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  1. Superb. Yes, I agree. I am thinking to first set up about four separate tables with 3x3 mats, which will allow us to do a couple of bouts of flight school, kind of what MrTyres was talking about on the previous page. However, as I also mentioned, I'm planning to just give the kids one ship each, chosen at random from two separate decks. These decks will be composed based on the number of participants, and I will try to have 3-5 kids per 3x3 table. 2/table: Obsidian + Academy vs. Rookie (Imperial player controls 2) 3/table: Obsidian + Academy vs. Rookie 4/table: Obsidian + Academy vs. Rookie + Bandit 5/table: Obsidian + 2xAcademy vs. Red + Bandit After two rounds of this flight school, I want to have one or two large battles, with one or two 3x6 tables. Those who won their flight school battles would be allowed to play a special character (Luke, Vader) or a special ship (Y/B/A-Wing or TIE Bomber). In those bigger battles I'd like to also use somewhat naked huge ships that myself and/or Commander Ontar (if he's interested) could fly as narrative objectives and essentially moving terrain pieces. Maybe have it so that the Imperials need to destroy the huge ships before they can get away to hyperspace, and the rebels have to protect them. Just something to tie in (or TIE/in ) with the overall Star Wars story. Also, we'll be seeing about getting some of the SWU novels and reading materials from the library's collection on hand. Ultimately, this is a library program after all. Oh, Off-Topic: I saw Timothy Zahn tonight, as he was talking up his newest books at the bookstore. Sorry I didn't reply sooner. Sounds like a great idea! Although the Obsisian and academy versus bandit and rookie seems a bit one sided for the rebels. I would love to fly a huge ship, heard a lot and read a lot about them but I've never actually flown one before so I'm not sure having be my first time would be a good idea. Is it harder than it looks?
  2. Hey I'm looking forward to helping out. Here are some of my ideas: Personally, I think that it should start with a bit more than the quick start rules. When I play with a new player, usually we do a quick start like game with actions and stressful maneuvers. I think they're very important to learn at the start. Also, I feel we should MAYBE have an asteroid or two. Not sure on that one though
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