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  1. Tactic Cards At the start of combat you draw tactic cards equal to the highest printed tactics number on your leaders present (current max of 3 for both space and ground). Is this correct? Do you only draw tactic cards from the ground(space) deck if the combat only has aerial(ground) units? At the end of combat all played tactic cards are reshuffled into their respective decks. Correct? Do unplayed cards stay with the player that drew them, or are they reshuffled into the deck? If you keep your tactic cards until they are played, what happens when players enter combat and there are not enough cards for both players to draw? Does the player who initiated the combat draw first? Are the Imperial Project cards and the Rebel Objective cards part of the player's hand of Mission cards? Or are they separate? Also on some of the Mission cards such as Lure of the Dark Side it states "Count all skill icons during this attempt." Does this mean that each player rolls a die for each skill icon that the Leaders that are present have? Such that if the Emperor and Vader are both present the Imperial player would roll 10 dice? Thanks for the help.
  2. Fewer releases is something that I would be fine with.
  3. Only used it once, but it was fun and useful. Moving defenders onto rocks (possibly damaging them up to two times and denying them an attack) or moving into a closer range of your buddies/out of range of them attacking back and reducing the agility.
  4. Kavil Expert Handling Advanced Protons x2 Experimental Interface BTL-A4 Y-Wing Overclocked R4 Face Bonearm Daredevil Autoblaster Turret Stealth Device Targeting Coordinator Moldy Crow Feedback Array Kaa'to Leeachos Lone Wolf XX-23 S Thread Tracers 100 points
  5. I own one of each epic, and at least two of each of the others. So far I have not flown the Gozanti, the T-70 and the TIE Prototype. It will happen eventually.
  6. My two cents. 1. Overall I liked and enjoyed the movie. 2. My biggest complaint is the movie didn't feel like Star Wars. I can't quite explain it. Perhaps Lucas puts some sort of addictive substance in his films and he didn't sell it to Disney. Without Han, Luke, etc the movie is only Star Wars because Disney slapped the SW logo on it. A lot of it felt forced. The dejarik holoboard game being turned on. C-3PO jumping in front of the camera. It was over the top, perhaps this is were less is more makes sense. 3. The main premise of Luke gone into hiding. Why would he leave a map? If it is for someone to find him in an emergency then why would the map be in three different parts. (Also the map itself is a joke. All you need is the end of the map not a trail leading to it.) If the First Order had the other parts of the map. Why didn't they just search all the planets in the missing section of their map? Or just blow up the planets in the that sections. 4. Phasma (or whoever she was). Why would she turn off the shield? Seems like fight or die was a more likely option. 5. Rey was great. I liked her character and acting. 6. Finn was good. His giving up on the FO seemed somewhat forced, but not impossible. 7. Poe was ok. A very excited ADHD character. Sweet pilot, just all over the place. 8. Ren was decent. Acting wise he was fine. Character wise, nor a fan. Seemed strange to see a dark side temper tantrum. His transgression was odd to me. Start of the film he was badass. Stopped a laser bolt in midair (never seen that before) used the force to freeze Poe, read his mind, he seemed super powerful. Then he can't beat Finn (Who lost to an unnamed stormtrooper in his first duel) when the duel. I will say I hate Ren (because of what he did on the catwalk) but that doesn't make his acting or character bad. 9. Lando? Where for art thou Lando? I hope it's only because he can only be in two out of three movies. 10. Wedge. Wish he would have agreed to be in the movie. 11. End of movie hug between Leia and Rey. Unless Leia actually know who she is, why is she hugging a stranger and not comforting/being comforted by Chewie. 12. Han's moment at the end upset me, I won't lie I wished it hadn't happened. It wasn't even shocking as it was very choreographed. Minor nitpicks. 1. Shield being turned off so easily. Obviously they had lots of stormtroopers as evident from the General's speech. So having no one stationed to protect such a vital area is dumb. 2. Who was the Resistance resisting? If the FO was so bad, wouldn't the Republic oppose them. 3. Ren's temper tantrums. It wouldn't be so bad if the movie itself didn't make fun of it by having the two troopers sneak away and turn it into a comedic moment. 4. The scavenger that first had BB-8 just giving him up because Rey ran up. Seems to me that he would have fought back for his huge prize (as a Droid would be a huge payday). 5. Leia. God I wish she hadn't gone off the deep end with addiction. She sounded like Leia had smoked a cartoon a day since RotJ 6. Finn knowing much of anything about Starkville base other than its location, especially after we find out he was a janitor. Again my overall reaction is positive. I will watch it again.
  7. bigred92

    First choice.

    Rebels: Tycho Imperials: Tycho Scum: Tycho
  8. I'm all for new ships, I don't care about what factions ships get put into as I trust FFG to make a good decision. Then I can "pew pew" it up with sweet new ships.
  9. bigred92

    Tallon Roll

    I know this may come off as nit-picky, but why do the new X-Wings have the ability to Tallon roll? That was a TIE tactic.
  10. Can you use the new models as either ship? Meaning can the new X-Wing be used with a T-70 maneuver dial and a regular x-wing dial?
  11. Awesome deal $39.87 after everything was totaled. Thanks.
  12. I played a three player before Scum came out. Each player fielded 100 points (we allowed both Rebel and Imperial ships in the same list, Roark with Echo was pretty sweet). We adjusted the starting positions two players on the bottom corners, with the third player being on the opposite side in the center, which left everyone roughly the same distance apart. Fun match.
  13. Why not just word it so you gain a focus token when you gain a stress. So you have the focus to spend, but still need to get rid of the stress normally.
  14. Any thoughts as to what the new firing arc is, you can tell from the pictures of the pilot cards that the attack symbol is a bit different from normal?
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