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    Should be fun to see how this plays out. I wonder if it will be easy enough that anyone can pick up a deck and get it. I'm hoping each deck can be at least somewhat valuable. Or if it'll develop into a buy-and-trash mentality of players -- grabbing a deck, comparing it to the meta, and putting it on the shelf to buy another one. But it's a curious endeavor and I'm excited to track its growth.
  2. http://dockingbay416.com/campaign/ Drink deep this epic, fan-made, fully cooperative campaign against a stunning "AI" running the Imperial fighters. Gain experience over several missions and customize your ship with more upgrades and abilities than are allowed in Standard Play and become, literally, Heroes of the Aturi Cluster. Oodles of fun. Hours of play. Get on it.
  3. You may not. A surge ability can only be used once per die roll. Though if you have two separate surge abilities that do the same thing, you can stack those with multiple surges. The Force Pike, for instance, has two [surge]: +1 [damage] abilities.
  4. Fantasy Flight's usual policy is to tease out most if not all the mechanics of a game before it comes out. I bet it hits stores end of February to accommodate the tournaments they have slated for March. If that's the case, we should be seeing a dramatic upswing in Runewars articles after the holidays turn.
  5. Oh wow. Flanking's a drastic problem then. Definitely rewards maneuvering prowess. That's interesting, though, how the Daqan cavalry could technically manage a bigger multiplier on the flanks if they were costed out at 6 trays. Almost like -- "We're not that accurate since you've outflanked us but now we'll just drown you in horses." That's assuming the flanking attack didn't wipe out that critical back tray for said hypothetical situation...
  6. 1. The unit cards have available formation 'loadouts' on the back (as well as their upgrade slots, which increase as unit size increases, and the units base cost for that size) 2. That's a really good question! I would imagine it's as if they're fighting from the front, but the flanking attacker simply gets a bonus for flanking. From what I've seen in the various demo videos, flanks work the same combat-wise (You'll use your front-facing threat and normal rank re-rolls no matter what side your opponent is on) and that in the full game, flanking and rear attacks will have a substantial benefit to whoever's attacking those sides.
  7. And you KNOW that blank's going to follow Murphy's Law and wreck you every chance it gets. You'll find yourself at every hinge moment of a game and see that clean, white plastic just gleaming up at you.
  8. True facts. Though we've only got two heroes so far and one of them has the Precise 1 ability, so she can re-roll as if she had the extra rank. I'm sure with the full game, there will be other ways to enable some re-rolling. Other than that, yeah, sometimes it sucks to suck, even for heroes. Thankfully it's only a 1/12 chance per die.
  9. With the loadouts as presented, I think I'd roll for Vader. Sans boost, yeah he's less maneuverable but he can focus-evade in dire circumstances even after his stealth pops. Less-dire cases, he can swing for the target-lock/focus or target-lock/evade for the auto-crit. All this without committing to a green maneuver to destress. Combine that with his shields vs. those pesky PWTs and he can probably crunch some Rebel scum.
  10. Fall of 2014. After wave 4 (The TIE Defender being my favoritest ship from the lore) and just before the Decimator/Outrider release. Wow, it's almost been two years. Bananas.
  11. Fantasy Flight must, and always has, tread the line between ease of access and money-making (leaning more to the latter). You do have a point that it's a bit expensive to build for a competitive list in the ever-flowing meta. And Fantasy Flight pushes that envelope every year they release new cards and mechanics instead of issuing copies of the same, older cards that have been working. But you've proven their stragey with your anecdote about the Starviper. Competitively, it sees little action. But since FF wants to push their product, it will probably be quite a while before we see autothrusters in any other set. It gets their units out and bought...until another reason compels us to own it (like a fix with new cards from new sets). And the competitive scene, ever vigilant of the best ways to munchkin various ship builds, are itching to buy whatever helps them remain competitve. The best upgrades help the best ships which need the best upgrades that are in other ships that will be buffed with the next best ships and THEIR upgrades which...etc, etc, etc. Tournament-wise? I think your complaint is valid but will never see a solution. This game's got so many ships and FF wants to sell all of them. And if the ship, while currently unpopular, has an upgrade that gets it sold, we won't be seeing whatever upgrade has got us trigger-happy with our wallets. What better way to get you to have as much of their product as you need than by requiring it at their events? What better way to ensure more expansion packs are sold than by having several ships synergize with upgrades in other kits? Otherwise? I'd recommend playing the lists you want. The other folks here talking about proxying echo my own feelings: casuals won't worry much. And if that's your boat, then you go float it. Fantasy Flight makes the most money from new players by them spending into the collection. They buy the starter set, the kits they like, the kits they're curious about, etc. And perhaps they remain casuals flying the ships they enjoy despite the occasional spanking by someone who's run the numbers. Perhaps they're happy with the little collection they've accumulated. But perhaps they become competitive and start running those numbers. Getting deep into the community and following the meta. And they buy not only the sets they want but all the sets they need. And that's where the money continues to flow. Because we wanna win. Fantasy Flight doesn't play us for suckers, I'd say. They play us as customers of a product we want. And they'll continue to do that until their strategy fails to keep their numbers up. For that to happen, we'll have to start boycotting their new expansions while clearly expressing that we'd buy them if they furnished us with more cards that we prefer. Ask me? I still plan on buying every expansion in whatever copies I require until my consumer-grade Stockholm Syndrome fades. Or until I have no more money.
  12. Boy, those are pretty. Nicely done. Looks pretty spot on.
  13. It's not quite so flexible as that. Jan Ors can't help two ships add extra dice. But with Wingman, Jan could perform a red maneuver or receive a stress sometime in the activation phase. Once the combat phase starts, Wingman strips the stress, and Jan is capable of using her ability as well.
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