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  1. Reading the card I understand up to the first full stop on the card eg 2 Force gets a bonus attack. Then the card goes on to say "If that attack missed....." I assume this is referring to the 1st ship attacked.
  2. hmmm kinda guessed this - I need bigger asteroids
  3. You may think this is a simple question more to do with obstacles than grappling hooks. If I "park" my droid on a small asteroid and the base of the ship overhangs the asteroid token does it gain a defence dice for being obstructed by the asteroid?
  4. Does the Buzz Droid stay attached to the ship?
  5. Thanks - sometimes wish FFG wrote things simply but I am sure the designer knew what was saying and the crucial words are in the first sentence "You ignore obstacles .....". Thanks again guys
  6. Grappling Struts are doing my head in 😂 I can work out how to get onto an asteroid and how to get off it - and even how to turn on it. But ........ can I shoot while sitting on the asteroid and if not why not !!!!! If I cannot shoot - I cannot see much reason for them or am I missing something very obvious - hence is it a silly question 😂
  7. Outer rim pioneer coordinates my Starviper to boost giving a focus and stress. The Starviper in own move does a forward 2 - removes stress and the barrel rolls, can it receive a 2nd focus or is that a double action which it cannot do in the same move?
  8. This was a question about Hyperspace list and you can only use one of these ships in Hyperspace - might be a good list though
  9. Hmmm seems a tad powerful and makes strain less of a disadvantage. Guess depends on the pilots initiative.
  10. If a ship has a strain and a stress token would a blue move take off both of them on the same turn or just one at the players choice?
  11. I live in UK and have on pre-order Guardians of the Republic & Servants of Strife Box sets - to find in your infinite wisdom you have not released these box sets just the single ships. This is crazy !!!!! When my new single ships arrive, as they were ordered at the same time, I can sit and look at them !!!!! The shop I bought from are equally pulling their hair out over this situation. An answer would be nice but guess non will be forthcoming.
  12. Oh missed that - must have been sat on an asteroid at that time
  13. Come on FFG you claimed that new fleets would be out in 1st Quarter of 2019 - you currently have a few days left to deliver !!!! Drives me nuts the 1st, 2nd etc - just either give a date or say "coming soon" least with "coming soon" no expectation on delivery.
  14. Do I need to spend a 2nd charge to get the bonus attack?
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