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  1. Focus fire, and pay attention to the way they regen. Most regen ships loathe control: r2d2 astro can't regen while ioned, r5-p9 can't regen without a focus. Both options can be a liability for your opponent if he is forced to suffer more attacks to get 1 shield back. I don't recommend ordnance just because it's one chance to crack the target and wasted points if the damage is weathered and regenned.
  2. I think that people are saying that the damage done by tlt versus low agility is very predictable. Firing at a decimator, for example, the nature of the attack will cut down the deviation in numbers of turns to kill. However, yes, tlt is a high attack dice weapon, which tend to perform more efficiently against high agility defenders. I agree with you there.
  3. The tie fo has joust efficiency above the bwing, though below the regular tie. That alone makes it viable, but the nonjousting features need to be exploited to beat equivalent points in regular ties. That is, use the target lock (which is stupidly useful in a swarmy ship--hoboe have you ever flown z-95s??), the green turns l, and s-loops that differentiate them from the regulars.
  4. With rec spec he can still focus + evade cheque and have predator rerolls.
  5. You could do a cartel marauder or serissu or a z-95 and some upgrades in the squad. Putting more points in could get you a y-wing. You have options.
  6. It is a good deal ept, but it isn't always that useful. You need a reason to take it. Generics with ept slots rarely want or need the PS bonus. It enters low unique PS without adding a unique ability.
  7. Plenty of lists work fine without upgrades. I don't think you need to be shy about a few upgrades when teaching new players, though.
  8. 8 pilots can take it, though not all of them are "worth it"
  9. A lot of the opening rounds will depend on maneuvering and formation tactics. Playing the range 1, asteroids, and keeping tighter formations than the enemy. The first couple rounds of shooting are most important for this mirror match. Really is not much different from lots of other matchups.
  10. The manual has a learn to play tutorial that is actually pretty good. Start simple. Maybe modify the sides to have mirrored builds to keep things straight for newbies.
  11. Having a 5th ship on the board is a big difference especially when catching interceptors or in a joust. I wanted something to last a bit longer.
  12. I basically thought of having other shops with ion as upgrades for bonearm. And I didn't want all my eggs in one basket, which is also why I go with 2 z95s instead of another y-wing.
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