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  1. Hello all, Over the weekend I finally put my SSD on the board, but being the Rebel that I am I decided to fly it with my Rebel fleet (1500 point game). I have to say that my combo of Garm + Ahsoka on the Executor I is one of the most versatile command ship builds ever. Having an easy way to run all 4 fleet commands at a time is fantastic. It also meant that my other 3 officer slots could be used for things other than command-swap officers, such as DCO, Flight Commander, and Major Derlin. During the game I also kept two GR75s tucked in close, one running bomber command and the other with comms net. So, all of you theory-crafters here... How would you break the game if there were no faction restrictions?
  2. Name: Untitled Fleet Faction: Imperial Commander: Darth Vader Assault: Defense: Navigation: Arquitens Command Cruiser (59) • Captain Needa (2) • Engine Techs (8) • Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7) = 76 Points Arquitens Command Cruiser (59) • Engine Techs (8) • Turbolaser Reroute Circuits (7) • Hand of Justice (4) = 78 Points ISD Cymoon 1 Refit (112) • Darth Vader (36) • Intensify Firepower! (6) • Spinal Armament (9) = 163 Points Gozanti Cruisers (23) • Comms Net (2) • Boosted Comms (4) = 29 Points Squadrons: • Colonel Jendon (20) • Ciena Ree (17) • Valen Rudor (13) = 50 Points Total Points: 396 I agree with Clone. That Cymoon doesn't need that many dice fixers. This is what I would run, if I was building a similar list. I cut down on points by swapping out Dengar and Saber for Ciena Ree and Valen Rudor, who tend to be the better pair. I'd even drop Jendon for more points on the Cymoon, swapping him for H9 Turbolasers (to guarantee accuracy results), and Gunnery Team.
  3. Just based on ship cost alone, the Rebel forces have a 100+ point advantage (if you had everything on the board at once.). Personal preference, but I would add either an Imperial Star Destroyer or a couple Arquitens Cruisers. That would provide better balance with your fleets, plus the Imperial player gets access to one of two great commanders (Vader with ISD, and Jerjerrod with Arquitens), and a must-have officer (Minister Tua with Arquitens). If you can, get one of both. Also, you should get the Squadron I pack for each faction. The Quasar is okay with just TIE fighters, but it shines with other types of squads. With everything suggested it would allow both you and your opponent to have relatively fair fights, and have enough variety so you aren't stuck running the same stuff every game.
  4. Same here, though one is decommissioned due to a broken peg.
  5. I'm a collector first, player second. As much as I love the game, I don't get to play very often since the closest FLGS is a two hour drive away, and no one locally plays it. The same goes for X-wing and Legion.
  6. So, since I own two Peltas, does that go from a problem to a terminal illness?
  7. First tabs opened in the morning, every morning, are the Armada forum and Mel's shop on Shapeways...
  8. Model Master Aircraft Gray looks to be an extremely close match. That's the color I would use for this.
  9. I might have some time in August for a tournament. I'll give an update when the time gets closer.
  10. I'm really going to second the lack of dice part. The core comes with a Z-6 trooper for the rebels, and requires 6 white dice to fire... The core only includes 3. To answer the questions, though, The game does take a couple hours or more, depending on army sizes and familiarity with the rules. I'm also going to suggest Imperial Terrain. They have tons of stuff available for print. Thingiverse might also have some good stuff, but I haven't checked into it yet. Favorite thing is that the game is about playing the objectives, and not the usual deathmatch. Sure, you can win by wiping out the entire enemy team, but you are more likely to succeed by playing the objective. Also, there are tons of expansions both available and upcoming, so you have plenty of choices for army building.
  11. This may sound odd, but I want a fleet builder that allows me to mix and match the factions. Since I play casual all the time, there are a lot of scenarios that result in me or the other players using ships and upgrades not part of the selected faction. Having a fleet builder would make this a bit easier.
  12. In an ideal world, I would want to see the MC40, Dreadnaught (Dual-faction) and Vindicator Cruiser be the next wave. Unfortunately, this won't happen, so I'd be happy for the Dornean Gunship (double pack like the Hammerhead please!) and the Imperial Support Vessel. What would really make me happy would be to have a dual-faction Venator, bumping it up to triple faction if Clone Wars stuff is in the works.
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