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  1. I won the swiss in my LGS small 4 man tournament with the following. Dodonna, x2 AF2B w/ Vet. Captain, Gunnery Team & Enhanced Armament, 4As & 4Xs Since I was right at 400, I had to pick my poison in all 3 rounds of swiss. Two of the other players ran a moderate amount of squadrons and the last player didn't run any (Screed, 2 Vic1, 2Glad2). Every game I managed at least 1 pre-emptive strike usually with the A-wings and that made a big difference in all of my games. I also ran almost exclusively squadron commands on my dials, so when my squadrons did get engaged they generally won without having to commit much back up. I never quite lost an Assault Frigate, actually I never lost a ship the entire day but I was far too close for comfort a couple of times. In the final game I ran: Ackbar, MC 80 (I don't recall the exact upgrades but I had EA & ECM) MC30 (TRC and other things), 4 Bs, 2Xs, Han & Dash against: Screed, ISD2, Raider1, Glad1 (Demolisher, Wulf & Engine Techs), Boba, IG-88 and Rhymer. I killed the Gladiator turn 2 with Han, Dash & the MC30 (Ackbar + TRC is scary!!!). Lost Dash to Boba & IG-88 but killed them both Han, Dash and the Xs. Then Han ran down Rhymer while the MC80 munched the Raider. Finally the MC80 and B-wings killed the ISD2 turn 6 after 2 turns of shooting. I play Imperials as well and I almost ran: Motti, x2 Vic1 w/ Veteran Captain, Gunnery Team & Expanded Hangar Bay, Rhymer, 2 Adv, Howlrunner & 5 TIEs... Needless to say I'm very excited for Boosted Comms... I don't have all the models or cards yet but I want to try: Ackbar, x3 AF2B w/ Support Officer, Boosted Comms & ECM and 9 A-wings...
  2. I'm afraid I'd disagree. 1-0 damage and maybe a stress token vs 3-0 damage and maybe 1 or more crits with only a 2 points difference.Sounds better to me I'm talking in regards to use against 3 agility dice ships, often with auto-thrusters. Situations where I only need 1 damage but I need it consistently. Against other targets, 2 dice primaries have done well enough in practice. Also those 2 points would force me to either drop defensive upgrades (hull) or an entire ship... Which from my experience last weekend means I'll lose far more than I gain.
  3. I've previously passed over the Scyk for the already stated reasons... point cost and low hp. BUT... after my experiences in the regional at FFG last weekend, I'm really not liking Z-95's in the current meta. The Z's work as a screen but against things like dual Aggressors (high agility dice + high durability); Z's just couldn't do damage consistently enough. Not consistently enough to justify more than 1 in a list and I ran 4. Against dual aggressors 4 out of my 5 ships felt useless. I blocked but couldn't capitalize enough with 2 attack ships. Anyway... until wave 7 comes out and we see how the Kihraxz comes out I'm looking for a 3 dice, 20ish point stopgap for scum. So... I'm looking at Cartel Spacers with Flechette Cannons and maybe hull upgrades. The idea is I need a ship that can do 1 damage more often than a Z-95 and a 18 or 21 point M3-A looks to be my best option so far... Even if they'll only ever do 1 damage at range 2 & 3, that's better than my Z's are doing against the ships I'm struggling against. And I don't think the Manglers do enough extra damage over the Flechettes to justify the cost.
  4. I'd take Predator over marksmanship... also works well with Torpedoes. I've flown Horton alongside "Mini-Horton" (Gray w/ Predator) before. MOAR RE-ROLLS!
  5. Rhymer and Jonus? He means generics... the basic TIE and Interceptor get them so why not the Bomber? Easiest way to fix ordnance would be to release generic pilots with EPT slots... PTL makes Concussion / Homing Missiles worth their points and Predator does the same for Proton Torpedoes.
  6. Only if he has a target worth shooting at already in his arcs. If you give Wes Janson VI, you're going to give him Engine Upgrade and probably R3-A2 as well... it comes to 33-35 points but it is always worth it.
  7. Right now using only two core sets... Victory I Star Destroyer -Tarkin -Defense Liaison -Enhanced Armament Victory I Star Destroyer -Defense Liaison -Enhanced Armament Howlrunner TIE Squadron x9 Objectives: Most Wanted, Hyperspace Assault and Minefield IIRC Simple list trying to be as cost efficient as possible. I really like the Defense Liaison because starting with the 3rd command dial, I just pick concentrate fire and roll with the punches. Only pitfall is not being able to capitalize on squadron dial commands but with Tarkin's tokens I've managed to get by so far. We'll see what happens when the new wave shows up. Nastier starfighters are my primary concern, but Interceptors might be a better choice for my CAP squadrons than regular TIEs.
