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  1. I'd have to give it some thought. Part of my issues may have been just how my week went (someone deleted my database at work and we found it wasn't being backed up) and just underestimating what I had going on IRL, but another part was the general paranoia it gave me. I think you can see in some of the scum chat that I was feeling a bit overwhelmed at times and I know I didn't focus as well at work while my name was up for the lynch. I definitely want to just watch the next one, but with a bit more foresight on my schedule I might give it another try.
  2. Agreed. I'll be able to focus a lot better at work this week knowing that this is done. All in all though, it was a good time, but way too time consuming for a family man like myself. Thanks for the compliments, but I don't know that it is truly that deserved. At least now that it is over, I can sleep better at night. Also, Not sure I wanted to come out of this being hailed for an ability to deceive people; in that case, was I really a winner?
  3. I don't think that they get to see who I choose before they would have to decide to block me, so it really doesn't matter who I choose to watch. No one else has claimed a power role so there wouldnt be anyone else that blocking benifits right now. I can tell that my action was blocked because my response is different than the first night when I watched CNinja. There could be a power that let the rebels bypass the medic and prevent him from doing anything. See https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Strongman IF there is a strongman type role, it is possible that Mad was not blocked, but was unable to help because of the strongman. I was then blocked because my role had been claimed, and either Gink was redirected or not with regard to Broba. Given the above, and the mistake of "if I were Imperial" that Broba made, I'm inclined to vote for Broba.
  4. It seemed like you were implying something with the nobody vote. I see that you did explain that further on, so my apologies there. I voted for nobody because of his odd soft claim of the doctor. His responses were very vague and not directed at the accusations, just saying he didn't want to tip off the rebels. Any timing coincides are simply that, coincidence.
  5. I watched you Tirion, but was blocked again. I suspected that they would come after you after yesterday's results. With Ard having organized two kills of superior officers, his credibility was getting weaker in my eyes.
  6. So anyone who isn't the killing vote isn't to be trusted? What about the others who voted for him, are they untrustworthy because they started the vote? This is the type of reasoning that Gink would have called out as moronic Giled has made sure that every time he speaks up he is sure to mention that he is a loyal Imperial Trooper. Isn't that a bit odd? Tirion, the time for being coy is over. If we screw this up, the Rebels will win. If you have some evidence, this is time to bring it out.
  7. How many leaders have we had? Mad was 1402 and claimed to be promoted after the first night, or do the numbers not nessecarily indicate rank?
  8. ## unvote while I consider. More to follow (quoting from phone is hard)
  9. I think I found the one redirecting us last night. ##vote @Ginkapo (should just be L-2, right?)
  10. This is a rather short explanation compared to your typical vote posts. Still trying to parse my way through the logic of last night myself though.
  11. I expected to see him, based on what I think his role is.
  12. And I did expect to see two visitors (not that it will convince you now) - we had Mad so set up to be killed someone was going to try to protect him.
  13. lol Hey, what two consenting people want to do together at 3 in the morning is none of my business.
  14. Let me through what happened last night: The Rebels killed Mad. Mad could have cleared me, had he investigated me. The massive explosion seems out of place for the a normal kill, so could it have been a special ability? We didn't get any details on Mads corpse the way we did with the others, so no way to confirm his role. I watched Mad, but didn't learn anything, suggesting that I was blocked by something, maybe the blast, maybe a role. I don't think it would be a role though, as has been stated before, there are a lot of them already.
  15. Ok, yeah, I have no new information ofter last night. Wishing I had a clue how this could have happened. Maybe knocked out by the blast? Truly don't know.
  16. So, I'm trying to figure out how this could happen, but I didn't see anything last night, I think. Give me a minute...
  17. So, I plan to follow Mads plan tonight if I'm still alive. If not, the good luck to those Imperials that remain.
  18. So, here is what I seem to have missed while working today: Nobody is soft claiming that he is the doctor Mad decides that he doesn't like his own plan in the end; can't say that I blame him. Gink makes a mistake(?) and is also being viewed with some suspicion. Ok, so my thoughts are this. The soft claim isn't enough for me. Everyone else has revealed when push comes to shove, so I have to go with ##vote @NobodyInParticular
  19. I think he's trying to point out that the "follow the leader" mentality got our commander killed yesterday. Not a good strategy. Be fully convinced in your own mind of your vote, and be able to articulate it.
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