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  1. I take everything seriously. I am offended by everyone, and I hope I offend everyone I see.
  2. absolutely. These forums are ridiculous. it's part of my entertainment, honestly
  3. one: thanks for listening two: the game is very beer and pretzels if you are content with that. Nobody is making you go to the tournaments except for your own desire for plastic swag. There are more casual formats than ever in the game. I would put it on par with MTG's EDH format, Cube, and tiny leaders. If you don't like 100 point dogfighting competitive tournaments; don't listen to our cast. We never pretended to be anything else. Also if you don't like the competitive mindset, don't got to competitive tournaments. Or better yet: organize a tournament around a different format (escalation, mario kart, highlander) Rudeness and cheating (Not sure how much stealing or table flipping I've witnessed) is something we and the rest of the community are very much opposed to. We and almost every other cast cover those issues as they come up, and the torch-and-pitchfork community polices this in lieu of floor rules (shoutout THEzackmathewscarolinakraytspodcast).
  4. It looks like these puppies are reusable. That might make them pretty good.
  5. We had 4 teams from Charlotte, 2 from Greensboro, 3 from Raleigh, 1 from Durham, 1 from Atlanta, and 1 from Wisconsin/NOVA. We'll see if we can get a list juggler made for it, but I think most of the teams took their squad sheets home (we used them for pairings). Most teams had a pairattanni, and there were a couple of Kannan/biggs, but other than that, there was quite a lot of variance. The format allows captains to choose some of their matchups, so you are free to bring a list with a glaringly bad matchup or two if it fits well into the team. The list that caught me off guard was on the winning team, Dan flew Quickdraw, O-leader, and Tomax and beat Jeremy Howard with it!
  6. After 5 rounds of hard flying, it came down to a 3 way tie between the Hornet Squadron from Charlotte, Murder Squadron from Atlanta, and the White Walkers from Wisconsin/NOVA. The Hornets squeaked out a win by less than 100 Team MoV. Congratulations Hornets, and we'll see you at the next Krayt Cup!
  7. This happened tonight at our FLGS. Epsilon Ace is unhurt, then Miranda moves at PS 8 and drops a conner net on him and gets 2 damage (with sabine crew). This peels off Epsilon Ace's shield and puts one damage on his hull; back down to a PS4. The problem is, he is now a PS4, and his turn for movement has already passed. Does he just not move?
  8. I got stuffed 3 times by technical issues, then filled out the survey. Should I be waiting on an email or something?
  9. I got stuffed by technical issues on all 3 sign up days, then filled out the survey. Does anybody know how this wave of registration was supposed to work? I assumed I should be awaiting an email but none has arrived.
  10. why is this logic not applied to any other ship?
  11. Am I the only one disappointed by this? I'm glad it has the rear arc, but man, what a bummer. I know tactician or gunner would be a bit silly on this, but it's in the movie!!
  12. Screw the limelight and screw the pedestal (flagpole) some people expect all of the high level competitors to be atop. This game is awesome because there is no Bobby Fischer. It doesn't matter how much you win, you might lose the next game you play. Against anybody. To call anybody out on making a fair, logical, and rules sanctioned decision to give them the best chance of winning is asinine. "Oh you took the target lock instead of the boost because you're just trying to win the tournament" yes. yes I am doing that. Isn't that why most of us are here? Or do they have some delusion that the drunken-master-i-don't-care-about-running-competitive-lists-heavy-scyk-runnin dudebro will stumble his way to victory in high level prestigious competition. That is an insult to everyone who has made any effort to get better at the game. What's the saying, "Ideas are like air conditioners, the sh*tty ones are always the loudest"?
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