFG would get around to making their own official squad building app. It could print out official lists along with maneuver charts and also integrate into their tourney software to creat an official archive of played games and lists.
  10. In hindsight I bet they wish they had made EPT a 2-tier upgrade. Like give every named pilot the ability to equip 1 or 2 point EPTs and then the ones that currently have it can equip any EPT. Like if we traveled back in time, ships would either have no icon, a white icon, or a gold icon. And then the EPT cards would either be white or gold. So pilots with the white icon can only equip white EPTs while pilots with gold icons can equip either.
  11. I posted this elsewhere but I want to call dibs on naming it: "Ladies buy the shots (at least for one round)" -99 points -Jan Ors + Dorsal Turret (28) -Norra Wexley + BB-8 + Advanced Proton Torpedoes + Push the Limit + Kyle Katarn + Alliance Overhaul + Guidance Chips (43) -Shara Bey + Alliance Overhaul (28) Norra reveals a green, barrel rolls, PTL to TL, executes maneuver to range 1, clears stress, gains focus, and then takes a focus for her action. Shara also has a target lock on the same ship. Norra spends her target lock to fire APT, Jan takes a stress to add one dice and hopes you dont get more than 4 blanks (good odds on 6 dice). Spend Shara's TL to add an eyeball, APT flips three blanks to eyeballs, and Guidance chips does one more, then spend a focus to flip them all so you are practically guaranteed 7 hits (with any crits you rolled naturally) and have a focus left over. Bit of a one trick pony but that will nearly erase any ship in one round, especially if Jan already stripped some tokens with her turret.
  12. Nora's ability is used in the Modify Dice step. So no. I guess you can't add a result before you roll your dice the first time? Is that for sure or maybe some wiggle room?If it is the case, what about when you spend your TL to re-roll as normal, does that trigger Norra or does she have to spend a separate TL specifically for her ability? It makes a big difference in how awesome her ability is.
  13. I feel like a lot of people are overlooking how great Shara's ability is alongside ordinance carriers, allowing them to use a TL AFTER launching their payload. If she also ends up as a significantly cheaper A-wing, even better! Also I agree that R3 should either be better or cheaper, but it's not awful, it's basically like "did you roll crap on your attack? Still gonna be shot at this round? Have an evade as a consolation prize". I also find it ironic that Thane's best wingman will be Biggs, even though Thane didn't join the Rebellion until after the battle of Yavin. In another life, man... another life...
  14. So with the new FAQ in mind, does Norra's ability trigger when she fires a torpedo? At the time you pay the torpedo cost there is not yet a defender, but you are definitely "attacking" so I say yes. That would make her extra baller if she ever ends up on a 2 torp Y-Wing... Firing Advanced proton torpedoes twice, using Shara's TL or Esegee's Focus (or both?).
  15. While this is still a very good expansion (vector thrusters alone make it a must buy, at least for rebel and scum), I can't help but feel it was originally going to be amazing and then they decided they had to dial it back a little. Can you imagine: -If Norra added a hit instead of just a focus -If Thane could use his ability even when he was the target -If R3 was only 1 point, OR if it let you simply cancel 1 dice instead of just a focus -If the ARC-170 actually had 2 agility (and maybe less HP) instead of being ANOTHER 1 agility rebel ship that will be torn to shreds the first time you get caught by an ace I'm really happy we are getting this ship, but I can't help but feel somewhat dissapointed at the same time. Maybe the dream of double sided ship cards (with pilots in their original ships) will come true and turn this back to amazing...
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