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  1. Awesome summary, thank you! Based on that, I think I'll go ahead and pick up the core set along with the rest. I don't really need more ships, but maybe I'll use them in epic mode now that the huge ships are being converted. This is kinda my last hurrah for this game in terms of purchases. I just want to get all my stuff updated for 2.0 so I can play with the new streamlined rules. Thanks again!
  2. Hi, everyone! It's been a long time since I last played X-wing, and I've been thinking about getting back into it. I don't have anything from 2.0, and I'm trying to figure out if I need to get the new core set or not. I saw that FFG is releasing standalone damage decks. If I get one of these damage decks and some conversion kits, will that be enough? Is there anything else I'll be missing from the core set? Are all the pilots, upgrades, and tokens available in the conversion kits? I assume I can read the updated rules online, so I shouldn't need a physical copy of that. Can I reuse my existing maneuver templates and range finder? Thanks!
  3. Rogue One Return of the Jedi A New Hope Empire Strikes Back The Last Jedi The Force Awakens The Phantom Menace Revenge of the Sith Attack of the Clones Yes, I liked Phantom Menace more than Revenge of the Sith (I don't love Jar Jar, but he never bothered me; and I love Darth Maul, podracing, and Gungans), and yes, Empire Strikes Back is my least favorite of the originals (it didn't used to be, but Rogue One bumped up A New Hope).
  4. Nope. Some of us just aren't interested in stuff from Rebels or TFA. Some don't like how complicated the game is becoming. Some have been waiting for other ships for years now and must continue to wait longer. Those are the reasons people don't like wave 10, not because there are fun new quirky ideas.
  5. FFG has actually had the Gunboat ready for a long time. They've just been waiting for this thread to have more pages than the main forum (currently 786). So all we have to do is just speed up this conversation.
  6. On the bright side, the existence of Sabine's TIE kinda breaks the Rebel pattern of fighters, so maybe that actually offers more hope of the Imperial TIE pattern being broken?
  7. A duplicate post 13 hours apart? That's impressive.
  8. Has hyperdrive range or time ever been established in Star Wars? Surely there must be some kind of fuel involved or travel time. If it's anything like games like Elite Dangerous, then traveling from one end of the galaxy to the other is a matter of days or weeks, not hours.
  9. All good points. The only thing I think hasn't been said is that it's important to remember that the carrier is more than just a TIE bus. It can bring more tools and bigger guns to the fight, and I assume it could also be used for boarding operations without needing to wait for a shuttle to show up. So I think I'm starting to see the Gozanti as a more flexible and self-sufficient response ship that's good for dealing with freighters, shuttles, or transports that have little fighter support, and a wing of Gunboats are more well-rounded response ships that are good for dogfights or reinforcing a position.
  10. Well, I don't really see it as a scramble, though. Both are dedicated to that sort of role, putting out fires that no one else can. Having a slightly bigger ship like the carrier to back up the fighters does add to its flexibility in some ways compared to the gunboat, but it also limits its flexibility in other ways. It depends on the situation, and I'm starting to see a place for both.
  11. On the topic of Gunboats being used to handle situations that didn't warrant a whole Star Destroyer, I'm curious what you guys think of the Gunboat's role now that the Assault Carrier exists. The roles seem to overlap a lot, although the carrier accomplishes it in a very different way. I can see the benefits of both approaches, but they do seem to be competing approaches rather than complimentary. EDIT: For that matter, I guess the Raider kinda overlaps that role too.
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