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  1. seconded on where did you get those engine effects
  2. some great lookign stuff on here. make me want to paint again
  3. also all sorts of mercenaries (ie the mandalorians) fit perfectly well in the third faction. sure three factions seems like an unbalanced number. but really in times of strife there really are only 3 key groups of players. the two opposing sides, and those who profit off of both
  4. Well considering that smugglers toe both sides of the line, i would consider them to be under the "scum" heading. and as for spies.... what spies? all the spies are imperial with the exception of bothans. allthough im sure some bothans sold info to the imps as well. **** shifty bothans.
  6. So I recall high demand for the skipray. This looks super similar but it's ugly?
  7. you know. even though it was a total age of empires clone. i LOVED galactic battlegrounds. i would have liked empire at war more. but i really did not enjoy any of the ground based missions. and of course Rouge squadron 2 was the ****
  8. i hope that they make this available on mobile devices. i seem to be exclusively using my Ipad lately. no room in my current apartment for my pc .
  9. and of course it doesn't like my iPad. lol. thanks though!
  10. oh ok! i see it more clearly now. would deffinately be hard to spot in space. like trying to find a far off tie figter with its panel turned your way
  11. i serriously can not wait to get my hands on the 2300. i almost like it more than the falcon really. even if it is just a ripoff.
  12. I'm not sure how i feel about the metallic grey. would look really cool if it was more of a chrome (ala nubian ) and then weathered down. i like where youa re going though
  13. hmm. even a website with soundboard would be amazing really
  14. hello everyone. ive been lurking away on this forum for months now. i think i tried to make a profile a while back but somehow got subdued by the internet. Anyhow, i was wondering if anyone knows of a good soundboard or app that is ios compatible. would love to enrich the games that me and my buddies play.
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