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  1. I liked it but it does require a plan and a good understanding of your opponents capabilities. I found quickdraw to be more forgiving than a 2nd upsilon. That being said for high level play the 2nd upsilon probably has more upside. Tavson is awesome he is the best upsilon pilot at this moment. I've literally had an opponent decide it wasnt worth it to shoot him. I did not use upgrades with tavson or kylo. With quickdraw you want sf gunner and at least fire control system. Lately I haven't been able to play as much and started running multiple sf's as they are more forgiving. You have to make it hard for them to get around the upsilons and that can be hard to if you do not get enough reps.
  2. Sorry for not making that more clear in my post but comms relay and juke was the build for omega leader for most of 1.0 and you cant do it in 2.0. Storing tokens was really powerful and it supercharged juke on omega leader. Now you cant use juke but even if you could you would have to coordinate to get mods. For 2.0 Advanced optics is good and pattern analyzer is useful. I try and keep him as cheap as possible and just use fanatical.
  3. The fo bomber looks cool. As for the series depending on when it ends in the timeline. Its possible it wont make sense to call it resistance anymore. I mean if they beat the first order maybe it will rebranded adventures of the new republic. Or maybe it just wasnt popular enough.....
  4. Wings will have a huge impact on fighter selection. There are 8 wing upgrades (one for each faction and a generic which requires all ships that must be the same type). Agent of the Empire has been fully revealed while first order elite was partially spoiled. Using a single dial to move the ships is interesting because the x1 and v1 have different dials from the tie fighters. We don't know the specifics but if TIEs can start doing 2 talon rolls or straight 1's it will change how they play. The first order only magnifies this because you can take TIE/FO and TIE/SF. Assuming the silencer is an option that would mean your SF's may gain a white 1 hard turn. The wings will really impact arc dodgers as well. The ability to pass damage to other ships in the wing will help mitigate this but it is interesting.
  5. I have 4 the bespin, star field (ffg) and 2 system open mats Hoth and Mandalore.
  6. My post wasnt well worded. I meant more the points and ship requirements can be fluid not the actual rule set.
  7. I should have realized they weren't going to do 8 or 9 bars thanks for pointing that out.
  8. Yeah theres just one in the show but I've accepted I will probably need to get at least two... maybe he had a spare or even an extra pair just in case......
  9. Just to clarify in 1.0 they called them huge ships. Originally you didn't need to field a huge ship https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/x-wing/support/X-Wing-Epic-Tournament-Rules.pdf in epic (it was just the only format you could play huge ships in). The more recent rules under 1.0 do show the huge ship requirement but my store's epic scene was long dead before the CROC (which is why I put my experience). I had difficult time finding by the book epic games because it wasn't the standard format. FFG may recommend certain point levels for team games and whether or not you can take a huge ship in a particular mission. In theory that's fine but once you get 8 people in the same room somebody may dislike huge ships, or want to play different point totals then you have to decide how to accommodate them or make other adjustments. I expect the multiplayer expansion to be more of a guide than a dogmatic ruleset. It wouldn't surprise me if they show how to scale points based on the number of players and the time those players want to spend. The A larger world preview articles mentions some of the missions being 500 points or 20 threat squadrons (unfortunately there are no threat levels visible on the huge ship previews at least that I can find). Hopefully that helps.
  10. In my experience epic point totals varied a lot the 300 points was more recommendation than rule. I suspect it will be the same 2.0. In 1st it could be punishing to take the raider or the Corvette unless your opponent also took one. Just because it was such a large point sink. Generics ruled as aces just got focus fired. Which made for a really different experience. 2.0 epic looks well thought out upgrades like agent of the empire will help aces but it's limited so it wont change the make up of the format too much. Which is good because too many aces will slow the game down.
  11. Yeah it be epic if only first order had something like fifth brother. Also an opponent that didn't see that coming a mile away! I can dream through. ...
  12. I've used autoblasters twice with an upsilon. So far nothing to show for it. At two points it doesn't dramatically impact my bid. That being said I'm not going to trying to create a combo with tn-3465. It's for fun.
  13. reqent

    Themed Card Packs

    I see these as the prototype. I suspect the next batch will look different. Theme packs would be logical. They could cover a major battle from each trilogy and shoehorn some scum in.
  14. reqent

    Fireball Is Fun

    Yeah it definitely feels that way which is fine the fireball shouldn't be a meta monster. It looks like a fun fluffy ship and it will be good for the faction. The TIE/ba is awesome looking and the FO needs it. Even if the ship isn't priced well its still our first new ship in over a year.
  15. I think as jedi aces builds become more popular so will midnight. He does better when people are running 3 ships it's just harder to focus fire him. He just isn't as easy to use in 2nd, no way to store the evade and juke.... On the topic of aces I agree with strider. To be honest I do not consider quickdraw an ace I think of her as a brawler. I think 5 can be aces like Kylor or guri for example....
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