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  1. The OP structure from the get go was confusing, between Seasonal Kits, Hyperspace Trials, Wave Kits Deluxe Wave kits, etc., etc., Perhaps that added to the lower numbers compared to regional events from 1.0
  2. Better backward, you can just rotate the base cardboard... I've had ships at weird 20-30 degree angles and it really sucks re-aligning them.
  3. Looks like Finn is not showing up. {"description":"","faction":"resistance","name":"New Squadron","pilots":[{"id":"temminwexley","name":"temminwexley","points":59,"ship":"t70xwing","upgrades":{"talent":["composure"],"astromech":["r2astromech"],"configuration":["integratedsfoils"],"cannon":["jammingbeam"]}},{"id":"lieutenantbastian","name":"lieutenantbastian","points":48,"ship":"t70xwing","upgrades":{"configuration":["integratedsfoils"],"cannon":["jammingbeam"]}},{"id":"jessikapava","name":"jessikapava","points":51,"ship":"t70xwing","upgrades":{"configuration":["integratedsfoils"],"cannon":["jammingbeam"]}},{"id":"finn","name":"finn","points":42,"ship":"resistancetransportpod","upgrades":{"talent":["heroic"],"tech":["advancedoptics"],"crew":["perceptivecopilot"]}}],"points":200,"vendor":{"yasb":{"builder":"Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0","builder_url":"https://raithos.github.io/","link":"https://raithos.github.io/?f=Resistance&d=v8ZsZ200Z297X115W2WW175WWW12Y254XWW175WWW12Y296XWW175WWW12Y350X172W186W54W&sn=New%20Squadron&obs="}},"version":"2.0.0"}
  4. Think FFG will make them? The other SF ship from the poster looks like there's some add-ons around the cockpit area and they just moved the antennae to the other side.
  5. Hi, Rey's Falcon title is kinda wonky though. Thanks so much for this great tool.
  6. The App lets you select Natasha Pup without having the YV-666 and Hound's Tooth title. Is that a bug or permitted?
  7. Two, a FAT MAT black starfield that's lasted 5 years despite heavy usage and a FFG Bespin one.
  8. Great stuff, will Wave 4 be added on soon?
  9. Yeah newly saved squads are showing the old point values on the side.
  10. Good on the shops that had the decency to respect the street date, despite the FFG blunders on this release... "the other shops are doing..." is a pretty weak excuse.
  11. Can shops close to B&N sell Wave 4 stock already given the availability nearby?
  12. Dear FFG before I spend valuable ink and printout another updated Rules Reference, can you please fix that typo on page 6 under Bonus Attack. "... The range (2-3), arc...." Should say: "... The range (1-2), arc..."
  13. Maybe if there'll be Fanatic + Angled Deflector swarms if the mod is costed low.
  14. Flip active shields to inactive when cloaked... like in Star Trek Attack Wing...
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