  8. Yeah, my experience has been that a pair of warthogs find a Decimator to be a tasty snack. So even if the rest of your list isn't terribly strong, you can expect a pretty successful game.Also in my experience, the warthogs are pretty bad finishers against anything with a better dial (which is nearly everything), either barrel roll or boost (also nearly everything), and better PS (still nearly everything). So IMO Biggs actually works against the list, because you want those cheap, heavily armored 'hogs to be your opponent's first target, leaving your more agile/able finishers for the middle and end game. The R2 Astromechs really make a huge difference. If it'd been a timed match I could have won fairly easily. I'd also have entered the endgame much stronger if I'd had more experience dealing with Mara Jade. The game broke fairly evenly into 3 parts: full squad vs full squad, Soontir Fel vs 1 full health Hog + 1 half-health Hog and finally Soontir Fel vs 1 full health Hog. I should also re-iterate (and explain) that I lost the game when I went against my better judgement and tried a hard 2 turn when I should have K-turned (for the millionth time), it was my mistake not the Y-wing's (improved) dial that cost me that game. My opponent (and friend) is the best interceptor player I've ever faced and that includes a trip to Worlds in November. That's also the reason I'm swapping the Hull Upgrade for R3-A2... You don't even need to hit a PTL Interceptor or Phantom with Ol' Stressbot to mess up their game. If I can discourage them from engaging in the early game, I'll be able to do better in the late game. In casual games it doesn't matter much but in 75 min tournament play... I like my odds so far. Taking that as a serious suggestion Tarn w/R7 and an R2 (or R3A2) on Biggs would be better. On the other hand, I could just call one of the Hogs, "Piggy" now couldn't I? Wasn't Porkins a Y-wing pilot before Yavin or am I just remembering wrong?
  9. The more I think about the more I'm leaning toward dropping the Hull Upgrade and putting R3-A2 on Biggs. It adds another control option to a list with 3 ion attacks and if I'm worried about clearing the stress, I don't have to use it. Also that puts the list at 99 points total and makes it more likely to get the initiative if I need it.
  10. Sorry editor cut out some of the lists... but its fixed now. Anyways, I don't want to lose the damage potential associated with the A4 title, unless I'm swapping it for a 3 Attack dice ship. Bombs are an interesting idea but with a list built around Biggs, I worry that I won't be able to get him out of the way of the turn I want to drop bombs.
  11. So I just played a very good game with a new list... and was very impressed with the lists performance. Biggs Darklighter (25) Hull Upgrade (3) Gold Squadron Pilot (18) Ion Cannon Turret (5) R2 Astromech (1) BTL-A4 Y-Wing (0) Gold Squadron Pilot (18) Ion Cannon Turret (5) R2 Astromech (1) BTL-A4 Y-Wing (0) Gold Squadron Pilot (18) Ion Cannon Turret (5) R2 Astromech (1) BTL-A4 Y-Wing (0) Total: 100 For reference I flew against this list: Soontir Fel (27) Push the Limit (3) Autothrusters (2) Shield Upgrade (4) Royal Guard TIE (0) Rear Admiral Chiraneau (46) Push the Limit (3) Mara Jade (3) Rebel Captive (3) Ysanne Isard (4) Engine Upgrade (4) Total: 99 I killed the Admiral but it took longer then I liked because of Mara Jade prevented me from K-turning for the kill... it took about 2 turns to get far enough off the admiral after the initial pass to get my Y-wings around to polish him off. The turn the Admiral died my opponent killed Biggs and one of the Y-wings. Then it was roughly 6-7 turns of Soontir vs. one full health Y-wing and one wounded Y-wing and another 6-7 turns against just the healthy Y-wing after he finally picked off the wounded one. I eventually lost, as much from sheer exhaustion as anything else. It was a matter of who made the first lethal mistake and unfortunately it was me. It was a very tense but enjoyable game. So some thoughts: Y-wings with the BTL-A4 title really, really, really need either the R2 astromech or the Unhinged Astromech (depending on their faction). A4 Y-wings can throw out a lot of damage but will normally take a lot of damage in the process. Biggs is the perfect escort and thus far I think Rebels will make better use of the A4 title because of him. And now for the question, how do I make the list better? I only put the Hull upgrade on Biggs because I couldn't think of anything better at the time I made the list... Since I've considered dropping the Hull Upgrade for R3-A2 on Biggs, dropping a Y-wing and the hull upgrade for R3-A2 on Hobbie Klivian, or dropping a Y-wing and the hull upgrade for Garvin Dreis. I'm not sold on any of those ideas but the first two seem better than the third idea. Thoughts?
  12. It's not 8 dice in a turn... but I want to try N'dru with Opportunist and Homing missiles, run next to Palob. 6 dice at range 3 with TL and focus if I can set it up... that'll leave one hell of a mark. Also 4 and 5 dice on primary attacks for 21 points? Oh Scum... you're so beautiful. Also really like the idea of N'dru with Hotshot Blaster and opportunist, because who really wants to bet against their opponents dice when said opponent is tossing down 5 attack dice with a turret?
  13. In a game not too long ago, I fielded Kyle Katarn and he took two crits in consecutive turns from a Doom Shuttle. The first turn he suffered an Injured Pilot, second turn it was Munitions Failure... Kyle still had one hull point left but my opponent decided to ignore him and try and kill my other ships. So to answer your question: Both! Ditto, on Determination at least for Kyle, Jan and Dace. Opportunist is just too tempting on Palob.
  14. That would work until you need to switch targets. If Dutch and Drea could be in the same squad it would be pretty sweet. There's nothing on the card that specifies that you target lock what you're shooting at. As long as you've got something to lock within range 1-3 you can keep it going (assuming you can get the new target in arc without hard 3s/actions). Exactly. Given that Drea doesn't get an EPT and focus really isn't worth much on a Y-wing; I see little reason to clear stress off of Drea when she can completely bypass the standard action economy by piling on stress. I might forgo the A4 title and just use an Ion Cannon Turret though, to better handle arc dodgers. I've actually been thinking about buying a cheap shot glass to put all of Drea's stress token's in; that way they won't clutter up the table.
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