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  1. If I follow I the product code increment, it tells me that it was released after The Antlered Crown. Yet listeing to old Gray Company Podcast episode, I understand it was released around the same time of The Voice of Isengard... can anyone helps me on this one? Thanks
  2. ... do you think it would be working with only 1 core set?
  3. When was it realeased? I mean Masing at Osgiliath... the product code seems to show it was released just after Shadow & Flame... but that does not seem to be coherent with GenCon 2011?
  4. This is slightly off-topic, but I wonder if your favourite hobby store don't sell this game anymore because a lot of player buy it directly from the internet? I know at least two hobby stores in Montréal where the game seems to sell ok and one in which it the French translation sells very good, but not the original one. Yet I know 2 hobby game where they decided to no longer sells the game because it is not popular enough. What about you? do you guys prefer to buy online or at a hobby boutique?
  5. Well, I don't how how can it be considered cheating / dodgy. Counting / remembering cards you played while knowing by heart your deck is the needed skill to beat this quest with a "normal" deck (say, not a mono sphere deck without attachments or events and with only 2 and 3 cost cards). It is just one important skill to master to play that kind of game.
  6. Actually, I was only able to beat the second and third quest of Heirs of Numenor with mono tactic decks!
  7. Maybe I am just whining. The thing is, and maybe I should have reflected it more before writing stuff down, is that I found the quest a (little) boring, and I just feel bad about this. Some quest I enjoy less than others - The Long Dark, The Dead Marshes, The Hunt for Gollum, Blood of Gondor - and it's ok. But this is suppose to enact a book I discovered when I was 9 or 10, and, so to speak "changed my life forever". I *wanted* to love this scenario so bad! Just a misplaced guilt I suppose... And I thought : well, maybe I don't play it the "right way". What is the "right way"? Of course there is no answer to this question, the question itself is bad... Yet I've played the second quest (Over Misty Mountains Grim?) and - even though a little easy - this was FUN. Now I want to try to play through the first quest with Thorin as the only hero (along with Bilbo...). Good quest for trying these kind of experimental deck, I think.
  8. Greetings! I have just finished playing the first quest of TH:OHaUH, and, well, I feel a bit... weird. I usaly don't mind being out-of-theme, especially if it is mandatory to beat some quest while playing solo, but for the saga ones I really wanted to be, if not on-theme, at least not completly off (say, playing Denethor or Boromir or Frodo would simply won't make any sense). So I tried all kind of decks with 3 dwarves heroes that come with the pack... but... how can I say this? I think I don't find dwarf deck that fun to play...? Or maybe I found the first quest of this Saga too close to Conflict at the Carrock but a little less fun...? So my point is : Do you guys have good ideas for decks (or, simply, decks!) that are both on theme for this Saga box and fun to play..? I really *want* to love this scenario, but for now it just fall short... Thanks
  9. ... Is it because the Palantir, in it's current form, is not really enjoyable to play with?
  10. ... I think that's a real deal. I am a not-so-new player, I just finished the Against the Shadow cycle and I am playing now my first Saga (The Hobbit - God I wish I could have Beorn/Foe-Hammer/A Very Good Tale/Cram when I was exploding my nerves against Perir in Pelargir and Into Ithilien!). I don't own any GenCon nor Nightmare packs. And I do want to buy / play the 6 other saga expansions out there, and voice of isengards, and the lost realms, and the grey havens, and the sands of harrads. Even if they stopped there, I think I can transfer at least 1 000$ from my paychecks in the wallet of FFG in the following years. And I am pretty sure I am not alone in this!
  11. This is not a rhetorical question : how could they build a "corruption mechanic" that will not be redondant with the threat mechanics? Because that would be the point of ancients artefacts, like rings and palantiri and the like, right?
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