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  1. I enjoyed you blog. I laughed when I saw lehuse. Also the kylo repaint is great, white is really hard to work with. Quickdraw is definitely overrated that being said she will get better as more talents and upgrades are introduced. If I could paint (well) I would go for an on fire scheme with following squad: TIE/sf Fighter - Zeta Squadron Survivor - 32 Zeta Squadron Survivor - (32) TIE/sf Fighter - Zeta Squadron Survivor - 32 Zeta Squadron Survivor - (32) TIE/fo Fighter - •“Scorch” - 35 •“Scorch” - Zeta Leader (33) Fanatical (2) TIE/sf Fighter - •“Backdraft” - 41 •“Backdraft” - Fiery Fanatic (39) Fanatical (2) TIE/ba Interceptor - •“Ember” - 53 •“Ember” - Dying Flame (52) Crack Shot (1) Total: 193/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  2. Way to go. I found the stuff about iron. Squadron interesting. Which led me to they could call it the Iron Phoenix squadron pack. Which sounds totally 80's Get to da auzituck! In all seriousness it's as good a theory as any, I'm looking forward to the july 29 presentation to see if we can learn more about these.
  3. The bomber will add so much to faction when it gets announced. It's the probably the first order ship I'm most excited about. During the adepticon primer they indicated the squadron packs were going to consist of released content. Now granted we have no idea when/if these will drop except that resistance is first and it has an orange x wing
  4. I think the first order pack will go one of two ways An ace style pack with a upsilon and tie fo. This allows them to get an upsilon in 2nd edition packaging with content that isn't in the conversion kit (to make me buy more upsilons). This would allow them to focus on crew/pilots that complements the upsilon. They could also do two tie/fo's and a TIE/ba (with a more traditional paint scheme). The TIE/ba is fun to fly and they have room to work with the chassis. I assume they will focus on characters from the resistance cartoon in either case.
  5. Yeah with that card it makes more sense
  6. @Frimmel I think there is a campaign component I mean how often will a baron of the empire deal 5 damage to different ships that are destroyed in a single game. Unless your doing a faction aces high variant with generics or a huge epic game it would be extremely unlikely.
  7. Yeah solo play needs some sort of progression.
  8. That post warrants its own thread. I agree with it but I wouldnt be surprised if the rumored ace/squadron packs stealth reprint a ship or 2 specifically the ST factions (scavenged yt-1300, upsilon). I definitely agree that the aggressor will not be reprinted. So if you stumble into one in the wild buy it. To me what hurts the aggressor the most, is just how good the empire is as a faction. It just doesn't stand out.
  9. reqent

    Happy Friday

    I should have wrote ships that already have the grey or blue should get the other. So a grey striker or phantom. I wouldn't want a blue lambda.
  10. reqent

    Happy Friday

    I would like to see a Phoenix squadron A-wing. A navy blue alpha class would be sweet. Honestly all imperial ships should have grey and blue versions.
  11. As an aside I think Poe dameron is the only pilot that they had to "fix" in both editions with new iterations.
  12. I wouldnt get so caught up in the titles of these products. They have yet to be officially announced. Some of these titles make sense and sound final, others could be placeholders. In any case I'm excited to see the older factions get some new options!
  13. I mean it's possible but they haven't officially announced these yet. I got the impression from the adepticon preview that resistance was coming first so I didn't think they would come in one wave to begin with. Just looking at legion I think were in for a wild ride with releases for next coupe of months.
  14. reqent

    Happy Friday

    I think the slave 1 title will go up. I honestly dont want to change the points very much at this time. We still haven't seen how the xi, hmp, and laat will impact the game. I would rather see them add some ships to hyperspace. We can have the belbullab in hyperspace just not sear, same for torrents just no gold squadron (I would say the same for upsilon but I think hyperspace should be 2.0 only).
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