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  1. I have one of the FFG play mats and it has been in storage for a while. When I took it out of the box recently half of it has kind of a honey comb look to it. It doesn't lay 100% flat. Anyone else have this problem? If so do you have a tested, not theoretical, fix for it? I was planning to place a towel over it and iron it but I would hate to destroy it. Thanks in advance.
  2. There is nothing they can do about people posting the photos elsewhere but they can give you a ban for posting it in here. They have taken down well over dozen threads today because of it. It's people like you posting it here that is creating an issue. Sorry for being excited about this new set and coming to, what I thought, were people more knowledgeable about this. I also apologize for not have the time during my week day to watch the threads as they get deleted. This wanting to talk here about the game and something cool on the horizon reminded me of why I don't come to the FFG forums any more. I lapse in good judgment will be corrected and you can have all this fun for yourselves. Goodnight
  3. I have the feeling it may be a bit late with pictures all over BGG, FB and reddit. Trying to stop the flood with a strainer isn't going very well for them.
  4. The Rebel base is on Dantooine.
  5. Looking forward to having a X-wing with boost!
  6. There, pictures gone. So sorry trolls.
  7. Thanks for all the possitivr feedback I have painted all my fighters with out using primer, what is the advantage in using it with this size of model?
  8. I have double CR90s and been thinking about one more. Double fighters seems very good as well, nice to have options.
  9. I am pretty happy with them. I just wanted to show them off.
  10. I like it even tho it has adopted the name Big F@%king Dolphin or BFD for short. I'm happy they are not sticking to ships you only see on the big screen, Imps and Rebs.
  11. Friendly Local Gaming Store. Support your local hobby store and try to avoid buying online. o7 If there was a good one that was closer than a 2 hour drive I would
  12. I don't pre-order anything from FFG anymore else the stats changes to shipping. It is painful waiting for the information that seems to never come. If FFG did fond out enough information to change the latest update to 4-29 it would be great to know what little info they did get. Oh well, I will just keep waiting and playing with proxy squads for now.
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