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  1. We will probably have to choose the agenda cards that will be bought, as well as the empire class card. Which character will be targeted by the empire's onslaught and some trigger of the app will activate powers and abilities of agenda, class cards and so on
  2. I think the idea of the app can not be to override the overlord. I think the idea is to add another way of playing. I do not know the decent app, but I've heard that it's legal. I also think that the app of ia we have to make some decisions for the empire, as in the app of the mansions where we have to see which investigator has less agility to receive the attack of the monster for example.
  3. I have the mansions of madness and I confess that the game app surprised me a lot. I liked the app and I imagine there should be something similar, like the map opening and the selection of enemies. I think this app coming will be pretty cool.
  4. I do not see how the app could lower the game sales, since the game itself is still played without the app. The app for me would be a plus for sales since it would allow a solo game or totally coop. Sorry my english I'm using google translate
  5. Unfortunately the distributor in Brazil (galapagos jogos) reported that by not selling the game in Brazil could not hold the event or get the promotional to do so. It seems that it is not in the company's interest to organize the event. Would we have a second option to hold the events here in Brazil? Would direct contact with FFG solve this?
  6. Hi. I would like to know if there is any group of sale and or exchange of ships, squads and accessories of the game. Here in Brazil the game still crawls and we still do not have access to trade or sales for the Armada as it does as x-wing. thanks
  7. We are not many yet, but we are starting. I think the biggest problem is not having the game being sold here. But many are already important. And in my point of view a game like this will have more force if you have an official championship. I watched the world championship and I was amazed. This year we had a Brazilian playing the world championship of x-wing there. And it would be wonderful to have someone next year representing Brazil in the armada world championship too.
  8. thanks. I already sent an email to them, now it's waiting for an answer.
  9. Hello. I live in Brazil and here we do not have an official tournament of the game yet. What would it take for us to make a tournament here in our land? The game is not sold here, we have to import everything. We do not have a company supporting the game like it does with x-wing. But we already have a number of players who have the game or are waiting for your arrive. Sorry for english. I'm using a translator and thank you.
  10. Your story is very cool. It must be very cool to be in such a big event. Congratulations
  11. Should the app be like mansions of madness? In what you mark the expansions you have and the game relies on them.
  12. I'm hoping to launch this application, it would be wonderful
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