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  1. reqent

    Playmats at Adepticon

    No last year they sent an email survey where you could order it. I haven't received anything like that yet
  2. reqent

    Bad Luck Insurance Should not be Faction Locked

    Heroic on a tie (fighters or strikers) swarm could get out of control. I think the developers felt the resistance lists would generally tend towards smaller elite lists so they need more "insurance." I do think it helps with faction identity. Rebels do need help though...
  3. reqent

    The race to the bottom, and how it should be addressed

    I am curious to see how effective a kylo list built to go for time will be. I felt rebel regen it what enabled the strategy in the first place. I haven't flown against miranda or low risk since 1.0 ended. Without 1.0 autothrusters kylo will have a very small margin of error.
  4. reqent

    FO Conversion Kit news from SOS Gdańsk

    Yeah that thing really moves (finally). I am getting really excited for the Tie/sf.
  5. reqent

    How do you avoid buying every faction..?

    I think sticking to a budget is more important than avoiding other factions. One of my biggest regrets in 1.0 was just playing imperial for 95% of it. With seven factions a couple are gonna underperform so it's a good ideal to look at more than one. Or you may be miserable when your faction is in a slump
  6. reqent

    Clone Wars!

    I really like the squadron boxes. A 3 ship pack for 40 is a great entry point for new players! I hope they consider more bundles like that.
  7. reqent

    Resistance Chewie and FO Quickdraw

    Yeah I am as worried about the resistance as I'm excited for the first order. I feel like the first order has a better mix of ships/roles. They need to talk about the bomber and the a-wing more. I'm worried that it is just gonna be Rey and Poe. Which is probably an over reaction but I'm used to 1.0 where the meta had settled before stuff was even released
  8. reqent

    Resistance Chewie and FO Quickdraw

    We don't know yet the only ship with tech is the gun runner which doesn't have system slot
  9. reqent

    Resistance Chewie and FO Quickdraw

    I wouldn't be surprised if they get both the tech and sensor slots they did in 1.0. The SFis shaping up to be a very customizable chassis. Which makes sense in a small faction.
  10. reqent

    TIE SF Discussion

    I just realized they have an evade action now! I wonder if juke will be a thing. Quick draw with juke could be nasty.
  11. reqent

    TIE SF Discussion

    The conversion kit has 5 dials for the sf. I imagine you could fit 4 tie sf in a list comfortably. Although quickdraw is going to be pricey.
  12. reqent

    New article: TIE/FO

    I like the new pilot abilities. I think the "take a crit to change a die roll to a crit" ability will be awesome for Kylo. I never tried kylo and a tie/fo mini swarm in 1.0 but it could work in 2.0
  13. reqent

    The 2.0 Squad Builder - - where is it?

    Yes its 3 points for the shield upgrade which is worth it.
  14. reqent

    Happy Friday- What ship is surprising you in 2.0?

    Starvipers have been the most surprising ship to me so far. They were so terrible in first edition now they feel right and the bank barrel roll can make you look like a better player. I also love the variety in talents. It used to just be veteran instincts, push the limit, expertise, and juke, and then the free ones. Now there are more choices.
  15. reqent

    T-70 article.

    Oh I like tubbs, he could combo with the a-wing pilot l'ulo.