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  1. I don't think Legion asks you to buy everything. Excluding the emplacements, I think I'm done buying trooper units. Personally, I need some more variation beyond "this is a group of dudes that does something different than those other groups of dudes." So I'll get the crew served weapons, and from there I'm likely all set until some more vehicle support makes an appearance. And that's fine, get the flavor you like.
  2. Generally speaking, I really like miniature market. I have issues with preorders for FFG products from any source. I really do feel the frustration in this thread - because FFG products can be hard to find when "released," regardless of your decision to preorder. My friends and I were close to throwing up our hands early on after Arkham Horror's release. We all fell off of the Destiny train in the first cycle just because we couldn't find product locally, and then no one ended up getting back on. Aren't rebel troopers just now available from MM? When there is a long pattern, this kind of stuff should fall on FFG, not retailers. It just happens so many times with so many of their product lines. You get lucky with your preorder or you end up waiting a while, so I hesitate to blame any retailer over FFG product availability at launch. I made the choice to cut down to two expandable FFG games that I'm willing to purchase - so even though FFG is likely to continue under producing new releases, I have far less potential frustration! ?
  3. I'm a first time painter and I've been pretty intimidated by the prospect of deviating from canon appearances for my armies... Until I opened my snowtroopers. Canon snowtroopers don't really fit the look or feel of my table, but I love how they play. So I leaned in on the Imperial army look of General Veers... I'm just going to refer to them as shock troops, or maybe like an Imperial 'Guards' infantry. Anywho, insert 'novice' and 'work-in-progress' disclaimers, but I've been plenty inspired by the painting forum and may as well add what I'm working on.
  4. I mean, they do mounted and dismounted hero units in Runewars… Why not here as well? ?
  5. Love your fleet troopers! I was going to try mine in a WWII GI color scheme, but I'm getting cold feet. ?
  6. ...Enfys Nest with her Cloud Riders...? ??
  7. I desperately want Rogue One content. I had hoped for a box that was just the Rogue One team, but post-Boba Fett operative reveal, I now just accept that Jyn & company would be milked in ones or maybe twos over months and months. ? But Cassian could be a commander, probably Saw as well. I hoped that we would see a commander Jyn, but she may be easier to portray as an operative? But I don’t have much realistic hope for them. *Probably* getting that Chewbacca operative next. After that I’ll hope for generic Imperial/Rebel captains with a couple upgrade slots if it’s not going to be R1.
  8. Just wanted to +1 this thread as it has been immensely helpful. I got Legion at the same time that I picked up an Operation Icestorm box to try Infinity. For how we like to play, I can already tell that a pretty dense urban layout is going to be key. The table setups by Captain Rocket and Lord Cedric on the second page have been particularly inspiring. I don't know how viable it would be (although I play purely casually), but I'd like to create an urban table that is sort of the Star Wars version of where I live in Providence. A wide main "street" with a couple dense blocks of 2 to 3 story buildings on each side - force the AT-STs out to where they'd be more vulnerable, like the Jedha City scene where the walker stomps in with the quick reaction force following the ambush. Don't you dare get caught out in the open on the main road, BUT duck in and out of the alleys or up on to rooftops to really threaten it. Once I've built and acquired the pieces I need, I'll have to play around with it so speeder bikes and the T-47s (which I ADORE) don't feel completely neutered. I've only just started on this now that my minis are getting close to being finished, so hopefully in the weeks ahead I can come back with some pictures of my own. But thanks to everyone contributing the great pictures - as a newbie to this side of miniatures gaming, I really appreciate threads like this.
  9. I have no competitive need for new stuff, as I only play games at home with my wife and friends, but I'm a bit confused by current availability. I was going to just buy from FFG (though Veers/Snowtroopers seem to be plentiful everywhere) but Leia and the Fleet Troopers are basically gone until a reprint after only two weeks? Did the Veers wave encounter this same problem? I wouldn't have noticed while diving into painting for the first time. I was hoping to be able to move on to Leia, as I've almost finished painting my core. ?
  10. I mean, if they go Clone Wars era, they may as well just release a commander-specific box for each side with 7 or 8 commander models. There are too many great options.
  11. I am thinking about two different directions to work towards for terrain. The first, thanks to my Rogue One love, is a Scarif ripoff beach landing. The other I have in mind is something urban, but not metropolis urban. Like Providence or Hartford or Worcester meets Star Wars. Again with Rogue One influence, but I'm envisioning fighting across rooftops, firing down onto patrolling AT-STs, lots of places to break line of sight... Basically inspired by the Jedha City ambush and skirmish.
  12. I like the look of the Scarif Rebels. That khaki, navy and olive drab mishmash with some yellow every once in a while.
  13. Prequels. I'm very happy that they're getting some love in Destiny - which unfortunately didn't really hook me. Prequel content would get me buying X-wing and Armada again, even though I only play these games casually at home now. It certainly would keep me around for Legion. The customized armor that the Republic troops wore would be a joy for painters (who seem to already be flexing that muscle with their stormtroopers) and I just think the Separatist droid army could be a really interesting and rewarding faction to play if it's done well. Also... could it mean Asajj Ventress or General Kenobi commander units...? Hmmm yes please.
  14. I expected to see some Rogue One influence pretty early on in this game, given the ground combat scenes in Jedha City and on Scarif... and I find myself disappointed that it looks like it could be beyond the third release with Han and the commandos before it's even a possibility. I thought that the special ops unit would be a great opportunity to get Jyn and Cassian into an actual ground combat game, rather than as crew or pilots a la Armada/X-wing when they never actually fought in those roles on screen. I don't know. I'm biased because I thoroughly enjoyed Rogue One and it's a personal letdown that Jyn and the team hasn't made an appearance in Imperial Assault or in these early waves of Legion. I mean, we have an alternate U-wing announced before any of the heroes are represented on the ground. Who knows? The "Han" wave could be more substantial with the Rogue One team as a 3rd Rebel box with more special ops options? I can dream.
  15. Rae Sloane! ...And a commander Leia in the same wave? Okay, I don't care what they do with anything else for the rest of Armada's life. I'm happy as a clam.
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